A Tale of Two Shows

It’s funny how something you love can bring you such mixed emotions. On Saturday night, I watched one of the greatest wrestling events I’ve ever had the chance of watching: Ring of Honor Death By Dishonor IX. Not that every match was “on-the-edge-of-my-seat” great. The guy who beat Grizzly Redwood, I’m not entirely sold on him. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett bored the hell out of me, but I found him much improved in the ring. The Bravados did not impress me at all whatsoever. However, I loved the Future Shock-Young Bucks part of the match. The booking of Edwards-Strong bored me because I knew I didn’t have to pay attention to the last five minutes of the iron man match. I was more pleased with the finish of the match than the match itself. And of course, All Night Xpress vs. Briscoes was legendary, like TLC legendary.

Then the next night was WWE Night of Champions. I thought it was a pretty good Smackdown. The only problem is that it was a PAY-PER-VIEW. People paid money for this. Why was the Christian-Sheamus on PPV other than Sheamus getting to use the word “testicle?” Does Ring of Honor need to say the word testicle? I’m not even complaining about the finish of the tag match. That made total sense from a wrestling and storyline perspective. I’m not a stickler for real finishes all the time. When I started watching wrestling, Ric Flair had Woman and Miss Elizabeth (rest in peace to both) and you knew you weren’t ever going to get a real finish because somebody’s heels were coming off. The wrestlers’ work was great. I found myself liking the work of matches I didn’t expect to.

Perhaps I sound a little silly saying this, but when Mark Henry won the belt, it was a great moment. The bar I was at had people standing on their feet, myself included. I remember Mark Henry debuting. That man has done EVERYTHING they have asked of him from a storyline perspective. He deserved a title shot just for (“storyline”) doing Mae Young. I was very happy and felt like the WWE was finally listening to us. And then…

It’s like nobody gives a rat’s ass about what we as wrestling fans think. I have nothing against John Cena the person. Everything I have ever heard about him is good. You can tell that he legitimately loves the business. But I am tired of seeing him as champion. I have no problem with him winning at a Wrestlemania-caliber event. But not after a month of Del Rio holding the belt. Does anybody remember how the phrase “getting Ortoned” got created? It’s the same proverbial murder, just a different cast of characters.

And finally, I walked into Night of Champions hating the direction they were going for Punk-HHH. But it turned out to be a really good match. Love him or not, HHH laid everything on the line (physically). As much as I think it’s ridiculous Kevin Nash is still a viable in-ring competitor in 2011, I liked Miz and R-Truth getting involved. They are too good to waste in a feud for the tag belts.

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