MPX 3-10-12

I have never been part of a riot before. I’ve seen the worked riot from Ring of Honor’s early days. I’ve heard the old stories of wrestlers being involved in crowds rioting. But I’ve never seen one or been part of one. I think tonight was the closest I’ve ever been.

For a few weeks, we’ve watched Jerome Daniels talk trash about Frankie Fisher and MPX on Facebook. He and WASP had a very “spirited” discussion on WASP’s personal Facebook account. Other wrestlers got involved in what was a very intense and personal thread. I even posted this on my Facebook account last night: “I’m not hating or choosing sides, but does anybody know what’s up with the Jerome Daniels bs? If it’s a wrestler-only thing, I’m ok with that. But does anybody know the reason for his insanity?” Tonight I got an answer.

I took my mom and daughter out to dinner tonight. I was describing all the Jerome Daniels story. I told her that I was 99% that he was just being a tool, but I still hadn’t ruled out it being a work. There were a few pieces that weren’t fitting perfectly in the mighty puzzle.

I sat in my usual place and soaked in the atmosphere. There were a lot of the former PCW crew there. There were also some big names in the crowd: JT LaMotta, Matt Palmer, the lovely Athena and Rachel Summerlyn, just to name a few. Do we get to see some Rachel Summerlyn in MPX? Maybe some more Athena? (Please?) I also ended up sitting right behind where Jerome Daniels and his female companions would sit.

The night began with Frankie walking out with the belt for the first time. He got to cut a nice promo. The moment he locked eyes with Jerome Daniels, I knew that it had all been a work. That MPX creative were total geniuses. The heels came out to celebrate Frankie’s wins. It was interrupted by GM Mike Dolenz. Mikey’s mic work was better. He made a lumberjack match.

First match: Cash & Carry vs. Tex As Red & Dave Dunnings

First of all, I love Red. I’ve seen him one time before, but he’s the perfect combination of Eugene & Cactus Jack. He has a lot of personality and is great entertainment. Dunning reminds me a lot of an ol’ country boy. You can’t go wrong with a country boy in Texas. And BC had a partial tear in his ACL and still kinda wrestled. That left Zach to do most of the work there. This match was plagued by a few things. There were some awful douchebag fans who spent the whole night heckling. I guess that’s their right, but it really put a damper on the crowd and made it a little slow to begin. The match also seemed to take forever to get started. I was really impressed with Dunning’s work. His forearms looked really stiff and he looked like he was punishing you in the ring. Zach on the other hand got to have a little bit of offense and went about doing some NICE chops (probably not nice for his opponents). As Red & Zach went to the outside, Dunning and BC went at it. Dunning put BC in a submission hold and he tapped out.

Winner: Red & Dunning

After the match, Kenny Steele came out and continued attacking BC. Are we going to see a Cash & Carry face turn? I think it might be a little premature as BC is such a good charismatic heel. Apparently last show Kody Kox had a face turn himself. He and Kate tag-announced. I really liked his work as an announcer too. He carries a very professional aura about him.

Second match: WASP vs. Matt Andrews w/Team Kyle

The crowd was still a little dead for this match. The thing that stood out to me during this match was that the Choice bumped like crazy for WASP. WASP also continues to amaze me in his agility for his size. There was some ugly racism from the douchebags in the crowd chanting “USA” at the Asian-American Andrews. Last time I checked, Albany, NY is in the USA. I’m more foreign than Andrews. There was a little thing that bothered me here. They put the tag belt on the ground. The fans at Wings in Euless who bring their plastic belts to watch the PPV’s don’t even put them on the ground. It’s the little things. Sorry for my Old Cranky White Man Moment.

Winner: Andrews

I have no idea how this match finished because Jerome Daniels broke into the ring and started attacking WASP. It was so surreal. It took 4 security guards to pull him off. Not since Matt Hardy coming back to the WWE after being fired the first time have I seen a similar angle. Very good.

Kate brought out Kristopher Haiden. Being an MPX Heel 101, Lesson 1: Be mean to Kate. Haiden cut a nice promo where he was going to apologize for attacking everybody including Danny Saint. But he decided against it. He then explained about why he turned heel. Then the Headbanger came out and the two had a nice face-to-face. Headbanger was going to be taking on Regrub.

Third match: Headbanger vs. Regrub w/Team Kyle

Usually I endure Regrub’s matches, but this one was different. I think Regrub stepped up his in-ring work. Either that or Headbanger can carry wrestlers to good matches. If he acquires that skill, he will become one of the most valuable wrestlers out there. Regrub gets all the credit for doing some major bumping that you usually don’t see from him, including participating in some huracanranas. The crowd also woke up during this match. Haiden was sitting next to Kate at ringside and put his arm around her. Headbanger did not like that and started threatening Haiden. Regrub capitalized and took home the pin.

