Metroplex Wrestling 3-31-2012

This was my first time this year to attend both MPX shows in the same month. The show had a different feel to it tonight. It had a-dare I say it-tv taping feel to it. Kody Kox began the night with bringing back Kyle Davis. Kyle told us he might have a nice surprise and we needed to be loud. We then introduced Kate. Kate brought out GM Mike Dolenz. Mikey brought out Jerome Daniels. Daniels cut a really nice promo where he pointed out how with all the great wrestlers in MPX, the champ was Frankie. Mikey told him he was going to start at the bottom. If you are curious who the bottom of MPX is, it’s Regrub.

First match: Jerome Daniels vs. Regrub w/Team Kyle

Team Kyle came out in all their glory. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law joined me for the night of wrestling. Upon seeing Regrub, my sister-in-law turned to me and said, “Burger [his old PCW name] looks like somebody who shows up in your nightmares.” I was a little confused at who I was supposed to go for? Is Jerome Daniels heel or face? Is he de facto face? Well, this was just above a squash.

Winner: Daniels

Then the other members of Team Kyle began a beatdown on Jerome.

Second match: Jerome Daniels vs. “The Choice” Matt Andrews w/Team Kyle

At least in his defense, Choice was bandaged up. I feel Choice is kind of underutilized as a tag champ. I would like to see him building up the next face for Frankie. Same story. Choice was very quickly put in the same hold.

Winner: Daniels

Carrion Arcane came out and said that what Team Kyle lacked was leadership. So he was going to take the leadership. If there were anybody who cared about Jerome, let them come to his rescue.

Third match: Arcane & Choice & Regrub vs. Jerome Daniels & WASP

Yes, the WASP that he attacked at the last show. Originally, the logic (or lack thereof) was burning a hole in my head. But WASP wasn’t just standing there ready to tag in. He egged Jerome on. “Oh, you don’t need me now?” It was a good story. WASP & Daniels even had a dueling planchas spot where WASP did a plancha onto the heels. Then Daniels followed it up with one of his own. WASP even had a botch, but he made up for it. He treated it like it was nothing, it happened and he moved on. So from this moment, I now name him “The Teflon Wrestler.” Arcane ended up pinning WASP with what I am calling the Arcane-O.

Winner: Arcane, Regrub & Choice

So Arcane is now with Team Kyle and collectively they are known as “The Following.” They were quite hated by the crowd with all kinds of negative chants (good heat). I question using the tag champs in this position, but they were in a state of disarray. I’d like to see Arcane create his own Flock-like stable. What happens next from here? Frankie Fisher came out and handcuffed Jerome Daniels. Frankie de-mol-ished Daniels with a kendo stick. WASP also took quite the hit to the head. Eventually WASP brought out bolt cutters and cut off the handcuffs. What a crazy insane angle. The match(es) had an old ECW/current AIW feel as two people started the match, but who knew how it was going to end?

Fourth match: Danny Saint vs. Li Fang vs. $Payday$ vs. Zach T

This was a #1 contender’s match for the Prospect Championship. Zach needs a manager/mouthpiece. I’d still like BC to come back as a mouthpiece for Zach or to give Zach the freedom to not talk. Of course the highlight for me was getting to see Machiko. (Sorry, boys.) Saint & Li Fang had some good chemistry together. Very early on, Kristopher Haiden came in and took out Saint, causing his elimination. (Why was there no dq?) Then Li Fang and $Payday$ faced off. I really like how they started off with the handshake and then slowly disintegrated into more and more heated. $Payday$ is an amazing athlete. And we know this from his Standing Shooting Star Press. Zach T eliminated Li Fang. Then it was between $Payday$ and Zach. We were treated to a Shooting Star Press off the top rope on to Zach for the win.

Winner: $Payday$

I think the two Shooting Star Presses might have been overkill. I might like to see $Payday$ adopt something like a 450 Splash as a finisher or do a different kind of move from the standing position. Decent showing from all 4. He then took the mic and announced that he would be taking on Kenny Steele with me in his corner. I can think of no one I would rather have defending my honor. Kate introduced Brandon Collins, who I have decided is made of solid granite. It was a nice, short, sweet promo about what he was going to do to Frankie.

Fifth match: Max Muscles vs. Scott Murdoch

This was my first Max Muscles match. Usually I hate the “gay” gimmick. What bothers me most is when the gay gimmick is treated like a heel and the whole crowd hates them because they’re gay. Max comes out (no pun intended) throwing candy everywhere, so the kids loved him. Plus, he had plenty of comedy for all the people older than kids. It reminded me of the Christopher Street Connection for the 5 of you who remember early Ring of Honor. Murdoch played off of him very well. He played the role of country boy in the ring against the gay guy. Very entertaining match. Murdoch beat Max until he was unable to continue.

Winner: Murdoch

With Max’s gimmick, he never has to win a match. James Hawke came out to Max’s rescue and helped him to the back. Do we have Rico & Charlie Haas Part II?

Sixth match: Zero the Antihero vs. Kristopher Haiden

Zero came out dressed in total Zelda mode. If you like video games, this is your guy. I was thinking this was going to be a total squash match. And then Zero got in offense. And then there was more offense. This turned out being a really well-put-together match. I even wrote down that this was better than it had any right to be. Haiden was looking a little bulkier and the stomach was looking a little smaller too. If you thought Zero was going to win this match, you probably thought Kurt Angle was going to compete in the 2012 Olympics.

Winner: Haiden

Sixth match: “Headbanger” Gregory James vs. Jordan Jensen

You had two guys from Anarchy so I was thinking this was going to be a ROH/AIW/Dragon’s Gate-type match he had with Barrett. I didn’t get the match I thought I was going to. I instead was treated to a really interesting story centering around Jensen just being an a-hole and Greg trying to be the opposite. You can’t do the ROH match every time. One thing I have said recently about Davey Richards (ROH champ) is that he only has one type of match in him. (Instead of John Cena’s 5 Moves of Doom, Davey has 25 Moves of Doom.) I saw a story-oriented match tonight rather than the stiff ROH-type match. And to be fair, it was a very kid-oriented crowd so they wouldn’t have popped for that type of match. It was a sign of maturity and knowing your crowd. Headbanger made Jensen tap.

Winner: James

Main event: Frankie Fisher (c) vs. Brandon Collins

Again, I think Collins is composed of solid granite. And the Year of Fisher continues. He looked in great shape. My sister-in-law has known him for a long time and thought he looked in great shape. The two fought a pretty decent match. There was a ref bump and I groaned. They don’t use ref bumps too much though. Then Jerome came out and tried to revive the ref. Frankie kicked out and ended up pinning Brandon.

Winner: Frankie

I thought Frankie was very strongly put over. WASP came out. He announced who Frankie’s next match was going to be. Those two were going to fight.

All in all… There were some improvement from the last show (the crowd). The heat was a little strong there, so still not sure how to combat it, but they might need to. There weren’t the same guys over and over again. Ben Wylde & Kenny Steele got to take a night off. The security guards usually do nothing but actually had to work (And I’m not going to give their reason to work any place because it was embarrassing for the reason.). But there were a few that were getting involved in the crowd (Lucha especially), trying to get them involved. A fun night of wrestling.

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3 Responses to Metroplex Wrestling 3-31-2012

  1. Arn says:

    Knew they’d get cold feet and pussy out on the “firing” by bringing back scumbag kyle davis.

  2. Smurdoch says:

    hey build a bridge and get over it

  3. Jimmy says:

    Would like 2 see MPX succeed but cannot happen with some of the truly terrible decisions made including people put “in charge” and “on top”

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