Reflections on Raw 11-21-11

What are my thoughts on the current state of the WWE? I touched some of these points briefly in my Raw recap of last night, but I need to delve into this a bit more deeply.

1. Johnny Ace isn’t getting any reaction. The audience doesn’t care enough to boo. They just want him off the tv screen. I want to challenge to WWE to go a week without any authority figure of any kind. Go back to the Jack Tunney making an announcement twice a year. I understand he’s supposed to be a heel. There are hated heels on the WWE product right now: Vickie Guerrero, Ricardo Rodriguez, Wade Barrett. Johnny Ace is not one of them. Hate means that the people have to care about you to begin with.

2. Something needs to be done about Jack Swagger. The guy should be a “bad-ass.” He is an amazing athlete. He’s not bad in the ring. And unlike Mason Ryan, he is a big guy who looks like he earned his physique in a gym and not in a needle. I understand he’s not great on the mic. He has a lisp. Big freakin’ deal. I just think of wrestling as the guys from my local sports team. He shouldn’t have to be able to speak English perfectly. Here’s an idea. Take away his ability to talk. Talking is a weakness of his. Work around it. Goldberg got over. Tajiri got over. Wrestlers can get over without being The Rock on the mic. Just exploit their strengths. Jack Swagger looks uncomfortable in his role. I wonder how he might feel playing himself and just going out there and destroying people. That is a Jack Swagger I could get behind.

3. Kevin Nash is not relevant in 2011 as an active competitor. I have all respect for what he has done in the past. But what they are doing is destroying current talent that should be built up for somebody who won’t be around for 6 more months. If he wants HHH, that’s fine. He needs to be feuding with HHH and not destroying current wrestlers.

4. Fans want Zack Ryder on tv. So the WWE gave us Zack Ryder. They gave us a Zack Ryder who got squashed. Zack Ryder needs to be given midcard heels to feud with for 6 months and not to be squashed by Alberto Del Rio on a Monday Night Raw. It’s almost like the WWE said “You want him? We’ll give you to him.”

5. John Cena the character is like a plague. At least you can say that he elicits a response from the crowd. But what he said to Miz and R-Truth was so unbelievably stupid. And Miz and R-Truth are even more stupid for believing them. It killed whatever credibility Miz or Truth had. Having John Cena be the guy to deliver that promo was so bad. By him delivering that, you killed Miz and Truth.

How many time is the WWE going to tell us “F*** you” before we tell them the same?

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