Winner: Regrub

With Regrub pinning Headbanger, part of me began to question whether there was a god. But if you think about it, Regrub is a tag champ. A champ should not lose. That is good booking. Haiden continued the beatdown on Headbanger. We got to have a Danny Saint run-in.

Fourth match: “Just” James Johnson vs. Jason Silver

This was a match with quite a bit of build. I have also never seen Silver wrestle before. Johnson attacked him before the match in an effort to try and get the win. Silver bumped like crazy. He spent most of the night selling, but when he did do offense, he had a nice high-flying style. I really like the direction they’ve taken Johnson’s character. We also got a Machiko sighting, sporting a new dark hair color. We learned that she is just as stunning with the dark hair as she is with blond. I wrote down that the match was really well-put together. Johnson kept on giving Silver everything and he kept on kicking out. Machiko was going to interfere, and Silver pointed her out. It was long enough for Johnson to take advantage.

Winner: Johnson

Johnson took the mic and said this was the beginning of a new movement.

Fifth match: Kenny Steele (c) vs. Ben Wylde

By the way, maybe it was my seat, but the smoke machine was on crack. I like the smell, but I felt the smoke machine went a little overkill. I was impressed with Kenny’s work. He was really athletic and looked pretty good. Ben and Kenny looked very crisp in their work. Ben had some pretty brutal chops too. I know the riot came from the Jerome Daniels thing. But I felt that Kenny nearly had the crowd going that way. Eventually Kenny just decided he was the champ and didn’t have to get the win. Ben walked away with an Anniversary victory.

Winner: Wylde by countout

Then it got a little personal for me. Kenny Steele said he didn’t have to prove himself to anybody, and he didn’t have to prove himself to me.

I have to say this personally to Kenny Steele. I am not a wrestler. I have some health problems that mean I won’t ever be. I am simply a fan who loves wrestling and likes coming to every show and give my opinion. I give my opinion on MPX, AIW, Chikara, ROH, PWG, AAPW, PWO, 3XW, any other show I see. It’s a hobby for me, and it’s what I enjoy doing. I will not be competing in the ring, but if you feel the need to get in my face, maybe something needs to be done there. You name the time and place. I’ll have a wrestler, maybe somebody from MPX, maybe somebody from OUTSIDE MPX, ready to show up and take that belt from you. I’ll stand in their corner motivating them to take your belt from you. You’re brave for getting in the face of a fan and blogger with a bulging disc in his back who can’t possibly wrestle. Let’s see what you can do with a wrestler.

Sixth match: $Payday$ vs. Carrion Arcane w/Claudia

The last few times I have seen $Payday$ wrestle he has really stepped up his game. He’s been a lot crisper and smoother. $Payday$ also had a lot of fire. Arcane was very solid and did his part to get them to a good match. I wrote down that it was a really good match between these two. Arcane took the win.

Winner: Arcane

I also wrote down that even though $Payday$ lost, he didn’t lose anything. Very strong showing by both. Arcane took the mic and fired Claudia. Claudia is so animated and did such a great job of selling.

Main event: Frankie Fisher (c) vs. Barrett Brown in a lumberjack match

Dare I say that Barrett Brown is the best wrestler in Texas not working for Anarchy? Frankie looked in the best condition I’ve seen him in. Used to Frankie was winded by the time he came to the ring. There wasn’t that patented Frankie Fisher gasp this week. He has proclaimed that this is the year of the Fisher, and it looks like he is backing up his proclamations. Barrett has such a fluidity that you can’t teach. When I constantly compare him to Davey Richards, it is not something I say lightly. They did the typical lumberjack spots and the crowd seemed to be really into it.

Winner: Fisher

After the match, the heels and faces got into it, and then Jerome hit the ring. WASP went nuts yelling at security to hit the ring and escort him out. David the owner of the gym got involved and got in Jerome’s face as they kicked him out.

All in all… I don’t get worked very often. Daniel Bryan getting fired, CM Punk’s pre-Money in the Bank promo and now this. I think this Jerome Daniels thing has got to be MPX’s best storyline yet. There were people who didn’t know it was a work even after the night. That is what you call brilliant booking.

The match of the night was Johnson vs. Silver. I texted a friend in the back to tell them they tore the house down. Plus, there were so many questions left to be answered. Who is Claudia going to join with next? Why did Kenny attack BC? What is this new movement Johnson spoke of? Who is this mysterious woman that keeps on coming out for his matches? Will Danny Saint get his revenge on Kristopher Haiden? And what about Headbanger being added into that mix? And what about this Jerome Daniels mix? And dare I say this is MPX’s hottest show to date?

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  1. James says:

    I’m “JUST” a fan of your blogs. I really do enjoy the detail and thought you put into your reviews and i’m sure the wrestlers do as well. Keep up the good work.

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