AIW Girls Night Out 4 Review

This is my second time to see AIW and see it in the continuation of their next story. It began with an angle in the crowd, which I liked (as long as the fans are protected). This is one of wrestling’s great advantages. You can bring the sport to the fans, unlike you can in many sports.

Guys Night Out

First Match: Kobald vs. Eric Ryan vs. Facade

Thanks to douche bag comments on one of the blogs I write for, I now know who the Batari are. I really liked what I saw from the first match I saw Eric Ryan in. The two of these worked really well together. There were some nice chops. Eric Ryan is somebody whose commitment I don’t doubt at all. There was a suicide dive into the security railing that almost became a literal move. I love the addition of Facade. I like the unpredictability of this card. It reminds me of old ECW booking. In his last fight, I didn’t get to see Facade’s high-flying prowess come out. The announcing did not get any better. Somebody’s shoes stink so they should be DQ’d? Eric Ryan did this really painful-looking hold I didn’t recognize. Facade passed out. Nobody looked weak. Everything you can hope for in a first match.

Winner: Eric Ryan

Second match: Mad Man Pondo w/Miss Natalie vs. Rickey Shane Page

Confession: I love Mad Man Pondo. He’s one of my favorite wrestlers. Anybody that Terry Funk calls a “f***ing psychopath,” you gotta love them. Pondo is who he is. He has his place. Page is super-over and he should be after the Absolution match with Vincent Nothing. Pondo wanted a No-DQ match. RSP agreed. Natalie took off her robe and had on a white bikini. She had Hulk Hogan skin but younger. I wanted Christina Hendricks and Kat Dennings. The guys started off actually wrestling. (Kobald bled in the first match with a legit gash in his lip. He gets my total respect.) Then MMP got a stop sign. RSP took one in the head. Then there were light tubes. Low blow with light tubes? Hey, guys, that could really hurt. They were brawling out in the crowd. Pondo grabbed a fan in a wheel chair and proceeded to roll over Page’s neck. That is, by far, one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. This has got to be the wildest brawl since Benoit-Sullivan. They fought in literal street. Can you imagine looking out your house and seeing Mad Man Pondo fighting? He made him swallow the light tibes AND STILL Page kicked out. The referee deserves credit for being in this match too. I guess nobody told him about using the cup they often would in IWA-MS Death matches. After a roaring forearm (with a stop sign), Page got the pin.

Winner: Page

This is everything the match should be. This was a wild brawl and stole the show. Good show of respect after the match.

Third Match: Gregory Iron vs. Bobby Beverly

This was a surprise opponent for Iron. He cut a nice promo. Beverly was a total a**hole on the mic, which I think this is as it should be. We had a heel ref with sparkly, bedazzled ref shirt. I hate the heel ref thing because it’s a totally unfair thing. I get that that’s the point, but I just don’t see any tension or drama in it. It was very well-executed though. But I do have to say, you want to get your heel faction over, go after the guy with cerebral palsy. It helped to put over Iron’s heart and help Flexor Industries getting over as heels. Beverly won with a quick 3-count.

Winner: Beverly

I hated the commentary, but the match accomplished its purpose. This promotion likes to go into the crowd a lot. I like that.

Fourth Match: Chest Flexor vs. Johnny Gargano

This match was everything you can expect. Heel tries to choke face. All the members of the faction begin to interfere and then somebody comes to clean house. (Tim Donst in this case) Then Chest Flexor takes quite the beating. Flexor looked at several points like he died. There were some epic superkicks. And the image of Flexor beneath the chairs was an AWESOME visual. I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I was going to.

Winner: Gargano

Girls Night Out

First match: Mena Libra vs. KC

Libra does a good heel. Her foot was healing but she had it cleared so she could wrestle. KC wasn’t really well booked. She was just kind of “other chick in the ring.” The crowd really didn’t get too much into this match. Neither did I. But I think this was in place to get her over as a heel. KC, to her credit, sold the injury very well.

