Absolute Intense Wrestling-Girls Night Out 6

This is perhaps one of the most emotional shows I have been a part of.  I was there in spirit and support for the makers up to the show and am part of the crowd now in the world of social media. AIW really made an effort to bring about the best card possible. And I dare say that this card stacks up against any WSU or SHIMMER card for quality of wrestling.

Bonus match: Ethan Page vs. Eric Ryan

I really like the build-up they are doing with Eric Ryan. I think he is very quickly coming into his own. Page has a nice size. I see him going very far. I was definitely blown away by Page. Eric Ryan is right now in the push of his life. I hope he rides the wave as long as he can. I see great things for Ryan if he capitalizes on the most of every opportunity. It’s time to give him the ball to see how far he can run.

I really liked the montage of all the female wrestlers. Why is the Chad just standing in the back with no t-shirt? Veda may not be the tallest, but she has plenty of personality to go around.

Matt Wadsworth, the president of AIW, brought it with his promo. You could tell there was a lot of emotion there.

1. Miss Heidi vs. K.C.

I’m going to call KC the female Kofi Kingston. She is everything right in the world. Miss Heidi had a little different of an edge for her tonight. She is coming into her own as a heel. Props to KC for the selling. It’s interesting to see how far has KC has come in the last few Girls Night Out events.

2. Gabriella Vanderpool vs. Leva Bates

Leva Bates came out in the Star Trek: The Next Generation uniform holding a Tribble. If that is not love at first sight, your definition of love needs a tune-up. Being the Trekker that I am, I did have a slight problem with the combination of the two as Tribbles were never featured on the Next Generation. Sorry. Three things I take seriously in life: baseball, wrestling & Star Trek. She gave a shoutout to the two guys who paid for her to be there. Gabriella was not there so she did Star Trek trivia, hence the Tribble. Sensing the agony of every fan in the arena (except for me), Hailey Hatred interrupted and was going to be her opponent. They wrestled a good big woman-little woman match (Hailey, please don’t kill me for calling you a big woman.) and utilized their strengths very well. The work was not quite as fluid, but it looked like a lot of this match was planned on the fly. Leva covered for her botch pretty well. At the end of the day, it was still a really good match. Now all I have to do is figure out how to be independently wealthy enough to get Athena to AIW.

3. Melanie Cruise vs. Taylor Made

When this is your third match on an all-women’s card, it is quite stacked. Taylor Made is quite pleasing to the eyes but also is really good in the ring. Cruise is such a good athlete and a great veteran of women’s wrestling. And now Cruise is becoming one of my favorite heels. I want her to wrestle Jessicka Havok. Really good match and I rose in my fandom level for both.

4. Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Trash Cassidy

Of course Ms. Dobson has proven she is the most hardcore of hardcore wrestlers-getting engaged to Mad Man Pondo. I can only imagine that the aisle she walks down will be laced with shards of glass and be required to walk barefoot. But seriously, I would like to congratulate both of them on their engagement and eventual marriage. Pondo is one of my favorite hardcore wrestlers so I wish the two of them nothing but happiness. Pondo came out and spoke from the heart. And he announced that the match would be a death match. I generally try not to comment on death match matches out of respect for the violence they inflict on each other. It was pretty awesome. If you like death matches, this was for you.

5. Sassy Steph vs. Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is my number one favorite. Steph is number two. I would officially call it a dream match. The Chad was at least now wearing a wifebeater. Cherry looked enthusiastic and happy to be there. Steph looked the opposite. Wasn’t there some build-up to this fight? Didn’t Flexor Industries call the border on Cherry Bomb? At first, it seemed like she was shiny happy Cherry a little too much. Of course, when the bell hit, she was totally different. And then there was the b****-slap from Cherry. The match was very excellent. I don’t do this very often, but I think I might go back and re-watch this match.

6. Annie Social vs. Taeler Hendrix

This was my first match from Social and first DVD match from Hendrix. I follow her on Facebook and am becoming quite a fan. She has the beauty of a Knockout/Diva with the wrestling ability of a SHIMMER girl. It’s almost not fair. The match was pretty good. The fans were chanting, “Let’s go boobies.” Both ladies were quite gifted so I understand why the fans were hoping for some boob-poppage. But seconds into the match, the fans were already focused on what was attached to the boobs. For both, I felt they really brought it and gave me a nice taste of their wrestling abilities.

7. Kimber Lee vs. Jennifer Blake

I’m quite the fan of both. I liked Lee at the last Girls Night Out event and think she had the fight of the night. The first place I ever saw Blake was AAA feuding with the Apache sisters. They started out with good momentum and good exchanges. This didn’t have the flashiness. This was rough, hard-hitting and intense. Blake put her through A LOT of punishment. Really good match and I would tell any wrestlers wanting to know how to be a heel to watch this match.

8. Veda Scott vs. Sara del Rey

Wow, what can you say? Perhaps women’s wrestling’s hottest new commodity taking on one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time. Both of these wrestlers do the little things so well. Scott struggled with the curtains on her way out. It was funny. And then when Sara puts you in an armbar, she looks like she is pulling your arm out of socket and twists your arms ways it’s not supposed to go. Veda looked really good against her. Sara made her tap out. It takes great skill to submit somebody and then still put them over. Really good match. Probably best I’ve ever seen Veda look.

9. Hailey Hatred vs. Jenny Rose

This is my first Jenny Rose match. Again, I would like to never be hit by Hailey Hatred. They started out with some killer forearms. Like, Sheamus would have stopped them and said, “Lassies, that’s too hard.” If the only matches you have ever witnessed with women involve WWE Divas, you have never experienced life. There is a whole world of women who give everything and leave it all on the line. They needed to have a maintenance man come through the ring sweeping for body parts. What a match. I think this is legit one of the best matches AIW put forth this year, regardless of gender.

10. Allysin Kay vs. Mia Yim

The intensity at the beginning of this match made this match. This isn’t Kelly Kelly-Bella Twin #1. This was real, intense, emotional. Macho Man during his color commentary days always used to talk about the staredown. If staredowns were everything, this would have been match of the decade. Allysin is called AK-47. I can see why. She is a stone-cold (no pun intended), heartless killer. There was a total “Holy s***” moment when Kay pulled out a machete. Somewhere Mr. Pogo just smiled. Mia did a corkscrew moonsault type thing off the top rope. Flexor Industries came out and interfered. Allysin Kay did not want the win that way. Interesting face turn. How does a crowd boo the woman who broke her nose anyway?

All in all… I’m enjoying watching KC mature in her wrestling. Leva Bates is adorable plus a great worker. And Hailey Hatred not only had a good match with Bates, but gave the match of the night later with Rose. She wins my MVP of the night. We got a freakin’ hardcore match out of the night. Steph-Cherry was good and worth re-watching. Hendrix-Social was a good introduction for me to both wrestlers. Jennifer Blake was killer. Veda looked better than I’ve ever seen her before. Hailey and Jenny had one of the best matches I’ve seen this year, male or female, AIW or beyond. And Mia-Allysin delivered everything they were supposed to. This is by far my favorite Girls Night Out event and the best show I have seen from AIW in 2012.

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