AIW “Hell On Earth 4: Black Friday”

This show began with a very long video package.

1. Benny Boone vs. Mike Baker

Baker shows up with a Tracey Smothers t-shirt. And the fans of course show off their classier sides by chanting “You are gay.” (<—— sarcasm font) He found a book on old WCW and tried to read it to the crowd. Once he put hands on Pedro, Benny Boone came out to his rescue. Funny. I blinked and I missed it. Boone submitted Baker with a bear-hug. Very quick. I liked the angle though.

2. Marion Fontaine vs. Jack Verville

Verville looks like he needs to lose a hair vs. hair match. He looks like the villain boyfriend in a bad slasher film. And then there’s Fontaine. He’s got a lot of natural charisma and ring presence. I don’t see him going to the WWE or TNA as a wrestler, but he could deliver a very nice character in the way of a manager or enhancement talent. Verville was so ridiculously out-classed. Verville had very solid work; he just wasn’t at Fontaine’s level.

3. Jimmy DeMarco vs. Jason Gory

I had audio problems so I’m not entirely sure what I saw during the Johnny Gargano problems. Both guys seemed to be pretty athletic in the ring. I really liked what I saw from Gory. It was a very short match which saw DeMarco get the win.

4. Hailey Hatred vs. Rebis

I gotta admit I love Rebis. And how do you not love Hailey Hatred? And if I don’t, I’m not telling her. The two did a very nice job of working each other. For somebody who could snap my head off with her bare hands, she sure is really pretty. This was a pretty good match. It wasn’t male vs. female. It was wrestler vs. wrestler. There’s a difference between  outright violence against women and them competing in a match. There was interference from John Thorne and then there was an angle that led to a barb wire match. Ouch. Had it been a man in that position rather than Hatred, I would have liked it a lot more.

5. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon vs. The Best Around

It’s interesting to see Aeroform before they were Aeroform. The lights went out during the match and the wrestlers continued very well. Lyndon is such an incredible athlete as is Kendrick. Best Around were solid in their work, but you can tell that Aeroform are just on a different level. Apparently, Flip Kendrick did a Standing 630. I don’t understand how it wasn’t a pin. It’s great that you can do that. But it is a total Holy s*** moment and should be saved. I came around on the Best Around by the end of the match. They were a pretty good heel team. I thought it was a very good match, maybe match of the night.

6. Facade vs. Shiima Xion

We began with homophobic slur. Stay classy, Shiima. Facade is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I love his look and his uniqueness. I do believe he is on my indy bucket list. Xion needs to have a mouthpiece because he has that Rey Jr. 12-year-old voice thing. Xion has a lot of smoothness and flow. Xion is also such a good heel. I really hadn’t seen “the match” where I saw something with Xion until now. Xion does have a lot of charisma and can really make a crowd hate him. But at the same time, you boo him with a smile. The match ended with both getting a pin. I like the whole double-pinning thing as long as it’s not done to death.

7. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. The Homeless Handicap Connection

This was K. Fernandez and Luis Diamante against Gregory Iron and Hobo Joe (I think). The HHC come out to Laverne & Shirley’s theme? Awesome. So this was the comedy match. We had Hobo Joe doing the Three Stooges thing. Iron and Joe worked really well together as a tag team. DLCS are very solid together and have good chemistry. The DLCS ended up getting the win in a very fun match.

8. Luis Diamante vs. Nick Belushi

I’m not sure who Belushi is, but he seems to be very over with the crowd. He’s quite tall. He was a pretty decent brawler. I liked Diamante’s work as a heel. Also I was pretty impressed by him doing two matches. I thought it was a pretty decent match. It told a good story and the characters seemed to be over. It was a nice angle, too.

9. No DQ Grudge Match: “The Psycho Shooter” Drake Younger vs. Necro Butcher

And of course, I am the biggest Necro Butcher mark. But I recently discovered Drake Younger too. This was Necro Butcher vs. Drake Younger. What did you expect? It had such great drama and intensity. Plus, it was not the bloodiest I had ever seen those two.

10. Casket Match: The Young Studs vs. Faith In Nothing

So you have a Casket Match but you have good athletic wrestling in the middle of the ring? Huh? I liked the drama of the tag team both having to be in there. Faith In Nothing were such a great team together. You had the brutality of Christian Faith/Rickey Shane Page and you had the MMA-type finesse of Vincent Nothing. It was a pretty decent match even though I was confused for why they had a casket match. But I liked the drama and the psychology of having to get both guys in there.

All in all… This was a pretty good show. There was a little something for everybody. You had the intense feud with Young Studs vs. Faith in Nothing. You had the violent hardcore match with Butcher vs. Younger. You had the high-flyer match with Xion vs. Facade and Aeroform vs. Best Around. You had the comedy stuff with HHC vs. DLCS. A very full, solid show.

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