MPX-Red, Hot and Blue 7-21-12

Well, they got the “Hot” part right. I waited through 107 degree heat sprinkled in with rain. Nobody can ever doubt my dedication to indy wrestling. However, MPX did a very classy thing and opened the doors-not on time, but early. Hell indeed has frozen over.

MPX is trying a new thing where they are having a “new talent initiative.” Somebody has their first match while the crowd is coming in. I like how MPX is bringing in newer talent. One of their strengths is their ability to create new original names. The first member of the NTI was JD Kros.

Dark match: JD Kros vs. Carrion Arcane w/Kyle Valo

Since it was Kros’ first ever match, he gets “First Match Immunity” from me. He came out with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. There were some smarks on the front row that Arcane did not take poop from. The crowd was kind of bi-polar and couldn’t have cared two poops about it. What I appreciated was Kyle Valo recognizing this and going after the crowd. Kros got killed and paid his dues.

Winner: Arcane

The actual show kicked off and I would like to dedicate this song to the first lady of MPX. We did the national anthem for once, which I feel always needs to be done. We were supposed to have $Payday$-Kenny, but Kenny went off somewhere with a belt. I don’t do well if it’s not closed-captioned so I have no idea what happened other than the match didn’t happen. Instead we got Matt Palmer. (You can’t go wrong with that replacement.)

First match: Matt Palmer vs. $Payday$

$Payday$ is so over with the kids. There wasn’t as much flashiness from both. $Payday$ concentrated on his story & to let the story be the focal point. Matt Palmer has got to be one of the best wrestlers on the indies scene today. He never forgets he’s in front of a live crowd. The finisher looked ridiculously sick, with Palmer doing what looked like a Hybrid stunner-DDT.

Winner: Palmer

I’m not exactly sure where the booking is taking us here. Palmer needs to look strong as a contender to Frankie’s belt. $Payday$ is still in one of the hottest feuds and should also be protected. But he looked pretty upset when he lost. Maybe it begins a new edgier $Payday$, and the experience of facing Palmer can’t hurt.

Arcane brought out The Following and had a surprise for them with The Following-former valet Claudia. I’m not sure what he expected the guys to do with her. But Danny Saint made the save. Out came Mike Dolenz who told Saint he was going to have a chance for the title.

Second match: The Lost Boys vs. Asian Nation w/Nigel Rabid

This was my first chance to see Ryder of the Lost Boys. This is right now one of my choices for Match of the Year. Asian Nation was ridiculously over as heels. Somebody in the crowd decided that Johnson of the Asian Nation was a Pokemon. This started a “Gotta catch ’em all” chant. And then he started trying to lower his straps and the crowd treated it like Icarus’ tattoo in Chikara. Nobody listens to the crowd quite like Johnson. He had them eating out of his hand. Plus, Li has the greatest strategy for being a heel. If the crowd had a lull, Li just made eye contact with a fan and started speaking in Chinese. The Lost Boys didn’t have to do a lot. They just sat back and let the Asian Nation do work. Not to say they didn’t do a really great job. They reminded me a lot of Submission Squad. This match had everything: comedy, athleticism, manic crowd. All 5 fired on all cylinders. This was tag team wrestling at its finest.

Winner: Asian Nation

Next Mike Foxx came out with Kanoa. Foxx came out and complained out how he was used before. My only complaint is that Foxx said he left the first time because he was with “Johnny-come-latelies” yet he didn’t say why he was with Kanoa, who is one of the most recent wrestlers to MPX. I know it is sacrilege to go against Foxx, but I think that was a wasted opportunity to tell us why Kanoa was different.

