AIW Girls Night Out 7

We began with the promo montage. I really like that they do this.

Athena vs. Sassy Stephie

Originally this was supposed to be Athena-Cherry Bomb which is one of my legitimate dream matches. But apparently Cherry Bomb did the proverbial job to the border patrol so I will have to wait. And of course I have no disappointment ever seeing Sassy Stephie on my screen. If I may take a minute, Athena got started in my area. She’s incredibly talented and one of the best in-ring workers I’ve ever seen, male or female. When AIW asked who we wanted to see, I constantly bugged them about Athena. I heard somebody say she’s becoming female wrestling’s new “it girl.” They had an indie gogo campaign to bring her in. I put my money where my mouth is and paid my way towards her wrestling there. So in a way, I feel like I contributed to this match in a very special way.

So onto the match: I really liked the wrestling at the beginning. There was a certain crescendo of intensity. Athena also does the little things very well. Watching Athena is like watching a DGUSA wrestler but with ladyparts. I really liked this match. Everything clicked well. Athena got a win and a “Please come back” chant. Thank you, AIW, for taking good care of the Wrestling Goddess.

Thunderkitty vs. Trash Cassidy

I’m loving the Thunderkitty gimmick. I also love the little things they do here, from the introduction to the tights. There is so much commitment to her character. This was the comedy match and Trash Cassidy played the straight “man” role well. I found myself liking this match a lot more than I though I would. It was pretty entertaining. I had a hard time believing the finish though.

Miss Heidi & Angeldust vs. Annie Social & Nikki St. John

They told a nice story with Heidi & Dust. Social & St. John were really just backdrops. I like Social as a heel. She does such a great job of getting the people to hate her. St. John has a nice look, tall, slender. We just kind of waited for the turn. After Social & St. John won, we got the heel turn. The match was just kind of a formality.

Melanie Cruise vs. Kimber Lee

I’m really liking this match-up. You have caricatures of good vs. evil. You really have the simple formula for being successful. You also had Cruise’s size advantage. Kimber’s crowd engagement and selling is really good. She never forgets she’s in front of a live crowd. Kimber Lee is a like a female Ricky Morton, sans mullet and vacant child support payments. It was a good match that kept me engaged. I even found myself cheering when she won. I’m becoming more of a fan of hers.

Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Lil Naughty

This was contested under Pondo Rules. That means my daughter immediately walks down the stairs as soon as it starts so I had to pause it and start over. At 3, we’re not quite ready to know who Mad Man Pondo is. This match was brutal and crazy (in a good way). I have never seen this caliber of athleticism in a hardcore match. And trust me, in my day I’ve seen plenty, most by Crazy Mary’s fiance.

Veda Scott w/Gregory Iron vs. Courtney Rush

I’m kind of impressed with Greg’s heel work, just because he’s the most unnatural heel ever. Veda is so good on the mic and so committed to her character. This is my first time to see Rush. She has a nice, tall, athletic look. There was some nice comedy at the beginning of this match. Scott sold like crazy and bumped her green-skirted tail off. I really like her style too. I really liked the match in all. The Iron-Scott tandem does it for me.

Sara del Rey vs. Hailey Hatred

What can you say? Two of the greatest in-ring workers of their era going one-on-one. Words do not do this justice. If you love either of these two women, this promotion or women’s wrestling in general, you owe it to yourself to watch this match.

Allysin Kay vs. Mia Yim

This match took place in a steel cage. And being that this was a ladies event, the steel cage was painted pink. Nice touch. Both ladies looked so focused during the entrances. And I gotta say that Allysin Kay entrance has got to be one of the hottest things on Earth. These two are so brutal and so good in the ring. Adding the cage gave them a new dimension of what they could do. This steel cage match was like anything I’ve ever seen, and the finish has to be seen to be believed.

All in all… Another really excellent Girls Night Out event from AIW. The Del Rey-Hatred match was epic. And Yim-Kay was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. While not every match blew me away, they each stood out and had something unique about them. I would have liked a few more matches, but apparently the Border Patrol is becoming the biggest heel in the company.

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