AIW Presents: “Straight Outta Compton” and “Girls Night Out 6” coming in April!

Once again, Absolute Intense Wrestling will be returning to Turner’s Hall in Cleveland, Ohio for two consecutive weekends in a row. Friday, April 6 will highlight “Straight Outta Compton” featuring local and national talent from the independent professional wrestling scene with a bell time at 7:30 PM. Then once again, on Sunday, April 15 AIW will host “Girls Night Out 6” featuring some of the greatest local, national, and even international talent from the women’s independent professional wrestling scene with a bell time of 4:00 PM. Turner’s Hall is located in Cleveland on 7325 Guthrie Ave, corner of Guthrie and W. 73rd Street. Tickets for each event are only $15 each and are first come, first serve. has more information on events as well as ticket sales.


The talent line up for “Straight Outta Compton” includes a hefty lineup with several specialty matches. They include the following:


Johnny Gargano, BJ Whitmer, and Tim Donst vs. Flexor Industries’ Chest Flexor, “The” Chad Williams, and Bobby Beverly – Compton Street Fight (no-rules 6-man tag): After a shocking return on March 2 and winning the Gauntlet for the Gold, Johnny Gargano was placed into a tag match with the likes of BJ Whitmer and Tim Donst. While all three men have had their trials and tribulations with the diabolical team, there is not exactly a lot of love between these three men, either. Donst has worked against Gargano repeatedly throughout all over 2011, and has even turned on him during tag team matches. Donst and Whitmer had a tremendous match back in the 24-man invitational tournament in May 2011 that left Donst with a victory. The locker room has had enough of Flexor Industries’ interferences in AIW, and they have proven that they are ready to take them out. Regardless – Flexor, Beverly, and Williams are a well-oiled machine, and whether or not Gargano, Whitmer, and Donst can coexist long enough to demolish them remains to be foreseen.


AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation – 30 Minute Iron Man Match: The saga continues between AR Fox and Uhaa Nation. In October 2011 at “They Live” Fox and Nation tore it up the first time in high-risk match in which both men gave all they had, and yet the fans still chanted for more. Fox scored the first victory, but a re-match was soon scheduled once more in November 2011 at “Hell on Earth 7.” In what was again a stellar display of talent, Nation pinned Fox. Now, each man must prove who is superior in a 30-minute iron man match. They will compete to see who can score the most pinfalls and/or submissions within the timeframe in order to be crowned the victor of the series.


Youthanazia vs. The Irish Airborne – AIW Tag Team Titles Match: After defeating The Sex Bomb-ombs Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, The Irish Airborne earned an immediate shot at the tag team titles, held by Flexor Industries’ Aeroform. Before they were able to begin the title match, both Crists were knocked out from behind by Kendrick and Lyndon. In a hasty decision, AIW President Matt Wadsworth decided to punish Aeroform by forcing them to still compete in a title match, but this time against the team of Youthanazia, Matt Cross and Josh Prohibition. The match ended with Youthanazia standing as victors, and now it is time for the Airborne to get their deserved title shot. However, it will no longer be against Aeroform.


Eric Ryan vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. ACH vs. Gary Jay – Four-Way Match: Eric Ryan has been on a roll as of late in AIW, winning is match against Ophidian and Kobald at “Gauntlet for the Gold 7”, his match against Rickey Shane Page in the Guys Night Out preshow of “Girls Night Out 5”, his match against Pinkie Sanchez at “Nightmare Before X-Mas 5” and his match against Façade and Samuray Del Sol at “Hell on Earth 7.” However, will it be enough to take on Sugar Dunkerton, who was last spotted at “They Live”, winning a match against Kyle O’Reilly and Sonjay Dutt – and is owed a match for the Intense Division title against Bobby Beverly sometime in the near future? ACH has also been a force on the independent scene as of late, and is something to be feared in AIW as well, bringing in a top-notch, high-risk style that is sure to bring a serious challenge. Lastly, do not count out Gary Jay – thought he hasn’t worked as a singles competitor yet in AIW, his work with the Submission Squad has indeed been fierce.


Jock Samson vs. The Duke – Grudge Match: This is not only about wins and losses anymore, but rather, about who will be left standing when the bell rings. Duke has been violently attacked outside the ring by Samson repeatedly from “They Live” to “Nightmare Before X-Mas 5” and most recently at “Gauntlet for the Gold 7.” Even though Duke was able to get the victory over Samson back in December and eliminate him over the top rope in the Gauntlet, Samson has only continued to unleash fury upon him. Finally, they will be able to step inside the ring in what is sure to not only be a wrestling match, but an all-out-brawl.