Third match: Mike Foxx & Kanoa vs. Jerome Daniels & WASP

They say that Chris Adams used to be the stepping stone to careers getting made around here. He was one of Stone Cold’s rite of passages and was one of Foxx’s as well. It’s interesting to see Foxx take over that role now. Foxx & Kanoa have good chemistry together. They are taking the role of veteran & rookie respectively. WASP & Jerome are usually bubbly, gregarious guys. They weren’t tonight. They were focused and serious. They were not shiny happy Cena. The match itself was good. They were following a really great tag match, so in a different place on the card, it might have been better. I love the sadistic Foxx smile. Nobody does that better. WASP did his signature “This is how I roll” move better and more smoothly than it’s ever happened before. I also like the Boston Crab drama with Foxx and WASP. The crowd really was in to the match. WASP & Jerome got plenty of chants from the crowd. Foxx did his finisher and then Kanoa got the pin.

Winner: Foxx & Kanoa

It looks like they are committed to turning Kanoa into a star. Foxx and Kanoa did a brutal beatdown on both WASP & Daniels. Security guards took it. Everybody but Kate took it and they sure threatened her. The most effective part was the fact they both were laughing at what they had just done. After everybody was cleared out, Kate got in the ring and smiled and continued the next match. She was a little too smiley on this one. You can still be energetic and somber at the same time.

Fourth match: Scott Murdoch vs. Sho Funaki

Murdoch sure has been on fire recently. Our friends the smarks decided to re-name him Mur-douche. Wow, clever. They went into the unpleasant depressive side during this match, I guess, trying to pop Funaki or something. Funaki did what he does best. Murdoch killed him, and Funaki sold like crazy. The goal here was to build Murdoch. Mission accomplished.

Winner: Murdoch

After the match, there was some nice sportsmanship. Did Scott Murdoch turn face? Then he said he wanted Foxx. Is Murdoch being built up for a title run?

After the intermission, Andy Dalton came out and explained why he had attacked Headbanger. Barrett Brown came out & had a few words. Then Haiden walked out wearing tights joining Dalton about how awful the GM-ing was. Then Headbanger walked out and said that since he and Barrett were a new tag team (When did this happen? This makes me happy.) , they would be able to face Dalton & Haiden.

Fifth match: “Headbanger” Gregory James & Barrett Brown vs. Andy Dalton & Kristopher Haiden

These four worked very well together. I liked the build-up to the match. Our friends the smarks decided they would chant “Sissy Krissy” at Haiden, which I thought was funny. Barrett & Greg were fast, quick & flashy. While Dalton stayed in there, Haiden stopped their momentum and made them wrestle his style match. At one point, we had a ref’s back turned and we had Clubberin’. I really liked Dalton in this heel role. Haiden got the pin.

Winner: Dalton & Haiden

Haiden said that he was tired of Dolenz’ ineptitude. He challenged him to a match, 4 guys against him, 4 guys for him, if Dolenz loses, Arcane takes over leadership.

Sixth match: 20-man Battle Royal

A Battle Royal is very difficult to put together. I loved that Funaki wanted to participate. I don’t think anybody would have blamed him had he not. I also couldn’t believe he got eliminated so quick. I think there should be a law that says Matt Palmer should perform in every Battle Royal. Shawn Michaels could learn something from his performance. Murdoch came off looking really strong as well. But this was Palmer’s.

Winner: Matt Palmer

Main event: Frankie Fisher (c) vs. Danny Saint

This match was plagued by a few problems. The only people who got involved with the match were the 4 smarks who felt it necessary to chant something they read Frankie say on Facebook. I think the crowd was remarkably resilient regarding the heat, but this match they were spent. I also think there was no chance Saint was going to win this match, and the crowd knew that. Maybe there weren’t enough near-falls where we believed it. Maybe when Saint was granted this match, he could have cut a mini promo about what this moment meant. The work was fine; I just think the crowd was tired.

Winner: Fisher

However this match did get over Frankie as a legitimate champion.

All in all… I’m not going to complain about the heat, because after nearly two years of going I shouldn’t be surprised. A lot of stories were furthered. The crowd was bi-polar at times, but was into it for most of the night. I think it’s sad that my local indy has a better tag team division than the WWE. I’m looking forward to Palmer-Frankie.  (Of course Palmer could slaughter a species of kittens and I’d chant “One more time.”) I’m liking the Murdoch build. And I think we might be on to something with Foxx & Kanoa as a force.

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