My Fav 5-Women’s Wrestling Edition

I know. Booker T comes up with his Fav 5 which we are mostly sure includes the entire Smackdown roster. I figured I would make a list of my 5 favorite women’s wrestlers. (Notice I said wrestlers, not “Divas.” I can go search for porn online if I want it. I don’t need Divas.)

1. Sara Del Rey-If I had a Fav 10 of wrestlers period, she would be in that list. There is not a wrestler out there who gives everything more no matter who she is facing. If I’m choosing a woman out there to be the face of women’s wrestling, it’s going to be Del Rey. They call her the Queen of Wrestling and very well-deserved. This isn’t the first time I’ve written about her. My favorite moment with her is the “Sara’s gonna kill you” chant from Chikara’s High Noon. She is, in my opinion, the best women’s worker out there.

2. Athena-This is my local one, even though she wrestles for SHIMMER. She is probably the best one I’ve ever seen live. She is great at getting a crowd going. I have had the chance to see her live twice. She is a good ring general and can carry a really inexperienced worker to a good match. She is also very nice and once told me I could fit a large t-shirt (I could probably fit a large on my left hand.)

3. MsChif-My first match to see her in was against Sara Del Rey in an ROH PPV. She has such a unique body and a great agility. She does all kinds of crazy moves in the ring and can twist her body in ways I’ve never seen. Plus, I love the green mist. She’s just so unique and such a great worker.

4. Jessicka Havoc-I try not to look too much at the women’s looks when I’m composing my list of favorites. But let me just say that I do think Havoc is gorgeous. However, she is a total bad-ass. I don’t know the last time I’ve ever seen a woman as hot who is a total bad-ass. Plus, she is a very good worker, and if WWE ever stopped looking for future porn stars, she would be the center of their division.

5. Cherry Bomb-Ok, so I gotta admit I do have this 13-year-old Saved By the Bell crush on Cherry Bomb, but I’ve had the chance to see a few of her matches. She is very talented in the ring. And even though she is a pretty face, she can go into a stiff, hard-hitting match and take on some really tough women and have great matches.

If you have never had the chance to see any of these women, if they are live near you, or if you see them on a DVD, get it. They are well worth the investment.

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