MPX Retribution 9-10-11

Well, MPX’s most recent show is in the books. First of all, this had to have been their top-drawing card. I’m not exactly sure what brought the people out tonight: Mike Foxx, Athena, a casket match, the buzz over MPX in general. This is filling up a void in the DFW area for the good, quality wrestling. There were some great moments and there were some “indy craptacular” moments.

First match: Zero the Antihero vs. Blazing Barrett Brown vs. Kenny Steele

Zero came out first with his new music, which was very video-game-like. First of all, Barrett Brown is one of the hottest things in Texas indy wrestling. His size might be a downfall from the WWE, but I see him having a spot in TNA/Impact, Ring of Honor, Chikara, Dragon Gate USA, Japan, Mexico. I don’t use this name very often, but he is very reminiscent of Davey Richards or Chris Benoit in his intensity. It was my first time to see Zero’s new Mortal Kombat move. I popped for it. Zero and Barrett worked very well together, and Steele did his thing on the outside. It was a good start and got the crowd going. With Zero incapacitated on the ringside, Steele pinned Barrett with Al Snow’s Snow Plow move.

Winner: Steele

MPX is getting over Steele’s finisher. In a few months, I see Steele main-eventing MPX and venturing to other companies. He now has wins over Matt Palmer and Barrett Brown. I call him now “The Hype Killer.” Frankie Fisher and Daniel came out to the ring. Frankie had laryngitis (while cutting this promo) and therefore could not arm wrestle. Daniel was going to be taking his place against Kyle Davis. Both took one arm wrestle “fall” and then Frankie attacked Kyle causing his brother Ben Wylde to come get him. Then it was turned into a tag match.

Second Match: Frankie Fisher & Daniel vs. Ben Wylde & Kyle Davis

This was Daniel’s first match, so he gets a pass on the punch he botched that the entire crowd noticed. What he did well was sell and bump his rear off. He is a little guy and knows how to use his size to get over the talent. Ben Wylde looked like Ezekiel Jackson – skin color + personality. This was the comedy match of the night. There was a spot where Frankie couldn’t see and pinned the referee with Ben Wylde counting. Frankie plays the “doofus” heel character very well. We had a Kyle Davis spear. Psychotic Kyle Davis is one of my favorite things in wrestling.

Winner: Daniel & Frankie

At the end of the match, Kyle & Wylde challenged them to a match where the loser has to wear a dress. I must caution them that the last person to lose one of those died a month later.

Third match: Claudia vs. Athena

Athena is by far one of the biggest names MPX has had. I should use this as an opportunity to plug SHIMMER, which is kind of like the Ring of Honor of women’s wrestling. If you are tired of the WWE’s women whose breasts enter a room 3 days before they do, try SHIMMER. Athena is listed as a current member of their roster, so I consider her a big name in women’s (not Diva’s) wrestling. Claudia has a good presence. She is very over with the crowd as a heel in MPX. I want to say that this match was one of the show-stealers. I sincerely hope MPX can bring in more women and get a full division. I think a solid women’s division can draw. (And as a parent of a young girl, I like women who look like they spent their time in a gym and not in a plastic surgeon’s office.)

Winner: Claudia

This feud isn’t over. That makes me happy. The next match was Keith Lee and Matt Palmer. Palmer had taped-up ribs from his last match with Kenny Steele (which I’m still kicking myself for missing).

Fourth match: Matt Palmer vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee had some build-up going into this. It made us care when he came to the ring against Palmer. This is my first time to see him wrestle. He is the size of a small planet. Or kind of like David Otunga with a personality. This match had one major goal. Get over Keith Lee as a monster. Palmer chopped him and then looked at his hands like “that hurt.” Palmer is a lot like Evan Bourne, but Palmer does more than just stand there and smile. The highlight of the match was Keith Lee power-bombing Palmer and then Palmer bouncing two feet (at least) off the ground. Lee gave Palmer the stiffest chop I have ever seen. I think Palmer’s future great-children felt that. It went a little longer than I think it should have, but this was a fun match.

Winner: Lee

I was very pleased with this match. I wan’t to see Keith Lee again. I want to see Lee-Murdoch, Lee-Wylde, Lee-Hawke, Lee-Wylde. A match is good when it makes you want to see that wrestler again.

Fifth match: Scott Murdoch vs. Mike Foxx

To begin with, I’ve seen Mike Foxx wrestle for about 10 years. I watched him wrestle at NWA Southwest when he was part of the Sterling Studs. For MPX to get a name like Foxx adds credibility to an already-crowded indy scene in Dallas/Fort Worth. This match didn’t click too well. It was the first time these guys had ever wrestled. It’s to be expected. I’m not sure if either guy was to blame; it just happens sometimes in matches. The pace was entirely too slow. Foxx spent A LOT of time selling in the match, and I think the crowd wanted to see him with more offense. At the end of the match, Foxx hit a Diamond Cutter/RKO to get the pin.

