3XW Six Year Anniversary

This is my first time to experience a 3XW DVD from Smart Mark Video. I should probably warn you when I do a review, it is kind of a stream-of-consciousness thing. I don’t do recaps. I just kind of give my thoughts on one match at a time. I also find out who these guys are as I go.

We begin it with a national anthem. And then some people came out to help celebrate. Then other people came out (AFTER THE NATIONAL ANTHEM WAS OVER) and beat them up.

1.  Jimmy Rockwell, Tyler Cook & Matty Starr vs. Gage Octane, Devin Carter & Casanova

There is a stable called Genesis. Texas indy scene also has a Genesis, too. To me, there is a certain joy in getting that DVD of an entirely new wrestling company and getting to start over with entirely new wrestlers. Casanova looks like the Russian guy named Peggy on the commercials. He likes doing the Rick Rude dance. This was a good opener. Casanova wrestles a good old-school heel style. I was impressed with Matty Starr’s ring work. With a good gimmick or more distinct look, I see him going to a Ring of Honor. This was a good match that lasted a lot longer than I thought it was going to. I liked the concept of the young lions taking on the well-established veterans. This was a good match and good story.

Winner: Jimmy Rockwell, Tyler Cook & Matty Starr

2. Malia Hosaka vs. Melanie Cruise

Hosaka calls herself the modern-day Moolah. Needs to watch out for Harvey Wippleman. Cruise has a nice ring presence. There was some nice mat action. This was a nice long match. Cruise will make me say “Beth who?” Two great women wrestlers just doing their thing.

Winner: Osaka

3. Sir Bradley Charles vs. Tony Sly

Sly was a good engaging heel. He got in the face of some kids in the crowd. Charles was over with the crowd. The kids liked him and so did the adults. (See, WWE? This company can do it, too. Why can’t you with John Cena?) I like Charles’ look. Zack Thompson comes out to interfere. Sly hits a low blow and gets the pin. I would have liked a better finish, but I’m sure it tells part of a larger story.

Winner: Sly

4. Canadian Tuxedo match: Ryan Slade vs. AJ Smooth

I like the look of both. Now in Canada, they do not understand the concept of the Tuxedo Match. The point should be to undress your opponent. But it’s Canadian so I’ll let it go. These two have had a sideburns vs. sideburns match. That’s unique. There was some good high-flying, some good brawling. A guy in the crowd was wearing the same “I’m Your Papi” t-shirt I bought on my honeymoon. A hockey stick was used as a weapon. The company’s commentary was good the whole night. These guys put quite the whipping on each other. One thing that struck me was that these guys built up some nice drama. Then one of the guys attacked the ref and Tony Sly came out to interfere. Slade won after a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope. Even I said “Whoa” out loud at home.

Winner: Slade

5. Scott Spade & Sparrow vs. Benjamin Sailer & Nate Bash

Before the match, we find out Bash hadn’t spoken since losing his tag belts. I wish WWE had that kind of commitment. I like Sparrow and his gimmick/name. I like Sailer’s look. They told a nice story of face in peril. I was pleased with this match.

Winner: Benjamin Sailer & Nate Bash

6. Sir Bradley Charles vs. Zach Thompson

This was a Fan’s Choice match, which must have been fun for the fans. I liked Thompson’s heel presence. As a whole, these guys are very good at engaging with the crowd. The crowd was happy to hear it was Charles and he came in with fire. Charles has a nice look and I think he could rise pretty high. I’m not entirely sure about Thompson’s look. The Batman tights look a little cheesy to me. He did look like he could put out a bit of punishment. He wrestled a very effective heel style. They wrestled a nice story to where Charles was too injured to do any power moves on him. He overcame it to do his finisher and pin Thompson.

Winner: Sir Bradley Charles

7. Ricky Kwong & The Mauler vs. Jon West & Maddog McDowell

This match couldn’t have gone on for 5 minutes. The crowd was not very happy.

Winner: Double DQ

8. Jeremy Wyatt vs. Brian Ash

They brought out an injured Wyatt who was too incapacitated to wrestle. So they wrestled. I thought the wrestling in this story was very clever. As the match went on, Wyatt gained more and more strength. This was a great brawl that went out to the crowd and out to the building. Both of these guys put themselves through a LOT of punishment. Everything Ash gave him, he kicked out of. It was a great story.

Winner: Wyatt

All in all, I see a nice company here that gives long, good matches. They seem to have a core roster and have made them the draws. The match of the night was probably the Canadian tux match. There are some good names worth watching here for the future: Sir Bradley Charles, Ben Sailor, Ryan Slade and AJ Smooth, just to name a few. Its commentary should also be mentioned as another strength. It was well-worth a purchase and I continue to wish this company well.

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