Alternatives to WWE

So you can’t handle John Laryngitis/Johnny Ace/Super Dave Osborne/Road Warrior Animal’s brother/the uncle of that guy who plays for the Rams. So you hate the hypocrisy of Heath Slater getting suspended for violating the Wellness Policy when Mason Ryan looks like he uses the steroids of 10 men. And whenever you hear Kelly Kelly’s theme song, you cry out, “Why, God? Why?” Relax. The WWE product is not for everybody. But what do I watch instead? I’m here with 5 helpful suggestions:

1. Impact/TNA Wrestling– Every Thursday on Spike TV, this is probably the easiest for you to achieve. Did you like a WWE wrestler who got cut too son? Don’t worry; this is where they are now. We’ve got guys you miss: Kurt Angle, Bubba Ray Dudley, Brian Kendrick, Victoria, Mr. Kennedy, Jeff Hardy. We’ve also got some guys you probably don’t miss: Jeff Jarrett, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Scott Steiner, Matt Hardy, Ric Flair. And then there’s some guys that will be new to you if you’ve never watched anything else other than WWE: Sting, Robert Roode, James Storm, Abyss. The only problem is that it’s populated by some old people way past their prime that need to retire (Hogan, Flair, Bischoff, etc.). Oh, and there is some majorly nonsensical writing that will leave you scratching your heads. They have made efforts in the right direction to improve their creative team. I choose not to watch it, but no hate towards those who do.

2. Ring of Honor-Ok, I’m about to sound like a total mark when I say this. Ring of Honor is some of my favorite wrestling to watch. They do quarterly Internet PPV’s, not much more than $15. PLUS, they are broadcast locally on Sinclair Broadcast something. Now, say you live in a market without a Sinclair station. Here is the great news. It’s available on their wrestling site online. And if you like the wrestling aspect of wrestling, this is what you need to watch. Plus, a good percent of the WWE stars you watch now got their start in ROH: Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Evan Bourne and some other guys coming up through developmental. When it comes to name value recognition, you get Kevin Kelly on commentary, (unrestrained) Jim Cornette as authority figure and Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. And if you want the female version of this company, check out SHIMMER. You will find more of the same great action, just in a female setting.

3. Galavision-Now hear me out. Not all of you can speak Spanish. But contrary to what my Spanish professors said, I can speak Spanish. You have La Parka, El Dandy, Vampiro all on AAA. Plus, you have Jack Evans, some TNA stars and some Japanese guys. The main problem is that it is in another language so it will not be for everybody. Also, some of their wrestlers make Mason Ryan look like Colin Delaney. Needless to say, there is no Wellness policy in AAA.

4. Smart Mark Video-This is probably one of the most expensive options. But hear me out. Are you willing to pay $44.95 for a WWE Pay-Per-View? Well, here’s an option where you get more for your buck. Go to and try one at a time. Try Absolute Intense Wrestling (<-my personal favorite) or Chikara Pro or AAW-Pro Wrestling Redefined or Beyond Wrestling or Anarchy Championship Wrestling or another one you’ve heard of. They do monthly specials. Try out a new promotion. You can get 2 DVD’s for around the same price of a WWE PPV. And SMV isn’t the only place you can go. You can go to, Dragon Gate USA, to find some of the best DVD’s out there.

5. Local indies- All these stars you see on WWE got their start somewhere. Evan Bourne, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Mr. Kennedy, Christian, Edge, Booker T, these guys all started on the indy circuit. Find your local indy. If there is one, support it. If you don’t know one, find a local wrestler on Twitter and then ask him. They will want to tell you.

These are some choices. What did I miss? Where do you go for your alternatives?

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5 Responses to Alternatives to WWE

  1. I was going to mention Dragon Gate USA, but you did get to them. They really do have some of the best matches to watch. Masato Yoshino, Naruki Doi, PAC, and my personal favorite, YAMATO. It’s a very different style than what most North American fans are given on tv, but it’s absolutely worth the time. Plus, they have regular offers of 2 and 3 dvd packs that are much cheaper than some ppvs.

    Shameless plug over. 🙂

  2. shamgaranath says:

    I realized I also forgot Urban Wrestling Federation and a Youtube search. You can’t go wrong with that.

  3. Jerome Cusson says:

    Really like this article and I think you could expand this to get into more specifics

  4. shamgaranath says:

    Think it might make a good series? Maybe I might try doing that on PWP.

  5. Yes, a good series idea. A different alternative each time. I like it!

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