WSU-The Final Chapter

This is my first WSU DVD. I tried it out for its reputation, some of my favs (Athena & Sassy Stephie) and because I love to give shots to women’s wrestling companies out there.

Athena vs. Niya

Athena in my opinion is one of the best women’s wrestlers out there.  Niya has great enthusiasm and energy. I don’t think this crowd could have been any deader. They started out with some really good chain wrestling. It was a great opener. They told the story that they were both equal. Ignoring the fact I’m a total Athena mark, this was a really good match. I’ve seen her have some high-flying matches and this was anything but that. It’s nice seeing a wrestler who can have more than one match. There was some really cool innovation from both. Niya won the match, and Athena lost because she was jaw-jacking with the referee. Well-booked.

Jennifer Cruz & Monique vs. Boston Shore

They had a nice dynamic of glitzy and glamorous Monique and humble and quiet Cruz. I liked the Boston Shore gimmick. I think I cracked a tiny smile. Cruz is a little spitfire. I’m not sure what didn’t click about this match. This crowd made Edward Cullen look alive. I think the ladies went about their match and didn’t try engaging the crowd at all. It was like they were doing a one-man show rather than a stand-up act. The crowd wasn’t in it and they kept on about their match. The work of the match was fine. It just was missing a crowd.

“Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee vs. Latasha vs. Tina San Antonio

Amy finally got the crowd to wake up. I like Latasha. She’s a little spitfire. The match was fine. Each of these three played up to their strengths. Amy did her power moves and the other two sold. I still haven’t figured out how the crowd woke up for THIS match. This is my first San Antonio match. I liked her and her work.

Allison Kay vs. Jamilia Craft

I love Kay. She is one of my favorites out there in the wrestling world. She is quite possibly one of the best heels in the business. She has a certain fluidity and smoothness to her work.  I liked Craft’s work too. I’m very biased for Kay so it’s a little hard for me. This match was way too short. I think I’m beginning to realize I need more Kay in my wrestling-watching life.

Cindy Rogers vs. Jana vs. Marti Belle

I like Rogers from her early work in Shimmer. She was really cute. I love me some Marti Belle too. This was a nice match. Best I can figure out, with these 3-Way-Dances, they were building up to a 3-Way-Dance for tag teams. Marti made Cindy tap out. They had a nice build-up for the tag match in the future.

Rick Catalado & Brittney Savage vs. Alicia & Sassy Stephanie

I could live without the gay element. I think it sets wrestling back 20 years. I also love Sassy Stephanie and she’s the reason I got this DVD. The crowd was into this match. I liked the work and the make-up of the dynamics. Stephanie & Alicia both did a LOT of selling in this match. I have to give credit to Savage & Catalado for keeping the fans engaged. It told some great stories. It was a good match, probably my favorite match so far.

Jessicka Havoc vs. Nikki Roxx

Havoc is in my opinion one of the best, and with respect to Sara del Rey, is perhaps the best. Plus, I love the Resident Evil logos everywhere. These two were brutal. In a good way. My first Shimmer DVD was Vol. 1 with a beautiful athletic match from Tiana Ringer and Shantelle Taylor. This was not that match. This match was under Uncensored rules. Havoc may put her opponents through a lot of punishment, but she sure can take it too. I just told my wife, “Look at her chest.” And it wasn’t for the size. Maybe it was the lighting but Roxx’s chest was as red as it could be. This was a wild brawl through the crowd. This was a good match. I liked the drama and the nastiness. I wanted more of the match. I couldn’t say that for many of the matches so far.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Angel Orsini

This match had a big-match feel. This is what you want in a show, so it’s nice with the build-up. This was not pretty. This was brutal and nasty and extreme. Two women left everything on the line. Orsini kept the crowd engaged. There wasn’t a lot to say about this match. It transcended words. It was about the emotion and fight between two women who wanted to win more than the other one. Adding words cheapens it. I had a few “Holy s***” moments, one from each other wrestler at least. Mercedes won. There was so much emotion you could feel.

All in all… Well, I got what I paid for. I got a good Sassy Stephanie match, a really good Havok-Roxx match and a great Martinez-Orsini match. The tag team build-up really didn’t do it for me. And the crowd apparently thought they were at a Bigfoot Convention because it took them a while to wake up. But I would say this made me satisfied for my night of women’s wrestling.

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