In Defense of Philadelphia’s Fans

Dear Media,

I do not say this as a native Philadelphian. I am a huge fan of all things Philly, the Phillies (I have a Phillies tattoo on my shoulder.), the Eagles, the Flyers, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cheesesteaks and even Parking Wars on A&E. I consider myself a native of the Dallas area. I grew up in Arlington so I do not feel like I am speaking as a native Philadelphian, but I just have to say- “Stop it.”

Stop unfairly picking on Philadelphia for having unruly fans. I know, I know. Some fans threw snowballs and booed Santa. Have you ever read the full story? And some idiots threw batteries at JD Drew. I mean, come on, how were the fans supposed to know he was a perennial DL contender? And Michael Irvin got paralyzed and they cheered. They didn’t know he got paralyzed. Also, Michael Irvin is one of the most unlikable people outside of Dallas. Not that I’m justifying it, but I’m not surprised. And one fan (ONE FAN) puked on a 13 year old kid. So a group of fans threw snowballs at 49ers fans. Try taking the long walk to Texas Stadium in a McNabb Eagles jersey. (True story)

Let me tell you a little secret. Philly fans aren’t the only ones who boo. I’ve gone to about 25-30 Rangers games in my life. Do you know what happens when the Rangers lose? Guess what? Their fans boo. The godly, devoted, been-with-their-team-through-everything Rangers fans, they boo. When the Cowboys “America’s Team” choked in the 4th quarter to the Lions, guess what? Their fans booed. A fan pays their money and has a right to boo whomever they want to. Why is it ok for the rest of the country but it’s not ok for Philadelphia?

Now there was an anti-cancer video featuring players from all over the NHL. And it had Sidney Crosby in it. Newsflash. The people of Philly don’t like “Cindy” Crosby. He plays for interstate rival Pittsburgh Penguins. It could be a company saving kittens before they went through a wood-chipper. He would still be booed. If you put an image of A-Rod in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, he will get booed. If you put an image of LeBron James in American Airlines Center (or really any other basketball arena), it will get booed. If you put a picture of Tom Brady where the Jets play, he will get booed. I think it’s classy that the NHL is working to fight cancer. But their ad began with “Hi, I’m Sidney Crosby.” It didn’t begin with “Hi, I’m Sidney Crosby and I’m fighting cancer.” This had potential to happen in any city.

I follow a LOT of Phillies fans on Twitter. This may come as a surprise to you. They have souls. They can reproduce. They can read and write intelligently (except the 701 level, but we love them and they’re ours). One thing is for sure. They are ALL devoted diehard to their team. The people who booed Santa Claus, threw batteries at JD Drew, booed Ryan Howard when he couldn’t get up after making the last out, I don’t know who they are. But they are not the ones I know on Twitter.

Now let me tell you a personal story. I follow a lot of people with a variety of interests: Wrestling, MMA, Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, LFC, Horror films, other fun people I’ve discovered along the way. On April 30, my daughter suffered a concussion and we rushed her to the hospital. We avoided putting anything on Facebook because we didn’t want family showing up at the hospital for a simple CT Scan. But I informed by Twitter followers about it so they could pray if they rolled that way or send their well-wishes. Guess who the first person to send their well-wishes was. Guess who more than 50% of the people to say their well-wishes and prayers were. You guessed it! They were my fellow Phillies fans.

So the next time you decide that all Philly fans are evil, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals that boo everything and everyone, remember that not all are like that.



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