WSU JCup 2010

They began by introducing every competitor.

Tina San Antonio vs. Alicia

Tina did a mini-promo before her match. We had a handshake so we had two faces going against each other. There was some good chain wrestling mixed in with some rough spots. There was some nice story-telling while Alicia was in the submission hold. Alicia got a pin out of nowhere. The finish looked a little off.

Marti Belle vs. Brittney Savage

I’ve complained enough about Rick Cataldo, so no need to beat that dead horse. Marti looks so younger in these early appearances. She looks now like she’s developed into a true beauty. It’s really interesting to see how far she’s come. Marti sold and bumped like crazy. Brittney won a nice match. It was a little short but short matches made sense.

Jana vs. Jazz

Both got to cut nice promos. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know I used to watch Jazz and her husband Redd Dogg/Rodney Mack back before anybody knew they were anything. This is probably the best WSU crowd I’ve seen, but I think Jazz did a really good job of engaging them. This was probably the best match I’d seen so far because they told their story in the right amount of time.

Angel Orsini vs. Nikki Roxx

Nikki I’ve decided is one of the hardest-hitting wrestlers out there, male or female. This was no technical masterpiece. This was two women slugging it out, beating the s*** out of each other. These two fought like they wanted it. I don’t say that very often. They made me think they both wanted it and wanted it badly. Probably the best first round match.

Alicia vs. Brittney Savage

Of course these were two women that had faced each other many times before and were very familiar. This was a much better match between the two than their first round. This was a pretty nice match and both women worked well together. They relied on the story to carry their match.

Angel Orsini vs. Jazz

Two former ECW superstars going at it. All we needed was Lita and Dawn Marie. The crowd couldn’t have cared less about this match. That’s really too bad because you had two great female wrestlers really giving it all and even had a nice show of sportsmanship. Well-done by both ladies.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Amber O’Neal

Amber got involved with the crowd quite a bit. One of the things that Mercedes does best is the crescendo. She starts slow and then works her way faster in the tempo of the match. Amber plays her role of heel very well. Mercedes wanted to keep the intensity of the ring and Amber kept on wanting to slow down the pace. This was a very good story-centric match.

Alicia vs. Angel Orsini

These were two of the women who helped put this company on the map. It was just like sitting back and watch two women just do work. I thought I knew how this match was going to end. Turns out I didn’t. This was a really intense, story-driven match.

All in all… Not a bad tournament. I would have liked more match length. If you like any of the 8 in the tournament, I would recommend getting it. If you appreciate women’s wrestling, this should be worth your time and money.

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  1. Gail says:

    Great article. Really enjoyed reading about the matches and the wrestlers.

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