AIW DVD October 28, 2007 “Hell On Earth 3”

I love the Halloween (movie, not the holiday) theme. We began with a needed video package. Sterling James Keenan came out and mocked a bunch of Boy Scouts in the ring that were presenting the colors. THAT is how you get heel heat. He was pretty over as a heel with the crowd. He has a great look and was very interactive with the crowd. He is now with FCW as Corey Graves. That is a great signing by them.

1. Rebis w/Dave the Potato VS. K-Fed

Rebis reminds me a lot of Ralphus from WCW’s dying days. I despise the K-Fed gimmick, but what can you do? He was pretty awful in the ring. Rebis did a fine job of working against him and selling. It was very short and we got to see Dave the Potato work. He is a good, solid hand outside the ring. Rebis got a well-received win.

2. Chris Cronus VS. Equinox

Cronus’ gimmick was indy craptacular, but he has a nice look and is a total beast. Equinox looked like Spike Dudley fighting Goldberg. This was never a match. It was just a mugging. Kudos to equinox for his selling. Cronus was very over with the crowd as they gave him a “One more time” chant. And being the heel he is, he did not oblige them.

3. Matthew Justice VS. Hallowicked

Justice has a nice look and Hallowicked is a pretty legit wrestler. There was some nice work here. There was lots of high-flying and some pretty athletic moves. Justice had a lot of athleticism. This was a really good match. I won’t go so far as to say it was house-tearing, but it was still very good nonetheless. And then Justice won to get the rub from the Chikara star.

4. INTENSE TITLE: Tyler Black VS. Shane Hollister

Smark confession: This is my first Tyler Black match. He cut a promo before the match. He got a nice heel reaction from the people. One thing I’ve always liked about AIW. They have a certain unpredictability, run-by-the-seat-of-their-pants feel. Chandler Biggins makes a match. Tyler Black against his 2nd Shane Hollister. So Black offers him the chance to become a victim of “The Finger Poke of Doom.” And Hollister sneak attacks him. So they told the story of “no honor amongst thieves.” There were some good innovative moves and some good drama with the “near-falls.” Black retained in what was a really good match.

5. Josh Prohibition VS. Sensei Mike Krease

Krease cut a very nice promo on the crowd that had the crowd eating out of his proverbial hand. It reminded me a lot of old ECW Bubba Ray Dudley. Krease was insulting the crowd for being drinkers and smokers. So Josh Prohibition comes out with a Singaporean cane, beer and cigarettes. And then Prohibition turned heel on Krease. Prohibition is a very good natural heel. This was a wild brawl. Prohibition ended up winning. And then they did a huge table spot. I love the drama of a table spot. Well-done.

6. AIW TAG TITLES: Alpha Beta Duke VS. The Colony VS. The Young Studs

The Young Studs reminded me of a cross between The Hardy Boys and the Young Bucks. I also got Chikara’s The Colony. That made me happy. There was Fire Ant and who I think was Worker Ant. And this is really sad, but I mark out for Super Oprah. I LOVE that gimmick. I was impressed with the work of all 6.

7. “The Panther” Tyrone Evans VS. Jigsaw

One can easily see why Tyrone Evans would be taken into the WWE to become Michael Tarver. Evans had a beautiful black woman and what looks like Hardison from TNT’s leverage. Evans was supposed to have Gran Akuma as an opponent, but instead he got Jigsaw. Evans got heel heet, but I can’t tell if it was X-Pac heat or Eddie Guerrero heat. He ended the night with a submission. I thought the match was decent. I’m afraid of guys who wrestle him.

8. 2/3 Falls: Dios Salvador VS. Sterling James Keenan

I really liked the intensity. Both of these guys gave off a “big-match” feel. Salvador stole the first pin out of nowhere. Then Keenan took the second one. This crowd is a very tough crowd. When they love you, you are theirs for life. If they don’t accept you, you will know it. The work did not flow very smoothly. There were some really cool moments, but it just didn’t click. It ended in as double-pin. Chandler Biggins came out, said they were setting up a 3-way Dance with Steve Corino at the next show. I’m ok with draws so I didn’t mind it. I’d much rather see finishes, but my enjoyment of a show does not hinge on it.

9. FANS BRING THE WEAPONS: The Necro Butcher VS. “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger VS. “The Passion” John Thorne

I loved the preparation for this match. It made it seem really dangerous. I love the hardcore violence in these matches and I mark out for Necro Butcher ever since the first time I saw him use a stop sign in NWA Southwest over 10 years ago. Thorne used SCISSORS on the other two. Thorne and Younger got their eardrums shattered with cookie sheets. There was a guitar that said “Don’t piss me off.” Clever. Younger was suplexed onto a Target shopping cart (at least I believe it was Target). Younger suplexed Necro Butcher into the thumb tacks. #1 of pinning predicaments in thumb tacks. You still get thumb tacks in you. Thorne did a splash onto Younger while Younger was holding he light tubes. Younger did a Fireman’s Carry on Butcher through the light tubes. There was a Cop Killer by Younger on Thorne into the fore-mentioned shopping cart. Necro won when he did a Pearl River Plunge on Thorne.

All in all… I was confused by there being commentary but not audible on the DVD. Commentary was live in the arena? So I need somebody to tell me what’s going on WHILE I’M THERE IN THE LIVE CROWD? Didn’t make any sense.

But a very solid show. It’s tough to choose my match of the night because there really wasn’t one that SCREAMED match of the night. Also every DVD I have seen from AIW has been a slam dunk. It stands to reason that no every show will be Absolution 6. I got to see some fun matches and some wrestlers I really like. I still call it a DVD worth watching.

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