MPX Year-End Awards 2011

I looked back at this year. I got to watch a lot of the MPX guys grow in their work. I watched grow from a group of rag tag guys who just wanted to wrestle to one of DFW’s most popular indies. If you had told me last year that I would have seen an “MPX original” showing up in Anarchy Championship Wrestling, a former WWE superstar or one of SHIMMER’s best women’s wrestlers, I would have loved the thought but would have told you to quit dreaming. Now I’m watching the end to a good year in indy wrestling, specifically in MPX, and I got to have an in-the-back seat for all but 3 shows. Here are my MPX Year-end Awards.

Wrestler of the Year-“Headbanger” Gregory James

I am very proud of how far I have seen Headbanger come. At first, he was a skinny guy with a lot of tattoos. The more he wrestled, the more I saw something in him. He is that company’s alpha male, the golden boy, the future star. He has begun to wrestle for more and more companies, ending up at others in the DFW area and even Anarchy Championship Wrestling. He is one of my wife’s favorites, and even my mother seeing him said, “He has ring presence.” Honorable mention: Matt Andrews

Manager of the Year-Kyle Davis

Last year what I wrote down about Kyle Davis was a lot different than what I’m about to write here. At Wings in Euless, we joked about how Ezekiel Jackson needed Kyle Davis because maybe the crowd might care about him. And I gotta say the change brought about with Ben Wylde was amazing. He took a generic white bread babyface in Ben Wylde and gave him a direction and some focus and he is now one of the company’s top babyfaces. Honorable mention: Kyle Valo

Tag Team of the Year- Cash & Carry

Last year, I lived in total fear that MPX was going to do the WCW Disco Inferno-Mamalukes storyline. What actually emerged was one of the company’s best talkers. I have written this before, but they remind me a lot of The Road Warriors in the fact that you have the strong silent beast (“Animal”) in Zach T and the charismatic, hang-on-every-word, flamboyant mouthpiece (“Hawk”) in BC tha Moneyman. BC is probably the most “over” heel in the company. In his honor, there was an “Are you serial?” chant. And you had to love the Occupy MPX while he cut a 30-minute promo as people were coming in. Honorable mention: Bling & Sting

Newcomer of the Year-“Blazing” Barrett Brown

There are so many great names to choose from here. We had the debut of Claudia, Athena, Zero the Antihero, Li Fang, Doberman, Lillie Mae, Mike Foxx, Lance freakin’ Hoyt, Andy Dalton and Keith Lee, to name a few. I’m going to choose Barrett because he’s the guy that when you watch, you take note. As I have said all along, he has the intensity of Chris Benoit and Davey Richards, which are not names I use lightly. Since his first match with MPX was this year, he’s at the top of my list. Honorable mention: Claudia

Most Improved Wrestler/Personality of the Year-Kenny Steele

Last year when he debuted, Kenny was a very one-dimensional heel. Yes, we get it. You have abs. And then something happened. He became more comfortable in front of the live crowd. He grew into probably one of the company’s best heels. He has naturally great facials. He had great feuds with Ben Wylde, Matt Palmer and Kristopher Haiden. He learned how to be a heel-jaw-jacking with the fans, telling little girls to sit down, wearing a Tigers jersey during the ALCS. Honorable mention: Ben Wylde

Storyline of the Year-Ben Wylde being Kyle Davis’ brother

When this happened, I wanted it to be Kenny Steele. And it was for a few minutes. But when it was revealed to be Ben Wylde, I loved the choice. And out came tie-dyed Ben Wylde ready to put his brother in all his funny hats. And in a way, Kyle became the company’s mascot. He wore bunny ears during Easter. He was the banana during Halloween. And he took the powerbomb (from Hell) during Scott Murdoch’s heel turn. But most importantly, he became the motivator for Ben Wylde to become a star. Honorable mention: Matt Andrews’ retirement

Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year-WASP

This one is personal. When I had a bulging disc a few years ago, I was mostly immobile and ended up going to food for comfort. That resulted in me ballooning up to about 280 lbs. And yes, I’d gotten kind of serious about my health, but there was a wrestler who inspired me to really get serious about losing weight, and that was WASP. I remember seeing his Facebook updates about going through serious dieting and what must have been heel to live through. He was my motivation for losing weight (I’m down to about 235 now), and I know he’s been the inspiration for several others. Honorable mention: James Hawke

Match of the Year-“Headbanger” Gregory James vs. WASP Last Man Standing Match

I must preface this by saying that I missed the August show which allegedly had “the match” between Matt Palmer and Kenny Steele. Most people said that was a great match so I’m going to mention this one. This category was another hard one. The 4-way with Saint, Andrews, Headbanger & Johnson was also really good. But the thing that made the Last Man Standing Match, just like Punk-Cena at Money in the Bank, Kingston-Quackenbush at Chikara’s High Noon, was the crowd. The crowd was so into this match. They were on their feet for a lot of this match and rightfully so. There were some crazy dives and a “That was awesome” chant, which, as I’ve said before, is kind of like 5 “That was awesome” chants at Ring of Honor. Honorable mention: Haiden vs. Arcane in a Casket Match

Hero of the Year-$Payday$

As I’ve said before, $Payday$ is everything that is right and good in the world. It’s hard to say what I like most about $Payday$. It could be his interactivity with the fans. He’s fought through injuries to get his picture taken with people who brought $Payday$ signs. He gets the kids to dance with him in the ring (as I’ve said before, Andre the Giant did the same to a young Mark Henry and forever changed Henry’s career direction). And of course, not all fans may know this, but seeing his lovely wife eternally sitting ringside is a definite positive for him. Honorable mention: Gregory James

Villain of the Year-BC tha MoneyMan

As I’ve said already, BC has got to be the most “over” villain in the company. You put 20 wrestlers in the ring, you will get an “Are you serial?” chant (based on the way he says “Are you serious?”). He is so great on the mic. He is so charismatic and is the man you boo, but you boo him with a smile. In a year or so, I see Cash & Carry taking more bookings in the area and stepping up in the Texas indy scene. Honorable mention: Kenny Steele

Turn of the Year-“Just” James Johnson

The turn of “Just” James Johnson from “Jiggle-o” James Johnson was probably one of the best storylines of the year. This was a few weeks after CM Punk cut “The Promo” on Monday Night Raw. And taking a page from Punk promo, Jiggle-O turned on $Payday$ and cut a great promo about how he was sick of carrying dead weight and wanted the belt. And with one promo, he became one of the company’s best heels. If I was giving an award out for best promo, it would also go to Johnson. And then he committed the ultimate sin. He called Kate a skank. Honorable mention: Haiden’s face turn

Feud of the Year-Frankie Fisher vs. James Hawke

It was harder to find a more intense feud. Hawke nearly crippled Fisher with a chair. Fisher humiliated Hawke in front of his sister and new wife. Hawke asked for the national anthem and Frankie interrupted it. It culminated in a red, white and blue strap match. Honorable mention: Carrion Arcane vs. Kristopher Haiden

OMG moment-Carrion Arcane fireball on Kristopher Haiden

This one was hard because there were a few. I also liked the car hood in the casket match. There was a tire iron in the Foxx-Arcane match. But the fireball was such an incredible moment. It was so intense. We had Psycho Kyle Davis, which is one of my favorite things in wrestling. It was sold as something major and was a great effect. Honorable mention: “Just” James Johnson embedded in the ladder.

What categories did I miss? Who would you put in what category?

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