This is my second SHIMMER show. We began with a Lacey promo.

1. Krissy Vaine vs. Cindy Rogers

I like me some Cindy Rogers. She has pretty hair and a very cute face. While I loved Rogers’ in-ring style, Vaine did a really good job of selling during this match. She was a good heel and kept this VERY dead crowd engaged. The match was very well put-together.  Plus, you had some really great submission holds. She put her in a really tangled hold and Vaine tapped out. It was very solid for what you’d find on the indies.

2. Lexie Fyfe vs. Nikki Roxx

Roxx is such a good babyface. She’s a pretty blond with a lot of charisma. Of course I was busy crushing after girl ref. Fyfe is booked like a heel monster, a white girl Mark Henry, if you will (Dusty Rhodes voice). Every move that Fyfe makes seems to mean something. And when she does a submission hold, she looks like her “opponent” is going to die. It was a well-booked match with Roxx pulling off the surprise victory.

3. Tiana Ringer & Cheerleader Melissa vs. Ariel & Shantelle Taylor

Gotta admit that Taylor is probably one of my biggest crushes in early Shimmer. The wrestling in general was very good here. Tiana really stood out to me as somebody who could have good matches with both. Ringer and Melissa worked well together as a tag team. Taylor played the face in peril very well and Ariel surprised me with her hot tag. Melissa won with a very decisive victory. Very good matches on the card so far.

4. Amber O’Neal vs. Christie Ricci

O’Neal has a very good heel presence. She just walks to the ring and sits on the rope. Ricci has a nice engaging smile. It was a decent basic match. O’Neal understands very well how to be a heel and stay over with the crowd so she wasn’t hurt by losing.

5. Rain vs. Allison Danger

Rain played her part of the heel very well and Danger did a great job of selling for her and getting Rain over while building sympathy for herself. Some of the match was a little clunky, but the crowd was into it. Danger got a really good win and Rain did her part to make her look strong as well.

6. Beth Phoenix vs. MsChif

MsChif is very quickly becoming one of my favorite women wrestlers. I’ve decided she does not have bones the way she contorts her body. It was a pretty decent match and I think I might possibly be in love with early Beth Phoenix.

7. Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. Daizee Haze

I liked what I saw from all 4. This was very complex. Everybody got to be face and heel several times each. Lacey was the first to go. When we look back on this time, I hope we see Lacey and Rain for the pioneers they were. Sara Del Rey with a pin in a good match.

This is my second show from SHIMMER. I’m really liking the action. It’s stuff I can show my daughter when there are more than two types of shows: Dora and shows that aren’t Dora. But it’s friendly enough, she can watch it with me. Also Dave Prazak is excellent on commentary. This is so refreshing during a time when Michael Cole makes himself the center of the WWE product.

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