Winner: Foxx

During the intermission, we had a bonus promo from “Just” James Johnson and “Killer” Kody Kox. The next month, he is going to have his title shot. He is going to be ringside for the main event. I’m not sure why Johnson has a manager. He’s really good on the mic. Apparently, Johnson goes to the same place The Rock does for his shirts because he did not use buttons.

Sixth match: Seph Annunaki & James Hawke vs. Regrub & Luchifer

First of all, I was happy to see Luchifer with his own mask. I no longer feel the urge to start Cibernético chants. Seph is coming into his own. They used to call Mortis/Khris Kanyun the “Innovator of Offense.” In respect to the last great Kanyun, I now dub Seph “The New Innovator of Offense.” I hope to see Seph begin branching out from MPX. I see him contributing to something like Dragon’s Gate, Chikara or a JCW event. The four had a nice short match. Luchifer’s chest didn’t look like it’d been put through a meat grinder. Hawke put Regrub in the STFU and submitted him.

Winner: Hawke & Seph

Are we going to have these two form a tag team? They took the mic and said “Live, Fly and Die.” I dub them “Team Live, Fly and Die.”

Seventh Match: WASP & $Payday$ (c) vs. Ca$h & Carry

This wasn’t so much a match as it was an angle. WASP is looking great and only got a “Buffet Belly” chant once. $Payday$ is over with the crowd like Kofi Kingston. Kyle Valo came out and said that he had booked a trip for Team Kyle to go to Florida without him. Of course WASP went out to chase Kyle. And WASP was counted out.

Winner by countout: Ca$h & Carry

Ca$h & Carry are pretty over with this MPX crowd. It will be interesting to see how they are reacted to outside MPX. They gave $Payday$ a first-class beatdown. After WASP came back to save him, $Payday$ was a little upset, but they made up. The lights went out and a hooded figure brought out a casket.

Eighth match: Kristopher Haiden vs. Carrion Arcane in a Casket Match

The casket came undone pretty quickly. Things are going to happen live you can’t prepare for. The two did a good job of reacting like pros and not letting themselves break character. These two brought it. Haiden bled like a proverbial stuck pig. He took one of the stiffest chairshots to the back I’ve ever seen. Like Masato Tanaka would have said, “Man, that’s too hard.”

They used a car hood. (I’m hearing Joey Styles say, “They’ve got a car fender” from the famous Sandman/Tommy Dreamer “I Quit”match in ECW.) Arcane gave Haiden a spear onto the car hood. I think that’s one of the biggest OMG innovative moments I’ve seen out of MPX. I wrote down that Claudia reminded me a lot of Daphne of WCW & TNA fame. At one point, there was a trash can while Arcane and Claudia were next to it outside of the ring. Haiden climbed up and did a Van Terminator onto the trash can. That got a “That was awesome” chant from the crowd. MPX fans are not the smark-est fans in wrestling, so any “That was awesome” chant should be equal to 5 “That was awesome” chants in Ring of Honor. Arcane went through a table. With Claudia interfering, Athena came out to stop her and brawl with her backstage. Haiden put him in the coffin and put Arcane in.

Winner: Haiden

After the match, Haiden went back and the lights went out. In the ring was a hooded figure. We were hoping for Vince McMahon, Christopher Daniels or Jim Mitchell. Instead it was Mike Foxx. A nice surprise. Is the Haiden-Arcane feud done? Why did Foxx attack Arcane afterwards?

We had a film by Aldric. I think he is on The Vampire Diaries. I’m glad that he is branching out to pro wrestling. At least we are introducing characters before they appear. This is positive.

Main event: “Headbanger” Gregory James (c) vs. “The Choice” Matt Andrews

I was a little drained by this match. This was everything a main event should be. It had nice drama, and the two work well together. It was kind of Ref Bump City, but we got a clean pin. I’m all right with ref bumps as long as they aren’t used in every match (hint, hint, Impact Wrestling).

Winner: Headbanger

After the match, Mike Dolenz made a 4-way elimination match. “Just” James Johnson, Matt Andrews, Danny Saint (who looked great with his hair cut short) and Headbanger.

This was a very decent show. The casket match was great. The ladies match was also really good. They relied on one of their biggest strengths: questions. There were so many questions that MPX left on the table, so I have to come back and see them. Who is next for Kenny Steele? Who will lose the dress match? What is next for Athena and Claudia? Will we get to see Keith Lee again? Why did Mike Foxx attack Arcane? Will Kox aid Johnson in making it to the championship? Will Hawke and Seph continue their tag team together? Will Ca$h & Carry get their belts back?

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