AIW Gauntlet for the Gold 7 Press Release

I would like to thank Alyssa Kay for sending this my way. If you are going to be in the area, this show show be one for the ages.

It’s about that time again! Absolute Intense Wrestling is bringing their “A” game once again, and this time they’re going to do it while re-opening a closed door. The northeast Ohio-based promotion starts up again with Gauntlet for the Gold 7 on Friday, March 2nd inside of Turner’s Hall at 7325 Guthrie Avenue in Cleveland. Bell time is 7:30 PM, and as always, tickets are at a low, low price of $15 a piece.


30-Man Gauntlet: A few things make this show special. For starters, the 30-man Gauntlet headline sees various AIW roster members, as well as a few other surprises in a Royal Rumble-esque fashion battling it out for a shot at the Absolute Title. Combatants draw numbers 1-30. Numbers 1 and 2 begin the Gauntlet, and then every 90 seconds, are added into an over-the-top-rope brawl. This year sees the return of “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, crowd favorites such as Josh Prohibition and Eric Ryan, as well as the members of Flexor Industries.


ACH vs. Façade vs. Uhaa Nation vs. Rickey Shane Page 4-Way Battle: ACH will be making his second AIW appearance against the likes of some highly-skilled competitors. He’s made a name for himself in circuits such as Beyond Wrestling and ACW, but is it ready to take on the likes of Uhaa Nation? Speaking of which, this will be this member of the Blood Warriors’ third time in AIW. In the past he’s had two grueling battles with AR Fox, and left with a 1-1 record as of Hell on Earth 7. Don’t sell Façade or Page short. Despite not having won his most recent matches, Façade has always been something of a shocker in AIW. He was able to hold his own against Bobby Beverly at Nightmare before X-mas 5 and in a three-way against Eric Ryan and Samuray Del Sol at Hell on Earth 7. Page has recently expressed his frustration with his own loss record in the company prior to his match against Eric Ryan at Girls Night Out 5. Page has most recently tapped out to Ryan, the Absolute Champion Shiima Xion (controversially), BJ Whitmer, and Tim Donst. Regardless, this match is sure to bring plenty of hard hits and high-risk maneuvers that will do nothing short of shock-and-awe the audience.


Tim Donst vs. BJ Whitmer: Things haven’t been looking so positive recently for the resident BDK member. Tim Donst was just about to tell the world where he truly stands when it comes to his alliance to Johnny Gargano and the AIW locker room versus his stance on Flexor Industries when the film crew had some technical difficulties and could no longer continue his interview. Donst has been back and forth between both alliances, confusing not just the roster, but the AIW offices and fans as well. Whitmer, on the other hand, having most recently won his match against Rickey Shane Page (though lost at Hell on Earth 7 to Xion) made an announcement to AIW, to “bring it on.” Any challenge that Whitmer can get, he will accept. Again, this will prove to be nothing short of a knock-down, drag-out fight with a lot of technical, mat-based wrestling, but several high spots as well.


Marion Fontaine vs. Colin Delaney: What happens when the Messiah of the Mustache, the Lieutenant of the Lip Tickler Marion Fontaine takes on the party-boy Colin Delaney? Hard to say! Both men generally work on the more comical side of the apron, but that’s not to sell them short. Delaney in particular has been in several brawls in AIW’s past – from working against A Call to Arms to The Irish Airborne to Da Latin Cryme Syndicate, he’s no stranger to using any means necessary to get the job done. And judging on Fontaine’s most recent defeat of Chuck Taylor and a brilliant performance in a 4-way against Gargano, Page, and Donst? There’s no way of telling what could happen here.


“Wrestling Road Diaries 2: Filming” Featuring Colt Cabana, “Mr. 1859” Cliff Compton, and Luke Gallows: Colt Cabana, Bryan Danielson, and Sal Rinauro were able to put a whole new (and hilarious) perspective on independent professional wrestling with “The Wrestling Road Diaries” and the demand for a second part has been at an all-time high. AIW was able to make an appearance in the original DVD with their 2009 show, “Double Edge Sword.” Again Cabana will appear in the second edition at AIW, this time with “Mr. 1859”/former WWE Tag Team Champion “Domino” (as made popular with Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” Podcast) Cliff Compton, and former WWE Superstar/Straight Edge Society member Luke Gallows. It’s impossible to say as to what they will be up to, exactly…


Finally, it’s important to note that one of the most special things about this show is the return of professional wrestling to Turner’s Hall. Made popular by Cleveland All-Pro shows in the past, it’s been years since wrestling has been in arena. Absolute Intense Wrestling is looking to change that once again, and pack the hall!


We hope to see you there! It’s one you won’t want to miss!


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