Why I’m Mad-John Cena Edition

I’m mad. Now most of this is coming from still going off caffeine (Yes, I’m still talking about that.). But I have my reasons for being hopping, spitting mad. Now, who am I mad at? I’m mad at WWE Creative. I know. Really original, right?

Here’s why. WWE is the big dog. They are the pinnacle of achievements. They are the reason Ultimo Dragon will risk a successful Japanese career to wrestle for them. That’s why all the ECW guys went there and now Ring of Honor. Forgive me for expecting too much of them, but they should be the flagship of the industry.

I just don’t understand why they can’t make John Cena likable. Now let me preface. I like the John Cena behind the camera. I have never heard a bad thing about him. He has such a passion for this business. And when it comes to charitable work, he has few equals. But for some reason I hate the on-screen character. Is it because all the kids and teenage girls love him? Is it because he sounds like he’s trying to rally a schoolyard full of kids when he cuts a promo? Is it the fact that there is no move in existence he can’t kick out of? Or is it the “Five Moves of Doom?” For me, it’s a combination of all of the above.

But this is why I’m mad. I have begun watching Ring of Honor on my computer (No Sinclair Broadcast Group in my area). Their product is not broadcast to children, but it’s not offensive. Their top babyface (to me) is Davey Richards. Davey Richards is a deity to those fans. Nobody has garnered more loyalty. Ring of Honor can book a wrestler like this.

I just started watching AIW via DVD when my wife tells me I can. The main faces there seem to be Johnny Gargano and Tim Donst. Gargano has a nice look that I’m sure the ladies must love. And Tim Donst gets a “Tim-f***ing Donst” chant. Again, AIW is not necessarily geared towards kids, but they are in the audience. Why isn’t there a “John F***ing Cena” chant? (Yes, I know Cena is geared to kids, but they weren’t for ECW events. Instead, we got Cena’s t-shirt thrown back at him 3 times and “If Cena wins, we riot.”) AIW can book a wrestler like this.

And there’s my local indy wrestling company, MPX. The company is not totally for the kids, but they understand they can be, so they try to have some things for the kids. There is a wrestler named $Payday$. He’s great with the kids AND adults. The adults dance when his music comes out. He gives the kids hugs, gets autographs and pictures with them during intermission and is on his way to becoming a top babyface in the company. And he’s only been wrestling for a year or two so it’s not like he’s Tim Donst or Davey Richards, even though he’s pretty entertaining to watch in the ring. My local indy promotion MPX can book a wrestler like this.

The only question now is why do I still hate John Cena? Why can WWE not book their wrestlers like this?

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2 Responses to Why I’m Mad-John Cena Edition

  1. Hmmm. Very thought-provoking, sir.

    I think that a big part of the reason why Cena doesn’t come off as likeable is that there’s nothing relatable about his persona. There’s nothing to really draw a fan’s interest in, assuming that said fan doesn’t find him attractive, or go for the “indestructible Superman” sort. WWE loves the untouchable, unstoppable Man of Steel. Anything less is viewed as beneath a larger-than-life Superstar. Unfortunately, that dehumanizes Cena, and makes him a very shallow character. Davey Richards, for example, is relatable because he came from a difficult background, he excelled at one thing, and clawed his way to the top through intensity, a work ethic that borders on obsessive, and a no-nonsense attitude. We are drawn to Davey Richards because we would like to think that we would be like that. He is one of us, but better. Richards has lost matches, but never looks weak. We’ve seen him lose often enough that every match he has is potentially a loss, but we don’t really know how it will turn out. Cena seems very smug by comparison, perhaps because he’s never in peril, and knows it. He isn’t one of us. He’s on a whole different planet, and we’re never allowed to forget it.

    It’s a thought.

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