IWC-Mountain State Madness II

For those who have never experienced one of my reviews, I kind of do a stream-of-consciousness of my experience watching it. I’m sure there are many fine play-by-play recaps. This is not one of them. I am a guy who loves watching indy wrestling and gives my thoughts about it when I’m watching it. Without further adieu, here are my thoughts regarding IWC Mountain City Madness II.

Super Hentai vs. Matt Justice

Wow. So a guy who trained in Hayabusa, Japan is wrestling in West Virginia. Not really sure I buy it. Especially when I googled Hayabusa, Japan and discovered there is not a city named Hayabusa, Japan. Why not be from Tokyo? Why not be introduced as from wherever he is and then let it be where he trained as part of his gimmick. Surely not that many people know who Hayabusa is to be impressed with that. And who introduces themselves as having trained somewhere anyway? Now that I trashed his presentation of his gimmick, he did have a nice mask and good enthusiasm. Justice has a nice size. Hentai cut a promo. I couldn’t understand everything he said but according to my wife, I’m mostly deaf and never pay attention. You can see why WWE signed Justice. He has a great size but he can move too. He reminds me a lot of Brian Lee.  Best I can figure out, the crowd was in a collective coma. I don’t know if it’s the layout of the match, but neither guy did a lot to try and engage the crowd. The ring work wasn’t perfect, but there was some nice drama. The only problem is that there was no crowd for it.

John McChesney vs. Aiden Veil

They did a promo angle before this match. I heard it better which is rare. I’ve seen Veil before, and he’s a pretty decent babyface. His looks remind me of a Young Buck. I liked the plancha onto the floor. He had good hang time. McChesney is a nice heel with some pretty d***-ish moves. I liked the story to this match. The ending was extremely predictable, but it was nicely told.

Rickey Shane Page vs. Dalton Castle

Castle is quite flamboyant. He is also over with this crowd. I think Rickey is a lot better as a babyface. He did play straight man with some of Castle’s comedy. Seemed like this match went on a little too long. The thing about Rickey is that he knows how to save his flashy moves. The crowd must have been under somebody’s evil spell during the match because once it was over, they were all excited and elated.

The One-Nighters vs. Blue Collar Slaughterhouse

This was pretty standard fare as tag matches go. You had the country guys taking on the city guys. These matches are pretty common in Texas. You had the pretty finesse of Beverly and Valentino. You had the power and strength of the Slaughterhouse. Even though the teams come from different backgrounds and have different styles, they told a story that they were still even. And then there some screwjob backfiring booking and there was a title change. But then the referee saw the chain and reversed the match. Wow, a Dusty finish. This took away from what was my favorite match on the card so far.

Will Calrissian vs. Tyler Stone

Really? Calrissian? There’s a difference between flamboyant and ridiculous. I did love the pink fanny pack though. I popped for that. Stone reminded me a lot of an MMA fighter. When the match started Calrissian was totally different. He was really good in the ring. As much as I hate to admit this, I think it’s probably the best match yet. Very well done.

Sassy Stephanie vs. Marti Belle

A matter of full disclosure: I’m a huge Sassy Stephanie fan and can in no way pretend to be unbiased. Remember when you were in high school and you were a sophomore/freshman and you were supposed to be attracted to the good girls (The Alicias, the Marti Belles, the Kimber Lees of the wrestling world). But there was that one girl. She was always a senior, probably failed a few times too. And even though she was a bid girl, you still drooled every time at the sight of her. Yeah, that’s Stephanie. Stephie is a great heel, understands the crowd knows her role, no pun intended. Belle is very engaging with the crowd, soliciting their cheers, keeping them involved.  Very good match, but then either lady could wrestle a mop and I’d be happy. Since this was the reason I got this DVD, I was quite pleased.

They did an angle. I am really tired of wrestlers calling two guys that wrestle together boyfriends to insult them. Get better.

Chest Flexor vs. Super Oprah

I had no idea what was going on during this match. I think there were more people involved ringside than there were in the crowd. I’m not the biggest Super Oprah fan as I really think it sets wrestling back 20 years. The match itself was actually really fun. It was short and everything it needed to be.

Jimmy DeMarco & Jason Gory vs. Facade & Logan Shulo

Shulo looks like he belongs in a Harlequin romance novel or a Shakespeare model. This was a wild crowd brawl. This match didn’t translate really well to DVD. But nevertheless, it was a wild and crazy brawl. To me, this match put this over the recommendation on whether to get it or not.

All in all… This was my first experience with IWC. I really like a lot of things they did here. Of course I loved watching Sassy Stephanie vs. Marti Belle. This event didn’t blow me away, but Castle & Calrissian entertained me. And the main event was pretty wild. I’d say if you’re a fan of Facade, Rickey Shane Page, Sassy Stephanie or Marti Belle, you might want to try it.

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