WSU 4th Anniversary Show

Here is one of the best shows I have had the chance to witness from a women’s wrestling company. I got it to watch a few of my favs and really witnessed a great show.

Athena vs. Leva Bates

I’ve said enough times that Athena is one of my favorites. Leva came out as Iron Man. Awesome. In the two matches I’ve seen, she came out in a Star Trek uniform and Iron Man costume. If I were not married, I’d be head over heels in love. She engaged the crowd at the beginning of the match. Athena has such great athleticism. Even male wrestlers down here in Texas look to her to follow her agility. The announcers spent the first part of the match talking about Booker T. I was impressed by Athena powering out of the crucifix. Athena sure can kick. Leva is a great seller. Athena is devastating. There was a tilt-a-whirl that went into a reverse DDT. Holy s***. Not only is Leva ridiculously geeky cute, she is a great wrestler who can dish it in addition to taking it. It was a good match with the both.

Naya vs. Nikki Roxx

I like me some Naya. I was also impressed by the last Roxx match I saw. Remind me never to get in the ring with Nikki. Nikki (wo)man-handled Naya. I think a power-based female wrestler is interesting. I couldn’t decide if Naya botched or what. Nikki did what I think is quite possibly the most devastating finishing maneuver I have ever seen a woman do to another. It was a nice match and it got over Nikki.

Jennifer Cruz vs. Jamilia Craft

I like Cruz. She’s a little spitfire. I also like Craft’s look and mask. Cruz is a very intelligent wrestler who does a lot of little things right. Her offense looks like it hurts. I liken her to ECW Taz. I did not see this coming, but Craft got the win.

Alicia vs. Jazz

I’ve watched Jazz for about 10 years so nothing but love for her since I was a little mark getting her autograph at intermission telling her I loved her ECW stuff. I like Alicia. I think she’s a good face of the company, a woman of the people. Alicia is over with the crowd. It was a really nice match. The crowd applauded and cheered both. They had a nice microphone exchange. I could have used more of the match, but Alicia had another match.

Allysin Kay vs. Kristen Astara

So Astara was focused yet engaged the crowd by getting them on her side. Kay got thrown by her hair. Allysin Kay does not get thrown by her hair. Kay is such a good heel and stays on her opponent. She is so unrelenting. She also does the little things well. Why is Astara going after the back of the knee? Allysin ends up grabbing her knee and getting sympathy. At least, she does from me. Astara got the win. My heart hurt a little.

Boston Shore vs. April Hunter & Nikki Roxx

I’m a red-blooded male so of course I know who April Hunter is. And we got Nikki again. I can’t complain about that. We started out with a posedown. Good comedy and entertainment. And then the actual match was great. Boston Shore is a pretty decent tag team that understands how to generate heel heat. This was a really good match, probably my favorite on this disc.

Barbie vs. Kellie Skater

Barbie is quite the vicious wrestler. Skater did a lot of really nice selling. The crowd seemed to be a little engaged to this match. There were some nice forearms from both and Skater had good elbows. Barbie played the role of bully really nicely. There was a protein shake thing she apparently does for all her matches akin to Popeye and his spinach. While not the most logical thing, still it was entertaining and wasn’t an automatic pin.

Jessicka Havok vs. Rain

I don’t know a hotter woman I live in fear of than Havok. Funny story: My daughter (nearly 3) walked in while Rain was bulldogging Havok. She told them to stop it. This was nice and intense. They told a story of teacher vs. student. Havok kept on doing everything possible she knew and Rain kept on surviving. Wrestling Jessicka Havok is NOT on my bucket list. It was a good, important match in Havok’s career.

Marti Belle & Jazz vs. Amy Lee & Cindy Rogers vs. Soul Sisters

Every once in a while, you have a match that changes your perception of how you see wrestling. To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of these from women’s wrestling. I remember when Lita and Victoria had a hardcore match at Survivor Series. I remember Molly Holly getting her head shaved at Wrestlemania XX. I remember the first SHIMMER match I saw. And I think a new match got added.

There are so many things to talk about here. I remember in SHIMMER Vol. 1, there was a little, cute wrestler by the name of Cindy Rogers. This is not that same Cindy Rogers. She found a way to reinvent herself. If you had told me that little, cute Cindy Rogers would someday be a bad-a** biker chick AND pull it off, I would have laughed at you. Amy Lee has such a larger than life persona. She is very entertaining and is perfect for that audience. Marti Belle is so gorgeous and breath-taking. I still haven’t figured out why she’s not working for WWE or TNA. Originally supposed to be Tina San Antonio, she was replaced by Jazz. I’d say that’s a pretty good substitute.

Now the match itself. This was a wild crazy brawl. There were no side headlocks. This was brutal, unadulterated violence. Amy asked where all her weapons were. If Amy Lee asks you where her weapons are, you find her weapons or you find something she can use as a weapon. This was not what you’d find on Raw. I wrote down that Marti took a cookie sheet from Amy Lee. Kelly Kelly probably cannot even spell “cookie sheet.” All 6 women gave of themselves in every possible way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen violence like that from women. Every part of this match was awesomeness. I put this in top 5 of women’s matches I have seen. I gained respect for each of these women as athletes.

Brittney Savage vs. Sassy Stephanie

Who would not want to watch this match, especially being the 13-year-old fangirl I am regarding Stephanie? I’m not entirely sure Stephanie does her best work as a face. While she’s great at it, she’s a natural heel. Stephie won the chop contest. Savage has some really good facials. After a ref bump, Rick Cataldo came out (no pun intended) and Ivory stopped him from interfering. Stephie got to celebrate with Ivory. What an awesome moment. This reminded me of the Survivor Series where Punk won the belt and Howard Finkel announced him as champion in Madison Square Garden.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Serena

I missed the Straight Edge Society with Serena so this is my first post-WWE introduction to her. This had the unfortunate short straw of following some really great matches. So what you do is give the crowd a really solid good match. You’re not going to top a 6-woman hardcore match. It was a very good strong main event.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Alicia

This was a really nice good match. Then the lights went out and Jessicka Havok appeared in the ring attacking Alicia with the belt and  thus causing a dq. Great angle.

All in all… Out of the two shows I’ve seen from WSU, this is probably my favorite. Very good work. Well worth a purchase.

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