Pro Wrestling Guerrilla-Cyanide

I know this is an old show, but this is my first chance to get to see Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

1. Willie Mack vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon

About a minute and a half into my first Willie Mack match, I said “Holy s***.” I’ve never seen a more agile man this guy’s size. He’s on the same level as Hernandez or Samoa Joe. And Avalon is a great seller. Mack is in many ways a total package. He has the size, charisma and unparalleled agility for that size. Avalon has great agility and sells like crazy. This was such a great match. And the crowd is insanely supportive. Mack did a KILLER powerbomb and got the pin.

2. Roderick Strong vs. Chuck Taylor

I really like the atmosphere here in PWG. You can tell this company likes to have more fun. ROH is so serious, but PWG has the same great quality wrestling with a more light-hearted approach. I like Taylor’s persona and selling ability. There was a Pescado turned into an arm drag. Roderick Strong has some killer elbows. They both wrestled a really great match with Strong winning.

3. The Cutler Brothers (Brandon & Dustin Cutler) vs. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma)

The Cutler Brothers have a nice look. They are very tall and have an imposing presence. Goodtime looks like a skinny Zack Galifinakis (forgive my spelling). Johnny Yuma looks really small, but he seems to be able to work it. The Rocknes Monsters did some really cool  double team moves. This match had so many near-falls. After the match, they got a well-deserved “That was awesome” chant.

4. Brandon Gatson vs. Joey Ryan

This is embarrassing, but this is my first Joey Ryan match. This guy is just money on the mic and has one of wrestling’s greatest personas. Why does he not have a contract at a national promotion? Gatson has a nice size on him. He just looks very vanilla. The match was pretty decent. It was very well laid-out. It made Gatson look strong. This was a great story with lots of drama. The very thought of Gatson puts me to sleep, but he looked good in this match.

5. The Fightin’ Taylor Boys (Brian Cage-Taylor & Ryan Taylor) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

Wow, the Young Bucks have personalities. I liked the stories here. The Bucks wanted to pose and then the Taylors did the same pose. There was some good tag team wrestling. YB cut off the ring in half so the Taylor couldn’t tag his partner in. This match was so high-paced. It went through so many speeds and twists and turns. So many near-falls. Vince Russo always wants to swerve with storylines. How about swerving inside the match.

6. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen vs. Akira Tozawa

Embarrassing confession: this is my first Steen match. By the time I started getting back into Ring of Honor, Steen was already gone. Steen just kind of killed Tozawa for most of the match. There was a powerbomb onto the ring apron that resulted in a “You sick f***” chant. Every move Steen does, it looks like he’s just killed you. I’m not sure whether it was Steen being really stiff or Tozawa selling perfectly, but this looked like one killer match. Steen won a well-deserved match.

7. Peligro Abejas! (El Generico & Paul London – ) vs. Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli & Chris Hero)

Castagnoli has such an amazing presence. And I’ve known about Hero for a long time. Yes, I had the 94-minute match between him and Punk on tape. This was such a good match. By the time this match was over, I was so drained, it was hard to keep up. It was just a match that had 4 incredible in-ring competitors and they just gave everything.

This is my first PWG show. Of course it’s love at first sight. I do not use these words very lightly, but is this the closest thing we have to the old ECW?  This is an entirely different group of talent (for the most part). For me the match of the night was the Taylor boys vs. the Young Bucks. The major future star that stood out to me was Willie Mack. Why doesn’t this guy have a contract?

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