AIW Present: Absolution 7

via Alyssa Kay

In just a few short weeks, Absolute Intense Wrestling of Cleveland, Ohio, will be presenting their biggest show of the year: Absolution. 2012 marks the year of Absolution 7, a show that is bound to have dozens of shocking surprises. You’ll pay a low, low price of just $15 for a seat, but you’re only going to need the edge! This year the show will take place at Turner’s Hall – 7325 Guthrie Avenue in Cleveland – on Sunday, July 1. The bell time for the show will be 6:00 PM.

This year, AIW brings forth some of the best talent in the business to the card. Several debuts will be made, ready to shake Cleveland to its core. Take a look at some of the presently announced talent that is in store for the evening…

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Irish Airborne: Ring of Honor’s former tag team champions “Dem Boys” will make their AIW debut against the hard-hitting, high-flying Dave and Jake Crist. Replacing the Sex Bomb-ombs due to an injured Mat Fitchett, the Airborne weren’t the first to challenge the Briscoes, but the former AIW tag champs certainly have the skill, the strength, and the personality to go head-to-head with the Boys. However, the question remains: will it be enough? This brutal match is sure to make headlines in the world of independent professional wrestling and you will not want to miss it!

 Absolute Title Match Triple Threat, Eric Ryan (C) vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Tim Donst: The Absolute title was recently vacated due to a six-month lack of defenses from the former champion, Shiima Xion, leaving several members of the AIW roster hungry for gold. And now, the recently crowned new Absolute Champion Eric Ryan — after taking on the likes of the Batiri, Rickey Shane Page, ACH, and BJ Whitmer at the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament this past May – claims to be ready for triple-threat defense. Former champion with a year-long reign, Johnny Gargano won a shot at the title in March by winning the 30-man Gauntlet for the Gold after returning from injury. Tim Donst has also previous won a title shot back in the winter of 2011, and has yet to cash in. Donst, in particular, seems enraged at the fact that he hasn’t yet held the strap, while Gargano claims the need to take back what is his. Can Ryan successfully overcome not one, but two established competitors? The odds clearly aren’t in his favor, but after seeing what he was able to accomplish at the JLIT, there is no certainty. All the cards will be on the table for a match that is certain to steal the show.

ACH vs. Adam Cole: While ACH is slowly but surely making a name for himself not only in AIW, but in all independent professional wrestling, Adam Cole has established a name for himself in CZW and Ring of Honor, and has worked matches for PWG, DGUSA, and CHIKARA. Both men are supremely refined in various styles of wrestling from mat-based styles, to high-risk maneuvers and can adapt quickly and easily to overcome their opponents. In a sense, this can be a dream match for viewers as they watch what will undoubtedly be a show-stopper, full of technical prowess and flawless execution.

Bare Knuckle Brawl, Colin Delaney vs. Marion Fontiane: As proven during the JLIT, Marion Fontaine has really buckled down and improved his in-ring performance…though, seems now to employ a bit more of an interesting technique. From something along the lines of “1970’s Porn Star” to “1920’s Irish Boxer” the mustachioed wrestler continues to leave fans laughing as well as feeling impressed. Yet, one member of the AIW roster has been less than impressed: an irritated Colin Delaney took on Fontaine in a second-round battle at the JLIT and the results included a serious beat-down for Fontaine. The once fun-loving, “Extremely Cute Wrestler” has a bone to pick with the Lieutenant of the Liptickler, which he plans to bring up with his bare hands.

Texas Bullrope Match, Jock Samson vs The Duke: Could this be the final segment to the feud that’s existed between these two men since November of 2011 at Hell on Earth 7? These men have battled time and time again, having hardcore matches and even employing the Submission Squad (Samson) and Da Latin Cryme Syndicate (Duke) to side with them. As quoted by wrestling manager Dr. Colonel Nolan Angus, “Jock is like the old school big man brawlers. He’s quick with his insults and comebacks, and he delivers. Duke is a classic company babyface. Like a face Big Show. You know he’ll hurt somebody, but he’s your buddy, so you want to cheer him.” He couldn’t be more precise in his words. However, how will adding in a Texas Bullrope even the odds between the two men? While it seems to put Samson in favor, Duke shouldn’t, by any means, be counted out.

6-Pack Scramble, Archibald Peck vs. Drake Younger vs. Ethan Page vs. Davey Vega vs. Façade vs. (???) Mystery Opponent: Five fan favorites and a mystery opponent in one match should be enough to sell even the most skeptical of fans on this scramble! “The Leader of the Band” Archibald Peck hasn’t seemed to have a lot of success in AIW, and up against the likes of men such as Drake Younger and Ethan Page? The odds seem stacked against him once more. Page is a newcomer to AIW, but seems to impress all those he takes on, from the current Absolute Champion Eric Ryan to Willie Mack in the JLIT, but the Egomaniac may face his greatest challenge yet. Drake Younger, an AIW alum most recently returned as Rickey Shane Page’s opponent at Straight Outta Compton as selected by John Thorne in a “Pick Your Poison” match. Known as the “Golden Boy” and a death match wrestler, Younger will go to any lengths to win a match – be it through technical skill, barbed wire, or both. Davey Vega, one half of the Sex Bomb-ombs is on his own after his partner, Mat Fitchett was injured recently and will be missing 6-8 months of action. Originally scheduled to take on the Briscoe Brothers, Vega may be sour about his loss of opportunity. Will that drive him to fight harder than ever, or will he suffer another loss at the hands of his opponents? Michael “The Bomber” Façade has been known to bring the pain with a series of aerial assaults and high-risks that leave his opponents lying lifeless on the mat. And, who could the mystery opponent be? Another AIW original? A CHIKARA invader? A newcomer to the show? It’s presently impossible to say.

Lastly, there have been some other highlights to note, regarding Absolution 7.

  • Rickey Shane Page has challenged John Thorne to a Hardcore Match, but Thorne has yet to accept, and may not even be physically able to accept at this time after his most recent matches with Hailey Hatred and Mad Man Pondo. Will this match take place, or will RSP be left to seek another challenge?
  • Veda Scott has sent in a certified letter stating that she will be at Absolution, yet she has not released her reason why, and no is she speaking to anyone about her business there. It will be up to the fans to wait and see.
  • Veronica Ticklefeather of CHIKARA – the former majorette to Peck’s band, and now present “girlfriend” of “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti, has stated via Twitter (@Veronica_MM1) that she’s been thinking about AIW and that there’s “a good possibility that…” without continuing. Does that mean she plans to appear on the show?
  • There’s been some controversy via Twitter about some kind of company raid. A Twitter account known as @WakeUPAIW has been sending cryptic messages to various AIW wrestlers, staff, and regular fans with YouTube videos in Latin, with the numbers “7”, “1”, and “12”. They state they are coming soon, and that “the answer lies in the past”. Cars in the Turner’s Hall parking lot have been littered with fliers of their accounts after shows including Straight Outta Compton, Girls Night Out 6, and the JLIT. Most recently on the second night of the JLIT, masked men hopped the guard rail during a match, and littered the inside of the hall with fliers of contact information as well. Nothing further has been revealed, and AIW has stated that they aren’t sleeping. What does this mean for the company? Where will this take us? The only way to find out is to attend the show!

For any further questions and formation about Absolute Intense Wrestling, please visit For merchandise and online ticket sales, visit Spread the word. Don’t miss out on what will surely be the independent professional wrestling show of the year!

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