Bushido: Code of the Warrior

For those who are new to my writing, when I do a DVD review, I don’t do any kind of play by play or anything. This is just my stream-of-consciousness observations.

AR Fox vs. Masato Yoshino

Holy crap, Fox has abs like an MMA fighter. This fight was two athletic guys just working in the ring with each other. The innovation, the craziness. There is stuff you don’t see at your local VFW. Not that Yoshino wasn’t at the top of his game, but I think I said Wow audibly 5 times and they were all over Fox’s moves. This was beautiful, graceful and flawless.

PAC vs. Brodie Lee

Lee is such a building with hair. But he has the agility. He dwarfes PAC and PAC is not a little guy. Lee did a suicide dive and I’m pretty sure the guardrail considered it a homicide dive. I would also like to never be chopped by Lee. I was a little disappointed because PAC is one of my favorites (if not favorite male wrestler) and wasn’t getting much offense. But then PAC started doing his thing. I dare call this a great match. I don’t use that word often, but it was a great match.

Rich Swann vs. Akira Tozawa

I could not believe this. Swann came out rapping. Tozawa interrupted him and cut a GREAT heel promo IN ENGLISH. And then there was wrestling. It was first-rate. This is my first DVD match with Swann and it was off the hook. Another really good match. I yelled “Holy-” and I had to stop myself because my daughter was in the next room. This match exuded excellence.

BxB Hulk vs. Johnny Gargano

By this point, what can you say? You have one of the states’ best going up against one of Japan’s best. Hulk had a RED chest. Both were excellent in this match. I think Johnny has some of the best kicks in the business. This match was tough to put into words because all I wanted to do was stand up and applaud. Usually, when my wife sits down while I’m watching indy wrestling, she usually very coyly asks me what we are going to be watching (as in, not what I’m watching). She did not for this match.

Pinkie Sanchez vs. Sabu

I had a total mark-out moment. It was like I was 16, watching Hardcore Heaven all over again. It had everything. It had a table, chairs, plunder, everything you’d expect from Sabu. The highlight of the DVD for me happened when my daughter (nearly 3 years old) sat down in the couch in the living room and decided to watch. Thankfully, she has the attention span of a fruitfly. But while she was sitting down, I asked her if she could say “Sabu” and she said it nearly perfectly. She knows Zack Ryder’s “Woo woo woo,” and she knows who A.J. Styles is from the time Daddy got his picture taken with him. (She always says, “Daddy. A.J.”) But it’s the first time I got her to say a wrestler’s name while watching wrestling. Before CPS is called, she did not sit around long enough to witness much of the match.

Chuck Taylor vs. Yamato

When I look at Chuck Taylor, the first thing that comes to mind is his quickness. He is so light on his feet and so quick. Intricate is another word that comes to mind when I watch him. Those were some vicious chops. Taylor’s chest was red. Yamato was so unrelenting. Every move he did looked like he killed him. (Some of that would be on Taylor.) I knew how this match ended and I still was thinking that Taylor would win. I cannot give a word to describe this match because such words do not exist in the English language. This match might have made it into my top 16.

Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon vs. Ricochet & CIMA

Ricochet is one of those guys who blow my mind. He does things human beings should not do. Sami Callihan has to be the most versatile wrestler. I do not see Cannon ever getting the recognition with WWE, but if TNA ever sets their eyes on him, it might be a totally different story. I can see him and Samoa Joe having a nice feud. It ended with a 630 Splash?!?! The one word I kept repeating my head was “excellent.”

Bonus match: The Scene vs. Uhaa Nation & BJ Whitmer

This is unbelievably my first Konley match and first for Reed. When BJ Whitmer is the smallest guy in your match, you’re not doing too bad. I can’t say enough how much I like the BJ Whitmer career revival. He has such a smooth fluidity. Even Uhaa’s tags sound like they hurt. It was a pretty good match. It served to build-up the BJ Whitmer-Brodie Lee feud and teased Brodie-Uhaa.

All in all… This started as a bonus DVD when I ordered something from http://www.highspots.com. Every match here was good or better. Some matches were excellent. The word I kept repeating in my head was “excellent.” This entire DVD was the best wrestling. I dare say top to bottom, this is the best in-ring work I have ever seen on an entire show.

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