AIW DVD November 25, 2011 “Hell On Earth 7”

They opened the show up with some vignettes and then introduced the new president… Matt Wadsworth. He cut a nice promo.

1. Eric Ryan vs. Facade vs. Samuray Del Sol

Excited to see two of my favorites and a new wrestler for me. Facade is good with the fans and makes a good baby face. There was some great action. I think Facade is underrated in what he can do in the ring. I think one of my favorite things is when somebody goes to the back and comes out with a new opponent. There was a (well-earned) “This is awesome” chant when Facade did a crazy somersault plancha thing. Ryan won a very fun match. I’m ready for Facade to get some more bookings at a higher-up level perhaps. He has such a unique look and amazing athleticism.

2. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. The Olsen Twins

This was a really wild crowd brawl. I will use this opportunity to say that I think that I am finally beginning to warm up to Aaron Bauer-Maguire’s color commentary. He and Rickey Shane Page had nice chemistry together. It was a ganging up and then DLCS won. Colin Olson asked for two beers and then attacked Jimmy. Nice break-up angle.

3. Josh Prohibition vs. Gregory Iron

The best thing that Iron does is get the crap beat out of him. Prohibition has such a sadistic, monster heel persona. As over with the crowd he is, I’m surprised he’s still as a heel. I wonder if he needs to be sadistic babyface getting over some heel.

4. The Chad vs. The Duke

The Chad is now sporting hair, which is good because then we won’t have to hear the Randy Orton wannabe chants. I like The Duke. He’s a good experienced veteran. This served to set up an angle with Jock Samson.

5. Bobby Beverly vs. Izeah Bonds

I’m not really sure if this was a match or an angle. It turned out to be a pretty decent match. I really like Bonds. He’s a lot more athletic than his body shape shows. Beverly is also really solid always. I found myself not concentrating solely (since my daughter decided that she would come in my Man Room and decided to watch Elmo, and I had to convince her there was no Elmo in Daddy’s Man Room), but I like watching Bonds.

6. The Irish Airborne vs. AEROFORM

Aeroform might just be my favorite tag team in wrestling behind The World’s Greatest Tag Team. This was a pretty good match. You had two of the best high-flying tag teams in wrestling going at it. The greatest moment of the night was Aaron Bauer-Maguire comparing Matt Wadsworth to Mongo McMichael, Stevie Ray and Mike Adamle. Wow. There were some botches and it seemed this match didn’t quite click for me. The match got a “This is awesome” chant. And then Irish Airborne got the mic and started complaining like Bret Hart in ’97.

7. Uhaa Nation vs. AR Fox

If you ask me what wrestler on this card has the best chance of signing and being successful in the WWE, it would be Uhaa Nation. AR Fox has a great look as well. I see him being a great addition to the X-Division. I also have to give Fox props for his selling. I think I’m changing who I would build a company around to Uhaa Nation. Uhaa Nation finished the match with a Standing Shooting Star Press. Yes, the guy will be a star.

8. Tim Donst vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine vs. Rickey Shane Page

Marion Fontaine has more charisma in his little finger than most wrestlers have in their entire bodies. Tim Donst has got to be the Dean Malenko of his generation. Page is in many ways their Franchise. And Gargano is a combination of all 3. I think I may need to go watch this match again. There were some well-deserved “Holy s***” chants. This was a total killer 5-Star Match and THEN Fontaine was eliminated. This will be really hard to beat for Match of the Night. Donst made Page tap out. And then Donst beat Gargano in a very shady finish.

9. Mickie Knuckles vs. Mia Yim (Special Guest Ref: Gail Kim)

Gail Kim looked gorgeous and happy to be there. Mia Yim is always gorgeous, but sometimes she wears these outfits that you just wonder “What was she thinking?” This was NOT one of those outfits. She looked pretty hot in her red bikini top (and I gotta admit she looked pretty hot in her glasses and tank top talking to Chest Flexor earlier, too). May I go out on a limb saying Mickie Knuckles is the most over wrestler in AIW? I haven’t gotten to see Mia Yim wrestle before. She is very solid and has such good ring presence. Mickie pinned Mia in a very good match.

10. Shiima Xion vs. BJ Whitmer

I really like this era of BJ Whitmer’s career for him. He is now being treated as an elder statesman of wrestling and is getting tons of respect for the path he paved in indy wrestling today. I liked the match here. Yes, the finish was a schmaz (forgive my spelling for the new created word). But I can accept screw-job finishes. The larger story being told here is Flexor Industries vs. AIW. As long as there is a fair chance for the other opponent to win, I’m ok with it. Xion still hasn’t blown me away recently, but it was still a good match nevertheless.

11. Mad Man Pondo vs. Masada

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Mad Man Pondo mark. Anybody that Terry Funk calls a “f***ing psychopath” is ok in my book. It was Pondo vs. MASADA. What do you think it was like? Being on Black Friday, there were Christmas ornaments. I am pretty sure MASADA will never have children after this match. And not that I still believed Pondo had any brain cells left after all those chairshots, but I’m pretty sure he had puncture wounds in his brain from the skewers.

BONUS Matches:
1. AERO! VS. Jay Bly VS. Stitch Syper VS. Matt Atrayou

AERO! must have been the veteran. Atrayou tried to be engaging. Bly has a lightning quick speed. Syper was pretty awesome. AERO! ended up getting the pin and I don’t think anybody was happy to see that at all. I think he is very unpopular with that crowd.

2. Dany Only VS. Nick Talent

Nick Talent wears Zubaz pants. Dany Only looks like he walked in at the soup kitchen and they let him wrestle anyway. I like Only’s look and build. Talent just reminds me of Matt Palmer too much. Nice short match.

A good solid show from AIW. Either Aaron’s color commentary is getting better or I’m finally “getting it.” Ryan-Facade-Samurai was great. Uhaa-Fox continued to be great. And the four way was mind-blowing. There really wasn’t a bad match on this card.

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