A Ruff Look at Wrestling 9-15-11.

Raw has not been very inspirational for me recently. It’s just been kind of “meh” and lackluster. CM Punk lit up the world on fire with one promo and the WWE has seemingly done everything they can to extinguish it. I could write forever about how they’re going to show Bruce Willis’ casket at the beginning of the movie so we know he’s dead all along. I could write about how Triple H has fit himself in every hot storyline over the past 10 years, whether he belonged there or not (Rikishi hitting Austin, Eugene). Or I could talk about how Raw has begun with HHH like it’s 2003 all over again.

But I’ll be nice to them. I’m just going to share my fear. CM Punk is the hottest commodity in wrestling right now. But I’m concerned. In a matter of months, if not weeks, CM Punk is going to become stale. Yeah, he’s a smart-a**. He is very entertaining. But what has he done that’s different? Ever since “The Promo,” all his promos have been about the same thing. I ended up enjoying HHH’s back and forth with Punk. But I really wasn’t looking forward to it. And he barely said anything new. Just more disgruntled stuff about how he wasn’t getting pushed. While I still find him entertaining, he will need to find a way to not say the same thing over and over again.

R-Truth is a stereotype. It is very obvious there is not an African-American writer on WWE Creative. If there is, that writer should be ashamed of themselves. From Shelton Benjamin’s mother to Samba Simba, WWE has shown that they do not understand the African-American culture. And what little they know makes them look like all they did in creating African-American characters was watch old reruns of “What’s Happening” and “Good Times.” Or worse yet, like they watched old Hattie McDaniel films or listened to old Amos & Andy radio tapes. One suggestion would be to let R-Truth write his own lines. I sincerely doubt he would be saying things like “Ninja, please.” That’s not even edgy or pushing the envelope. It’s just stupid. And before you accuse me of playing a race card, I’m so white, I make Sheamus look like Snooki. Kenny King, Jay Lethal, ROH Shelton Benjamin, those are all great African-American wrestlers, very over with their crowds and they don’t look like they were snatched from a 30’s Voodoo movie.

I’m happy to see the brand extension mostly gone. I was never in opposition to it at the beginning. But they really never made any stars like they were supposed to from it. The thing I think that killed it the most was the smaller pool of wrestlers from which to draw from. When I started watching wrestling in 1996, I loved how deep WCW’s roster was. Ric Flair defeated everybody but made you think he was going to lose the belt to “Hardwork” Bobby Walker. Yes, I know. I watched wrestling during the days of Loch Ness, The Booty Man and Evad Sullivan. I’m not deceiving myself on how awful it was (even though Tony Schiavone called it the greatest time in wrestling history every night). It wasn’t the same guys wrestling over and over having the same matches over and over. They need a bigger talent pool, even if they are just enhancement.

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