MPX 5-13-12 Champ vs. Champ

Last night was a very good showing from MPX. My mother and I kind of sat over in our corner. Her Mother’s Day present was getting to go to an independent wrestling event. Yep, that’s right. She’s just awesome like that. She’s also looking forward to getting her picture taken with Funaki. They introduced everybody and got right into the action.

First match: Dax Daring & Kanoa vs. Tad Wylde

This is my first time to see Daring & Kanoa. I don’t recognize their names from too many shows. Both came out with nice enthusiasm. They started it out with a comedy fight. Ben & Tadlock decided they wanted to do a chicken fight. These two seem to have really nice chemistry as a tag team. And I like how they’re giving them a slow build as a tag team. Tadlock showed some nice agility for his size. This match told a really good story. Kanoa got tired of Daring’s goofing off and left the apron. With Daring left only in the ring, Tad Wylde got the win.

Winner: Tad Wylde

This was a good introduction to the Tad Wylde tag team and Kanoa and Daring. Kenny Steele came out and cut a promo. It was really good. He’s got some really good facials. Then Jerome’s music hit. You can tell Jerome’s experience when it comes to promos. He does the little things so well. He has such depth in his promos. He’s an entirely different caliber over the other wrestlers when it comes to promo-cutting. Then Kenny did a beatdown on Jerome and the crowd went silent. Good segment.

Second match: James Hawke vs. WASP

Hawke is the least over wrestler in the company. The crowd has no reaction to him whatsoever. I think you could have heard the molecule of a pin drop. And then you had WASP. The thing about WASP is that he understands the crowd and listens to them. I think he does that better than anybody else. He understands his role and his main priority is to engage the crowd. The work was fine. It was just like pulling teeth to get any reaction from the crowd. And then Hawke won which absolutely nobody wanted in the crowd.

Winner: Hawke

He said, “Yeah, I’m still around.” Hawke’s opponents could sacrifice an entire litter of kittens and the crowd would still chant “One more time.” It looks like the heel turn has begun. Then the Following came out. I gotta say Carrion Arcane has the best ring presence ever. Since The Choice and Regrub lost, they were going to learn with a baptism by fire. So they brought out gasoline (which Kyle Valo broke the illusion by drinking it out of the container) and poured it on Choice’s & Rergub’s arms. Choice looked like somebody who didn’t want to get burnt and sold it really well. Regrub DID want to get burnt acted all excited. I’m not much of one for people getting burnt, but it came off well.

Third match: Jerome Daniels vs. Kenny Steele

Not sure if it is Kenny stepping up his work or if Jerome made him look like it, but Kenny looked good. He had lots of fire in coming to the ring and the beginning of the match. Kenny is very slowly becoming unhinged. He’s very slowly becoming more and more psychotic. There is some nice story-telling. Kenny did a DDT on the exposed concrete. Jerome must have had everybody he knew there live watching it. The crowd awoke for this match. The finish was one of the best finishes I’ve seen. Jerome had Kenny in the arm-breaker and Kenny struggled so well. It was really good drama. Kenny kept on looking like he was going to reach the ropes, but just before he did, it got too much for him and he tapped out.

Winner: Daniels

I thought this was really well-booked. Kenny didn’t look weak, and it got over Daniels’ arm-breaker. After the match, Kenny gave Jerome a beatdown and then Frankie came out to give him a little bit more. Kenny sat down at the table outside the ring (Kate’s table) and started drinking her water. Sometimes it’s the little things.

Fourth match: “Headbanger” Gregory James vs. The British Assassin w/Nigel Rabid

This is my first time to see the British Assassin. He’s huge so it brought a little variety to whatever quest Headbanger is on. Greg has really stepped his game up over the past few months. He did an awesome dive off the top rope. There was also a great moonsault. Greg has recently gone from being one of MPX’s best to one of Texas’ best. In a matter of time, I see him being one of THE best.

Winner: Headbanger

Good booking, good introduction to the British Assassin. Anything that gives me more Nigel Rabid is good. During the break, Jerome Daniels and Headbanger signed an autograph for my mother. That made her very happy. Also, WASP gave his wife some flowers for her anniversary. Very nice and let me say Happy Anniversary to you both.

After the intermission, Kody Kox introduced Scott Murdoch and Danny Saint and announced they were going to have a chop contest. The loser was the first person to say “I Quit.” I wish it’d had some more build-up because it just seemed kind of random. It was quite entertaining though. I am just really glad that my chest does not belong to either of those men. It was kind of like a schoolyard “Mercy” game. Murdoch was first to attack Saint and end it. I like the creativity of the build-up. This feud has lots of potential. My mother and I were talking about the guys she booed. She was supposed to boo Murdoch but liked him still.

Fifth match: Carrion Arcane w/The Following vs. Barrett Brown

I have had the chance to see these guys work before. They have such good chemistry even though they are vastly different wrestlers. I wrote down that it was a really good match. Both of these guys utilized their strengths so well. There were some good, innovative moves. Barrett is only getting better from this point. It was booked right and Arcane got the pin.

Winner: Arcane

Perhaps one of the best compliments I can give The Following is that my mother booed them. My mother does not do a lot of booing.

Sixth match: Dave Dunnings & Vanessa Valentine(c) vs. Asian Nation w/ Nigel Rabid

This was supposed to be Texas Red & Dunnings, but Red couldn’t be there so Valentine was his tag partner. James Johnson of the Asian Nation is growing this 14-year-old boy goatee that makes him look like Adam Morrison, most recently of the Washington Wizards. I think I’m going to call Dunnings my MVP of the night. He did most of the work in the match and took a lot of punishment. I gotta give Nigel props for channeling his British Howard Cosell. Vanessa tagged herself in and of course the Asian Nation put her in a submission hold and tapped out.

Winner (and new champions): Asian Nation

Main event: Frankie Fisher (c) vs. $Payday$ (c)

This is the best I have ever seen $Payday$ look. He was crisp and accurate with his moves.  He and Frankie did some pretty complex moves and they looked good. So kudos to Frankie for giving him whatever he needed. You had two styles here. You had $Payday$’s “flashy” vs. Frankie’s “brutal.” (And I mean the brutal part in a good way.) One of the moves that stood out to me was the suplex into a stunner. He rose a level tonight. This isn’t the Frankie of a year ago. This is a good Frankie who is less-winded and looks skinnier than we’ve ever seen him. Frankie had $Payday$ pinned and then pulled him up at the 2-count. Uh-oh. Nothing good ever comes with that. Jerome’s music hit and distracted Frankie, thereby solidifying $Payday$ with the win.

Winner: $Payday$

Great opportunity for $Payday$. He really brought it. After the night, they brought in the kids to dance. Cute and fun.

All in all… It was a really good night of wrestling. $Payday$ looked like a higher wrestler in caliber. Jerome and Kenny had a great match, probably top 3 of the year so far. I got to give my mother a lovely Mother’s Day present. Thank you.

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One Response to MPX 5-13-12 Champ vs. Champ

  1. Scott says:

    I know Kanoa personally as I have worked with him in the business for the last 5 years here in Illinois! That kid is great and is destined to be a Superstar on that next level! Sit back and enjoy the show! Take care of my friend down there! You haven’t seen anything yet!

    The Warden XCON Ortiz
    POWW ENTERTAINMENT/powwentertainment. Com

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