This Past Weekend

It’s taken me a few nights to process through this. I spent my high school years dreaming of this past weekend. I knew I never had “the size” to be a wrestler. So I always wanted to be a manager. I even went so far as to look into being a referee. But it just wasn’t in my path. But I got to take part in being the manager of an extremely talented wrestler. And not only that, we got a win. And a title win at that.

This past weekend, I was given access to a secret, sacred world that few outsiders ever get to see. This will not be my tell-all expose so much as a meditation of my experience. There are many stories I could share and even things I wish I could “just” unsee. But those stories are best left in the back. And that’s the reason WHY it is an exclusive, prestigious brotherhood.

  1. Wrestling is an amazing brotherhood and fraternity. There is so much trust and tradition among them. It is a shame that there can be so much pettiness and third-grade drama in this great brotherhood at times.
  2. There is such a rush being in front of that live crowd. You can easily see why so many wrestlers do it way past their prime just because of the roar of the crowd.
  3. I learned that the steps to get in the ring are there for a reason. I tried sliding into the ring and ended up with a little bump on my shin. They say if you get to the back and you’re not hurting, you didn’t try hard enough. Usually that’s not meant for the manager.
  4. The biggest, baddest wrestler you would least expect it of doesn’t shake hands… he hugs.
  5. Unless you are 3’1” tall, you should probably leave the ring above the second rope, not the first. Especially if you have my lack of flexibility.
  6. When Lance Hoyt speaks, you listen.
  7. When you stand across the ring from another man, even if you’re at ringside, you see a certain fire in their eyes. I saw that fire in Kenny. I’m not entirely sure that Kenny will be done with Payday or vice versa, but you’ve earned my respect, Kenny.
  8. It’s really cool being married to a nurse. And it’s even cooler being married to a nurse when a guy stumbles to the back after a match with a possible concussion. One of the strangest, most surreal moments I’ve ever seen is my wife and another wrestler using a cell phone to try to examine the concussed wrestler’s pupils. Thankfully somebody had a flashlight on their keychain for her to use. You know a guy is a pro when the first indication he has a concussion is when he collapses backstage. The best part is that if you guessed which wrestler got a concussion, you would probably be wrong. That is a testament to this wrestler AND his opponent.
  9. If you are breaking into the business, find those who are more experienced around you and learn from them. After 3 conversations with 4 guys with managerial experience, I learned some really key things, several of which I implemented during my match.
  10. And what do I say about Payday? This guy is hungry. I believe the first match I ever saw at MPX was Payday and Choice. Here I am two years later, managing him to his first singles title. Payday has not even come close to perfecting his craft. And that is scary. Because as good as he is now, he’s not done. Complacency is the killer of success. Payday is not complacent. He is always studying different types of wrestlers. I lent him one of my DVD’s so he could watch some of the best in his sport. And he let me know he needed more guys to study and more matches to watch. When he went down to Anarchy in Austin, he talked to one of the best in this sport about what he needed to work on-ACH. There is a lot of fire in that man. When you sit down and prepare a game plan with a wrestler, you see the drive. Stand back, wrestling world. Payday’s comin’.

Just once more wanted to say thank you for letting a guy live his dream.

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