AIW-Straight Outta Compton

We begin the night with their storyline montage. Potato wants to be a referee again. Jock Samson wants to wrestle for World Class. These promo montages are crucial for character development.

1. Sex Bob-bombs vs. Submission Squad

I had the chance to interview Davey Vega of the Sex Bob-bombs. I just want to say again he’s a total class act. Squad really are good heels. Forgive me for beating a dead horse, but these 4 guys are so innovative. Both tag teams are great fits for AIW. They can do that in-your-face extreme style very well. If Anarchy ever decided to invade AIW, it would be a feud for the ages. This was an excellent match.

2. Jock Samson vs. The Duke

So the more I see Samson, the more I really like his character. And the Duke is great at what he does. Duke did a lot of really great selling in this match. I was impressed by the Samson dropkick. When he does it, it means something. Something tells me Samson is a lot better athlete than his character shows. Then the Submission Squad and Gary Jay came out and started attacking Duke. Interesting. Why did this happen? Then Da Latin Crime Syndicate came out and then started going after the four in the ring. Did we have a DLCS face turn?

3. Facade vs. Colin Delaney

Love the new gimmick for Delaney. And I’m a huge Facade fan. They worked together and had some nice exchanges. Colin is a really good heel. And Facade spray-painted Delaney’s “WWE Superstar” sign so s*** got real. When they fought to the back, AIW did their patented “3rd guy joins that match” with Marion Fontaine. Wow. There were some pretty awesome spots that have to be seen. This was a really good match.

4. Rickey Shane Page vs. Drake Younger

John Thorne was supposed to pick Rickey’s opponent. Note to self: Do not let John Thorne pick my opponent. They wrestled a really good match without any kind of plunder. But you can’t have Younger without some plunder. Rickey went through a lot of punishment. Then Younger took his share of hell. They got a “This is awesome” chant, well-deserved, in my opinion. Younger won. What a great match. Props also go to Dave “The Potato” Dawson for reffing this match. Counting on broken glass is not fun. Drake took the mic and put over Rickey.

5. Alex Colon vs. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Gary Jay vs. Eric Ryan

Dunkerton is a great face. This is my first non-Youtube match for Colon. Props to Colon for coming in on short notice to fill in for ACH who filled in for Uhaa Nation. The Ryan-Jay stuff was great. Colon is so quick. I think I did a Tex Avery double-take. The match took a break so Sugar could go to the back and get his phone and hook it up to a boombox. And they had a dance off? I got to watch Eric Ryan do a worm. I can never unsee that. Dunkerton got legitimately injured during this match. All four really gave all; it was an excellent match. Eric Ryan cut a nice promo after the match.

6. John Thorne vs. Hailey Hatred

(Hailey) Hatred is always welcome on my screen. I don’t know who hits hardest in wrestling, but I’m not going to tell Hailey it’s not her. Not to be out-done by Drake Younger, Thorne took a spike to her head. This match has never heard of a side headlock. This was a wild brutal brawl. She went up a level in my book. Thorne took a barb wire 2×4 shot to the groin. This match tore down the house, I think quite literally.

7. Youthanazia vs. Irish Airbone

What else can you expect? This match was high-flying, intense and everything you’d expect it to be. By this time, I was pretty worn out and tired. Prohibition has this sadistic smile with every move he does. All 4 really had a good match.

8. AR Fox vs. ACH

I am now calling this The Battle of the Black Men With Chiseled Abs. Words cannot describe how great this match was. What I will say is this: If you have ever complained how awful WWE is, go watch this match. You may re-discover your love for wrestling. This match is why indy wrestling exists.

9. Chest Flexor, The Chad & Bobby Beverly vs. Tim Donst, BJ Whitmer & Johnny Gargano

Chest Flexor’s outfit had to be seen to be believed. This was just pure violence. Added to my bucket list is Tim Donst doing a plancha off my car. What’s funny is that this match had some great wrestling in it. But it was also insanely violent. Great brawl.

All in all… Great show. Most every match on this card could have been a main event anywhere else. ACH-AR Fox is a strong contender for match of the year. Thorne-Hatred and Flexor-AIW were great brawls. Top to bottom, great show.

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