WSU 3rd Anniversary

We begin with a Sassy Stephanie promo. Automatically, this is the greatest DVD ever. (Maybe I’m a little biased for her.) Got So Cal Val as an added bonus. There are beautiful women. And then there’s Val. That woman deserves her own category.

Sassy Stephie vs. Angelina Love

It’s funny how Stephanie is a natural heel but she plays the heel role really well. Love needs to eat. I loved somebody’s cell phone going off during the match. This was a really good match. This was the opener. Nobody told these two women it was the opener. This could have been a main event anywhere. But this was the opener. The work was very good here.

Boston Shore vs. Belle Saints

We began with Amber-SanAntonio. I was impressed with Tina’s work and the other ladies’ work as well. Marti looked really skinny right here, like a little too skinny. I would say she’s filled into her body a little better now. The Shore are good heels. The match was short. It was fine though.

Rick Cataldo vs. Alere Little Feather

So Cal Val was not impressed with Cataldo. I hate the Cataldo character. I think this is my first Alere match. It wasn’t much of a match. She came back in, chopped him a few times and then pinned him. She took the mic and said something. And then Cindy Rogers attacked her.

Cindy Rogers vs. Alere Little Feather

This was a pretty good match. You had two friends who knew each other well and you can tell had good chemistry together. An amazing story was told of Cindy reaching her breaking point. This was a pretty good subtle heel turn. If you like good technical wrestling, this was your match. Honestly, this was the sleeper match of the night for me.

Dawn Marie had her notes written on her hand.

Jana vs. Luscious Latasha

I really liked this contest. Jana attacked Latasha while she was still outside. It was a submission match too. I really like submission matches and these ladies both seemed focused. Every submission hold match was an opportunity. I learned never to meet Jana in a back alley. I was surprised about how short this match was. For a match of its length, it was excellent.

Angel Orsini vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Amy Lee

I love Sumie. She’s got to be one of my all-time favorites. And then they were joined by Amy Lee? Amy went on an epic diatribe. She is legit one of the best on the mic, male or female. If you want to know how to interact with a crowd, watch an Amy Lee promo. I put her up there with Bully Ray/Bubba Ray Dudley. This was made a street fight. And they fought everywhere. I was really impressed as I have seen Sumie have the athletic, high-flying match. This was an entirely different match. Great stories told and you could see motivations everywhere. Splendid match.

Alicia (c) vs. Brittany Savage

This was a really intense brawl. I kinda expected how this match was going to end. The match went entirely too quickly. This was no technical masterpiece. This was a brawl between two women who hated each other. I also liked the contrast of everything right and good in Alicia (Sting)  vs. everything evil in Savage (Flair).

April Hunter vs. Traci Brooks

This match was another short match. But I guess this wasn’t about those two wrestling so much as them appearing. This definitely wasn’t phoned in. It just seemed like it served to set up an angle between Hunter/Brooks and Boston Shore. But the two were not the focus of the night and they let the main events take the spotlight.

Amber O’Neal vs. Jazz

No lie. I’m a huge Jazz fan, so bear with me on my marking out. But of course this was a good match. O’Neal was on SHIMMER Vol. 1. Like, THE first SHIMMER show. Jazz is a former WWE women’s champion. This match got the length it needed. I just sat back and watched them do what Terry Funk calls, “The Dance.” However this beautiful match was killed. The Sopranos had a better finish. The referee could see Jazz’ shoulders were down but couldn’t see O’Neal using the ropes as leverage. Not gonna lie. My intelligence is really insulted on that.

Mercedes Martines vs. Rain

Molly Holly was there, which was a happy bonus. This was another brawl into the crowd. I guess if you were ringside, you got your money’s worth. It makes sense that this match would have been so intense and violent after the buildup they’ve given it. This match cannot be cheapened with words. This was a brutal, insane Falls Count Everywhere Match. I put it up there as one of my favorites: Benoit-Sullivan, Donst-Pondo, Savage-Crush. Epic is certainly a word that fits.

All in all… A really excellent event from WSU. The main event was epic. Latasha-Jana, Rogers-Little Feather & Sassy-Angelina were all really good matches.  While not the best event I’ve seen from WSU, it  had star power, great wrestling & some good promos.

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