AIW-Nightmare Before Christmas 5-December 23, 2011

AIW has put so many solid shoes together recently. I heard so much buzz about this already I had to see this. They opened up with a nice promo montage to set in motion some of the stories.

1. Jock Samson vs. The Duke

So rather than a hard-hitting ROH-style match, this was very story-oriented. Not every match has to be the same guys doing the same stiff kicks. (Hint, hint, ROH) Not really sure I would have put this match on first, but it was pretty entertaining. Duke won by countout. I think Samson’s a good fit as a heel for AIW. I did not like the use of the homophobic f-word (f****t).

2. The Submission Squad & Gary Jay vs. ACH, Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett

When it comes to athletic ability, the only two wrestlers I think hold a candle to ACH are Pac & Shelton Benjamin. But it is not just ACH who stands out there. All 6 wrestlers in there have such great innovation. Just like we saw Guerrero/Malenko/Rey/Jericho reinvent our wrestling in the mid-90’s, I have a feeling we will see a lot of innovation from these 6. And if I haven’t smark-gasmed enough over ACH, I do feel he’s probably one of the top 5 without a contract with the Big 3.

3. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Eric Ryan

Pinkie cut quite the promo. I’m warming up to Pinkie. He’s such an a-hole on the mic (in a good way). This started out as a really wild brawl that quickly evolved into a high-flying match. Pinkie really showed off his versatility and it led to Eric Ryan gaining some experience in different types of matches. I became a fan of Pinkie Sanchez during this match.

4. Colt Cabana vs. AERO!

Colt Cabana is so good at what he does. This was quite the short match with Cabana tapping out AERO! Goldberg’s opponent lasted longer than AERO!

5. Bobby Beverly vs. Facade

Facade has a certain reckless abandon to his matches. He has no fear nor hesitation. He reminds me a lot of a young Jeff Hardy. Plus, the bonus was getting Sassy Stephanie. I think she is quickly becoming my #2 Stalkee behind Cherry Bomb. Beverly won.

6. Chuck Taylor vs. Marion Fontaine

I heard the greatest chant ever for Taylor- “Chuck him up.” These two guys had such a good chemistry together. Fontaine did his comedy thing and Taylor played total straight man to him. Taylor got to show off some of his range. When Fontaine hulks up, he rubs his mustache. Sometimes it’s the little things. Then Chuck Taylor went off and got his own mustache. These two really brought it. My pick of best match of the night so far.

7. Gregory Iron & Colt Cabana vs. Youthanazia

They were doing a “dream tag team partner.” Cabana was Iron’s and Prohibition brought back former tag team partner Matt Cross. It was no Lensar pop, but the crowd was still really excited to see them. Cabana-Cross had a great chemistry. Cross and Cabana are first-rate by themselves but together, they were outstanding. Not the biggest surprise, but a good one still the less.

8. Colin Delaney vs. Jimmy Olsen

Colin Delaney had one half of his chest hair shaved. Huh? I liked the whole in-ring heel persona. We got to see way more of Colin Delaney than anybody ever wanted to. This was a nice wild crowd brawl. And then there was lots of blood. They let both bounce off each other with the momentum. Jimmy did a first-rate job of selling. Very rarely do I use the word epic. But this match was epic. They got a “This is awesome” chant. This match alone was worth the price of the DVD. This was Jimmy Olsen’s career swansong. The wrestlers came out and and celebrated with him. What a moment.

9. AEROFORM vs. The Batiri vs. Irish Airborne

The Irish Airborne was on fire for this match. This match was over way too soon. What I watched was great. I just didn’t get enough.

10. BJ Whitmer vs. Ricky Shane Page

I was really excited to see this match. Sometimes matches have that really awesome spot that makes you want to tell everybody about it. This did not have one of those moments. From start to finish, this was a really good solid, hard-hitting match. This was a well-laid out match that I thought was really entertaining. Two good wrestlers went out and delivered a good match.

11. Special Guest Ref: Tim Donst – Dave “The Potato” Dawson vs. Johnny Gargano

Poor Potato. He got some “f*****” chants I could have lived without. This was not an Eddie Edwards-Davey Richards scientific masterpiece. This was more of an angle than an actual match. Props to Dawson for all the punishment he took. Flexor Industries gives a lot, but they have proven their ability to take it. Flexor Industries came out (which meant bonus Sassy Stephanie) and began to attack Johnny Gargano. The AIW locker room began to come out and take on Flexor Industries. There was a crazy spot where Dave Crist went up to the basketball goal and did a moonsault onto just about everybody. This was the crazy you tell all your friends about.

12. Bonus Match: Luis Diamante vs. Jason Gory

This was a nice short match. This was to warm up the crowd. I’m liking Gory’s work and Da Latin Crime Syndicate is very valuable to AIW as they usually help build babyfaces.

13. Bonus Match: Jarek 1:20 vs. Maserati Rick

The work was fine in this match. I just hated the guy casting a spell. I get it. Wrestling can be entertainment for some, but to me, it still is an athletic competition. The finish was insulting to my intelligence.

All in all… This was another really good show from AIW. The standout matches for me were the Anarchy 6, Fontaine-Taylor, Battle of the Olsen Twins, Whitmer-Page and Gargano-Dawson. Great DVD.

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One Response to AIW-Nightmare Before Christmas 5-December 23, 2011

  1. Big D says:

    I was at this event live and Taylor/Fontaine was a straight comedy match. Taylor played up the comedy as much as Fontaine. Gregory Iron got his ass BEAT in that match with Josh and Matt. I felt bad for him actually and I think it is important to note that Cross was in heel mode the entire bout. I agree with your sentiment on the bonus match using a spell to freeze time – ridiculous.

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