Double Edge Sword-Absolute Intense Wrestling

Louis Lyndon vs. Jason Gory vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Benny Boone vs. Facade

The highlight of this match was pausing this and my daughter not able to figure out what was going on. Boone had a lot of enthusiasm. Rinauro had a lot of arrogance. Gory & Facade started out killing each other. Gory has a lot of quickness and speed. Facade has some great innovation. Gory was really stiff, like I was wondering if Facade had pissed in his corn flakes. Rinauro was very stiff too. They did the whole “Everybody does planchas on each other” spot. Boone went through the second and third middle rope. He must not have been in the right match. It ended with Facade winning. While not perfect in work, it was a fun match with some good workers. Gory was the standout guy for me here.

Jefferson Saint vs. Hailey Hatred

So this is a man fighting for a women’s title. I HATE matches where men fight for women’s titles. Saint cut a blah promo that was just filler until somebody else showed up. It was Agent Aaron Bauer. Saint was already supposed to be in a title match. He wanted a title match, any title match. So he got Hailey Hatred. Well-done angle. I just hated the logic. Then the bell rang and Saint got killed by Hailey. I am beginning to love watching Hailey in the ring. If I’m looking at ring ability alone, I’d say she’s in my Fav 5. The work in this match was great. But there was a Dusty Finish.

Alpha Beta Duke vs. Homeless Handicap Connection vs. Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. Young Studs

I still think it’s entertaining watching Eric Ryan with hair. It’s a testament to how far he has transitioned in his character. ABD & DLCS are two of my guilty pleasures. Iron & Beverly looked great in their back and forth. They did the “everybody does planchas” spot again in this match. It was awesome getting to see Duke do the dive off the top rope. What made it seem less awesome was the earlier spot in the show. If somebody hadn’t done that then, Duke would have had a legitimate Holy s*** moment. It was a nice match with some cool moments.

Colt Cabana vs. Jimmy DeMarco

Colt was Colt. You could tell he was enjoying himself out there in front of the crowd.  DeMarco went out and enjoyed being the heel there. “DeMarco has asked if you do not have teeth, please do not boo or cheer in his general direction.” The match itself was good. The crowd was into it. I don’t think Colt Cabana has ever won a match. He’s never had to. He came in to put over DeMarco and did a great job doing so.

Johnny Gargano vs. Bryan Danielson

Dare I call this a dream match? Even my wife did not make me change the channel. Pedro DeLuca gave it a big match feel with his ring announcing. I think Gavin Loudspeaker is the best in the indies scene, but Pedro is really good too. I try not to use the word “great” very often. I also hate the stars system. But this was a great 5-star match. Danielson does the little things so well. And this was just two great wrestlers doing their thing. Danielson jaw-jacked with two kids on the front row. And then at one point Gargano tried to sunset flip him and Danielson attempted to show why his rear was “best in the world.” I can now say the only wrestler I have seen more of now is Ric Flair. It was really hard to focus on the match with his cheeks hanging out of his trunks. But looking at just the wrestling itself, this was as good as matches go.

All in all… This is by no means one of AIW’s best shows if you have never seen one of their shows. If you are a fan of AIW, you will like this. This is their style. If you like Bryan Danielson/Daniel Bryan (or want to see his a** cheeks) or Johnny Gargano, you will like this. This is not a good introduction to AIW. This is a good second or third DVD after you’ve become accustomed to them. Good action, good star power and a good snippet of what they can do.

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  1. Gail says:

    Really enjoyed the new edition of Ruff’s Ramblings. Good read.

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