NCW-Femmes Fatales Vol. 1

This is my first Femmes Fatales DVD. I purchased it for the names (mostly Cherry Bomb) and was curious to what the look and feel would be.

1. She Nay Nay vs. Addy Starr

I like She Nay Nay for no other reason than her entrance music. She had a good heel presence. Starr has a kind of “off-the-wall” ring gear, like the cute, oddly adorable girl you secretly crushed on. SNN spent a lot of time jaw-jacking with the crowd, so she was an engaging heel. SNN was a good heel and put out a lot of punishment on Addy. The crowd was pretty decent. This match didn’t quite have the fluidity you might see elsewhere, but the crowd was nevertheless engaged, both wrestlers looked good and was a pretty good opener. Addy won.

2. Portia Perez vs. Kylie Pearce

Portia Perez went with Heel 101 in her entrance. Go after the little girl on the front row. Kylie is a tall athletic babyface. And Portia does what she does best-be Portia. The crowd wasn’t in this match too much. The work was very solid, but it just didn’t get this crowd’s attention. Portia won with her feet on the rope. It got over her character as a heel and Kylie didn’t lose anything by losing to her.

3. Anna Minoushka vs. Roxie Cotton vs. Mary Lee Rose vs. Kalamity

Anna has an impressive size. I really like Kalamity’s look. She has this dark mysterious beauty like a Jessicka Havoc. Cotton is a fun character. And Rose has a lot of enthusiasm and energy. This was a pretty decent match that introduced me to some new wrestlers. They eliminated Anna with a DQ. Then Cotton was eliminated by Rose. I liked the stories they told. Kalamity put her in a submission hold until she won. This was a pretty nice story they told.

4. Sara del Rey vs. Cherry Bomb

Of course Cherry Bomb looked gorgeous in her outfit. This was that unfortunate time period of Del Rey’s career when she painted on her eyebrows. I adore her to no end, but this was not my favorite look for her. And I’m going to be honest here. I “fangirl” a little over Cherry. The crowd loved Cherry and I think a lot of it is that Sara del Rey had the crowd going. There wasn’t a spot that stood out to me so much as the whole match. They wrestled a very strong match. I would say this is “tore down the house” worthy.

Bonus: Anastasia Ivy vs. Candy Girl

I like that both of these wrestlers are characters. There just aren’t enough characters nowadays. Ivy started out on offense pretty early in the match. The work wasn’t very strong here. They had no ability to improvise. I’m not sure how many matches the girls had under their belts, so if it was their first career match, they get a mulligan. Candy Girl won. She had a lot of enthusiasm and got the crowd going.

5. Kacey Diamond w/Miss Rachelle vs. Karen Brooks

I really like the gimmick/character of Diamond with Rachelle. She cut a promo for the Montreal crowd which was lost on me, being in French. The crowd did seem to eat it up though. Brooks’ gimmick is that she seems to be a health enthusiast entering to Maniac. This match started out with some fun comedy spots. The crowd was well-engaged in the match. Diamond got in a lot of heel offense. This turned out to be Diamond’s match and time to shine. She came off like a total psycho. Well-done.

6. Misty Haven vs. MsChif

McChif is one of my very favorites on the indies scene. She has such a great ring presence and takes her character so seriously. She is so innovative and so unique. Misty has this Monica Seles grunt thing every time she punches somebody. And MsChif has this calm fluidity. The two worked really well and had good chemistry. 100 years ago, MsChif would have been a contortionist. Misty’s screaming got really annoying. It was like the scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when the big guy is swinging the swords every which way and Indy shoots him. MsChif won.

7. LuFisto vs. Cheerleader Melissa

So LuFisto is doing the psychotic gimmick. Sometimes it’s the little things, stopping to quickly say something to fan that makes all the difference. This was a stiff, hard-hitting match. LuFisto may be stiff, but she definitely has no problem taking stiff shots either. This match had a lot of everything. There were crowd brawls, striking, submission holds. This was such a good match. LuFisto won.

She was greeted by a gum-chewing Sara del Rey. She and LuFisto then had a standoff. The entire roster came out to separate. LuFisto acknowledged Melissa’s attempt and we had a good show of sportsmanship.

All in all… This was a pretty good show for a first opportunity. This show is very character-heavy. They have personalities and give you reasons to care about them as opposed to “Look, there’s a shaved guy with lots of tattoos fighting another guy with a shaved head and lots of tattoos.” I might dare call this a hidden gem. You have your big names (Sara del Rey, Cherry Bomb, Cheerleader Melissa, MsChif). Plus, you had two really good matches and several other entertaining ones. I bought this with very low expectations and discovered a nice new company with great women’s wrestlers.

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