The Submission Squad vs. The Sex Bomb-ombs: Both teams have competed multiple times now in AIW over the past year, and have seemed to gain the respect of the live audience. Though primarily based in other Midwestern regional independent circuits, the Sex Bomb-ombs, Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett have been able to truly put on some entertaining matches with many high spots – most notably from the recent “Gauntlet for the Gold 7” tag team match against the Irish Airborne. The Submission Squad has been working a little differently – taking on Da Latin Crime Syndicate in a humorous though very physical match in their last appearance at “Gauntlet” as well. It is too early to tell if one team has an advantage at “Straight Outta Compton” but if one thing is for certain, it’s that winners will have to work for their victory.


Façade vs. Colin Delaney: Façade is recently coming off a loss in a four-way against Uhaa Nation, ACH, and Rickey Shane Page from “Gauntlet for the Gold 7.” Delaney recently faced Fontaine in a match in which he scored the victory. Both men are known for being hard working with a slight humorous streak from time to time.


John Thorne and Rickey Shane Page in a “Pick Your Poison” Match: There isn’t much word just yet on what exactly it is that is going on between RSP and John Thorne. Thorne recently returned to the ring as a contestant in the Gauntlet for the Gold last month, but made no intentions of keeping the return permanent. AIW President Matt Wadsworth announced the match on Tuesday, which entitles both Thorne and Page to pick each others’ opponents. Multiple fan predictions have been made, but the outcome will remain a mystery until the sixth.


Just a week after “Straight Outta Compton” AIW returns once again to Turner’s Hall in Cleveland for another Girls Night Out. Mickie Knuckles has vacated the AIW Women’s Championship due to an upcoming pregnancy, but will be back again when she is physically able. In the meantime, plenty of hard-hitting, women’s action is planned for the show…


Mia Yim vs. Allysin Kay – Unsanctioned, No-Rules Grudge Match for the AIW Women’s Championship: Last time the two met in AIW at Girls Night Out 5, there was trouble in paradise. In a losing opener against Marti Belle, Yim was met by Kay who came out to spoil any potential dignity had in regard to alliances in Flexor Industries. Later after hinting at sabotaging Cherry Bomb’s chances of performing at the show, Kay and Yim squared off in a bloody brawl that resulted in fracturing Kay’s nose in several places. Ever since then, unkind words and threats have spewed between the two all over social media. Unable to wait until Absolution 7, the two contested for an unsanctioned, no-rules grudge match at GNO6. Now, with Mickie Knuckles having vacated the title due to pregnancy, one more fact hangs in the cusp. Without a doubt, only one woman will be able to stand and walk away, championship in hand.


Sassy Stephie vs. Cherry Bomb: Ms. Bomb has missed her last two scheduled appearances in AIW, leaving fans to wonder as to what has been going on with the Canadian’s career. Allysin Kay had hinted at sabotaging her last booking in the company, and there’s no doubt that she may try to ruin her once again. Stephie’s loyalties lie alongside Kay’s in Flexor Industries. No stranger to AIW, this match will come with many hard hits.


Melanie Cruise vs. Taylor Made: These women are both newcomers to AIW, but have worked on the independent professional wrestling scene for years now. Cruise is the current Resistance Pro Women’s Champion, and works for the likes of Shimmer (under the management of Annie Social) and Supreme Wrestling Entertainment, where she feuded with Taylor Made. Made also has worked for Shimmer and SWE, and will surely put on a strong, fluid match.


Taeler Hendrix  vs. Annie Social: Two recognizable names in women’s independent professional wrestling, Taeler Hendrix has really been making a name for herself. She has wrestled in Ring of Honor, and most notably in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where is the company’s current Women’s Champion. Annie Social has worked a number of years in Shimmer, as well as WSU. The skilled veteran is the current manager for Melanie Cruise, and it begs to question as to whether or not this will come to play in either her match against Hendrix, or in Cruise’s match against Taylor Made.


Jenny Rose vs. Hailey Hatred: AIW Loyals recognize the history that Hailey Hatred has in the company. Being a hard-hitting, former Women’s Champion, Hatred has since moved to Japan in order to compete abroad, and has accumulated many titles since. Most recently, she competed at “They Live” in a match against Cherry Bomb, and came out victorious. Jenny Rose, another new comer to AIW and current WXW Women’s Champion, has also competed all over the United States, Canada, and Japan. Similar styles and experiences will surely make for a strong match.


Sara Del Rey vs. Veda Scott: Two favorites not only in AIW, but in women’s independent professional wrestling as a whole. No research has shown that Del Rey and Scott have competed against each other previously. Scott is new to the scene, but has learned and excelled quickly, competing in the last two AIW Girls Night Outs, and all over the independent scene, including Ring of Honor (now on the roster page!), and Shimmer. Del Rey, the proclaimed “Queen of Wrestling” has a reputation for being extremely technical, hard-hitting, and well-paced in the ring and has competed internationally. Yet, her most recent appearance in AIW at Girls Night Out 5 left her with a loss to Mickie Knuckles for the Women’s Championship. Can she claim a victory this time against Scott, despite no title on the line.


There are sure to be plenty more announcements to the show, including CZW’s Kimber Lee and “Crazy” Mary Dobson in action!



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