Winner: Libra

Second match: Veda Scott vs. Cherry Bomb

I liked Scott’s glasses. They made her look nerdy hot. And I loved Cherry Bomb. She looked like a Super Face. She had good ring presence. Since the commentary veered into sexism (the heel of course), I wonder if they could have brought in a women’s wrestler in to do color commentary (cough, cough, Sunny). Perhaps it’s cause I’m used to Eve and Kelly Kelly, but I was very impressed with the in-ring action. There was a cattle mutilation. I’m not sure Kelly Kelly can spell “cattle mutilation.” Crowds just don’t seem to get into women’s matches. But I really enjoyed this match.

Winner: Cherry Bomb

Cherry got a “Please come back” chant. Always a sign you’ve done something right.

Third match: Allysin Kay vs. Mickie Knuckles

Though I know her name, this actually was my first chance to ever see Knuckles. She brought out Andrea who is 6’6″. Holy s***. I woke my wife up to see her. Kay tried to start a “Hills Have Eyes” chant. I thought that was clever. The match was pretty decent and the crowd got into it after a while.

Winner: Kay

Fourth match: Sassy Stephie vs. Sara Del Rey

Sassy Stephanie cut a nice promo to begin the match. I love Sara Del Rey, as I’ve seen her before on ROH events. And let me say as a father of a little girl, I love women wrestlers who are strong females who look like they were created in a womb and not a plastic surgeon’s office. Del Rey typifies that style of women’s wrestling I like to see as a daddy of a little girl. I was really impressed by what these two women did. It was a pretty intense and very back-and-forth. Sara Del Rey has such a ring presence and just owns it when she’s in there. The closest thing I can find to her is Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson. She is called the Queen of Wrestling and it’s not hard to see why.

Winner: Del Rey

Sara ended up winning, but it was a good match that made Sassy Stephanie look good. I’m confused to why the fans chanted “Don’t come back.”

Fifth match: Roxie Cotton vs. Portia Perez

Brief confession: I am totally in love with Portia Perez and have been since I discovered her on MySpace ages ago. But this is the first match I have ever seen her in. Perez has a great heel presence. This was a good match. Perez got the pin. My psychotic stalker crush on Perez was not wasted. She was great in the ring.

Winner: Perez

Main Event First Blood Match: Jessicka Havok vs. Angeldust

This was such an intense match. Forgive me for squeeing like a schoolgirl for a minute, but Havok is pretty hot. Angel Dust looks like she needs to eat. Havok is a good heel with lots of talent and a good ring presence. Angel Dust is a good underdog because of her size. Allysin Kay walked into the ring and put blood on Angel Dust giving Havok the win.

Winner: Havok

Then Mickie Knuckles came out and set up a spontaneous match between Knuckles an Havok.

Real Main Event: Mickie Knuckles vs. Jessicka Havok

Rather quickly Mickie Knuckles made the pin on Havok.

Winner: Knuckles

Johnny Gargano and Tim Donst celbrated with her. A nice surprise.

All in all… This was a very decent show. I like women’s wrestling. I have written before about how there are not a lot of positive female role models out there. As a dad of a little girl, I like having women who I can point her to as real athletes and not Barbie dolls who look like they should be in Playboy rather than a wrestling ring. Not that I’m pointing her towards Mickie Knuckles as a positive role model or anything, but I can point her to Cherry Bomb or Sara Del Rey when she’s old enough as good heroes for her to cheer for.

The match of the night to me was Page-Pondo. Page might get an MVP for swallowing the light tubes. Out of the ladies, I’d probably give the MVP to Sara Del Rey. She did a great job in her match and made Stephanie look good.

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4 Responses to AIW Girls Night Out 4 Review

  1. A fan says:

    “Thanks to douche bag comments on one of the blogs I write for, I now know who the Batari are.”

    And I’m surprised you left out Roxie Cotton’s retirement speech, considering the angle going on there.

  2. Stefan says:

    Why wouldn’t you point your daughter towards Mickie?
    She is a fantastic wrestler who works very hard. She fought her way back after a horrible injury that would have made most people give up. And she is a very nice person in real life.
    She is definitely a positive role model.

    • shamgaranath says:

      Thank you for your feedback. I have never met her in real life. I admire the person behind Mickie Knuckles. She definitely has all my respect.

      I just was speaking about on-screen character Mickie Knuckles. I don’t want my daughter idolizing the One-Woman Cops episode. When she gets older and can understand the difference in wrestling between character and real-life, then she will be able to come up with her favorites.

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