Thoughts on Strikeforce- Fedor vs. Henderson

This past weekend’s MMA event was all kinds of emotions for me. Here are my (very disjointed) thoughts on the event that was Fedor vs. Henderson.

First of all, Derek Brunson is a rock star in the making. He is charismatic, dominant and, done just right, might be the next “Bones” Jones or, even better, the first Derek Brunson. When do we get to see him on the main card?

Second of all, Tarec Saffiedine looked good in his fight against Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith. But I think Smith showed up with “Hands of Protective Foam” instead of steel. As a whole, I think the judges got this night right. We sure do gripe a lot when judges DON’T get it right. It’s only fair we point this one out as done right.

Tyron Woodley and “Semtex” Daley sure did get booed a lot. Forgive me for my arrogance, but that is the kind of fight I expected from Woodley. Woodley is a much better wrestler than striker, and Daley didn’t get the nickname Semtex from his wrestling. Woodley made Semtex fight on the ground, Woodley’s type of fight. It was a well-earned victory. The rumors are that it’s Woodley-Saffiedine next. Yes, please. In news most of you care nothing about, my 2-year-old little girl watched most of this fight before handing the remote to Mommy so she could watch what she wanted to.

Tim Kennedy looked really good. Robbie Lawler did not. I thought the cut men did a great job the whole night.

The Miesha Tate-Marloes Coenen fight was very emotional for me. I really like Coenen and Tate. They are strong, positive female role models. But Miesha Tate is one of my favorite MMA fighters, men or women. They both fought a very even fight. And then Miesha put her in the arm triangle. And one of the greatest fighters in female MMA history loss by submission for the first time in 11 years. Miesha was so excited, and there was so much emotion in that moment. From somebody who has admired her for a long time, this was a huge moment for me.

Fedor-Henderson was a very bizarre fight. Both of the guys came out slugging like it was their last fight. And then it was very weirdly stopped at 4:12 in the first round by referee Herb Dean. This is what stands out to me. Showtime had blocked off 2 & a half hours for this show. The stoppage occurred at about 2:28 into the show. I know this because I had the show DVR’d on DirecTV. What if the show had gone on longer? You would have had an angry fanbase who was going to get a replay when Showtime decides we need it. I was really freaking out through the Coenen-Tate fight and through the Fedor-Hendo entrances. I wanted to see this fight, and I would not have been happy with that outcome.

Ok, I know. The world does not revolve around me. Or DirecTV. And I have watched my share of nights on Showtime where they go over in the boxing or MMA shows. But it is just really suspect. This has been just suspect enough to sow some really interesting seeds of doubt.

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