ACW Queen of Queens 2012

Believe it or not, this was my first ever Anarchy show. I’ve lived 4 hours away from them and have always thought of making the drive but have never made it. I’ve had the chance to see some of these wrestlers live so not too many of them are new to me. Anarchy has got to be one of the top 5 companies out there for cultivating women’s wrestling in the U.S. I’m glad they are giving the ladies the chance to be the focus.

Athena vs. Su Yung

To begin with Athena is so over with that crowd. She could slaughter a species of kittens and they’d chant, “One more time.” Su is also very lovely and is great with a live crowd. For those who have never seen her, she reminds me a lot of Olivia Munn. She has a lot of charisma & enthusiasm that come through with her performances. They started with a crescendo story of first Su being friendly. I loved the submission wrestling. The story flowed very well and had some “Oh, s***” moments. What I was amazed at is that this was given the time it needed. I’ve seen some tourneys where the first match is over, and I ask, “That’s it?” This was great as I enjoyed the ladies getting the time they deserve.

Christina Von Eerie vs. Veda Scott

I love Veda Scott. She is so good in front of any crowd. She is so into her character and can do so many different things. One of the best aspects of Von Eerie’s work is her look. She is just so different than everybody else. The work was very good in this match. Veda Scott is so overlooked on her in-ring work because she has so much personality. She is very good in the ring as well. The work was crisp, firm and very entertaining.

Jazz vs. Rachel Summerlyn

First of all, dang, this is a big match. Rachel is escorted by Machiko Palmer, who is so stunning and is even more stunning in person. And then there’s Jazz. As over as Athena is, Jazz is a women’s wrestling icon in Texas and pretty much all over women’s wrestling. Every move Jazz makes, she looks like she’s killing you. Both ladies put together such a good match. There was a surprising amount of European type wrestling in this match. It had a little bit or everything: chain wrestling, submission wrestling, brawl in the crowd. It was so filled with emotion, easily one of the matches of the night.

Jessicka Havok vs. Lady Poison

Havok was (quite hotly) rocking her Umbrella Corp outfit. I’ve never seen Lady Poison before. It looks she is very committed to her persona. The size difference was interesting. It was like watching Alice from the Resident Evil movies fighting Samarra from The Ring movies. I really like me some Lady Poison. After some distraction from Summerlyn, Havok got the pin. 4 first round matches finished at 1:06. Other companies, we’d be lucky to have made it that 45 minutes.

With the interference and the brawl from Summerlyn and Poison, I now have to see the next DVD to see where they go. This is real compelling build-up here.

Rodney Mack vs. Matt Palmer

Palmer is the best wrestler you’ve never heard of. I’ve had the privilege of seeing him live plenty of times. He is so charismatic, can play any role you need him to, and he’s never needed to win a match. At the start of the match, Mack started the beatdown and started his trademark barking. Like a fan, I almost started barking like I was there live. It was a pretty short match, but I liked it.

Dream Warriors vs. Electric Company vs. Mojo Bravado vs. Lost Boys

I’ve seen the Lost Boys & both members of Bravado before. I’m a little embarrassed I haven’t seen Wolfe, Childs or know the two members of Electric Company. It started off with Bravo-Silver. I would put their work up against anything you would see in a DG USA match. Khris Wolfe has some pretty devastating chops. Jojo Bravo is so entertaining. I don’t think I would do a disservice calling him the next ACH. This was a very busy, very good match.

Christina von Eerie vs. Athena

Both ladies really spent some time flying. Then it devolved to the ground and ended up being a chair battle. When it evolved back into the ring, there was such intricacy and such detail. You had two total professionals going out there and doing their thing. I very highly recommend this match to anybody who likes good women’s wrestling.

Rachel Summerlyn vs. Jessicka Havok

I think I got about 5 dream matches just from this night alone. Havok was sporting her black and yellow for this match. I’ve seen some girls switch outfits before and I think it’s pretty cool. Havok totally turned and played to the crowd in a different way. I also love her sadistic smile. This was a really good match. Not near the emotion of Summerlyn-Jazz, but still really good and worth seeing.

Portia Perez vs. Angel Blue

Angel is a really good worker who doesn’t get enough credit on the national stage. And I saw Portia working as a face. I’m not really sure how I feel about that as I’ve never seen her as a face. Angel is super evil heel. She might as well be wearing an Oklahoma University t-shirt. This was another epic match. Both ladies were filled with so much emotion and near-falls. Screw-job finish, but a little screwing never hurt anybody.

Jack Jameson Open Challenge

This began as Jameson’s open challenge. Both members of Mojo Bravado came out and endured a beatdown. Then you had the strength in numbers become too much for Jameson. Jordan Jensen doesn’t rely on the flashiness quite as much as others; he concentrates a lot more on story. He and Jojo make a nice combination based on how they complement each other. Out came Matt Palmer to his rescue. Also following him was Scot Summers. It was a great brawl. Summers is a chunk of granite carved into human form. Great build-up and I look forward to see it where they go next.

Athena vs. Jessicka Havok

I’m salivating at the thought of this match. Havok was in total evil heel mode. And Athena was bumping and selling like crazy. Athena is so athletic and can do so many crazy things in the ring. The story was nice. You could tell that after the beatdown, she changed into a meaner, tougher Athena. It was like John McClain in a final, climactic fight against the villain in a Die Hard movie. It was a great moment.

All in all… I’m sure there’s plenty of promotions out there that can try to claim to be the top in Texas, but Anarchy is at the top, bar-none. This was full of great matches: Summerlyn-Jazz, Summerlyn-Havok, Von Eerie-Athena, Athena-Havok. Blue-Perez was insane off-the-charts good. And the 4-tag match had some great innovation.

If you ever complain about WWE Divas matches, take your $12 and go to and download this. You will see 99% more heart out of this company than you will see on a national stage. Yep, I’m hooked.

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3 Responses to ACW Queen of Queens 2012

  1. BreeZerker says:

    I happened across ACW @ their first Austin show in march of 08′ (I think) my husband and I have missed maybe 2 Austin shows since then & go to SA for the big ones like Queen of Queens, been to every QoQ’s they’ve had & they are all awesome. There are so many awesome people that have been part of ACW over the years & I can think of only 1 that doesn’t belong there in all of that time…great stories, great people, great fun! Worth it to get the DVDs if you can’t make the show, shoot we buy them even tho weare there.
    Portia as a face is a nice change, her &I have been on each others faces so many time since that 1st year I couldn’t even begin to know how many it is, I enjoy getting to shake her hand & tell her it was all I’m fun & how much she’s improved over the years. Would love to see more of Havok…
    The Queen of Queens is an entity of it’s own but also so much of how the Joshi division is part of ACW. This is one way Anarchy rules!

  2. Gail says:

    Great piece of wrestling journalism. Always enjoy reading your match play by play. You feel like your sitting front row. Looking forward to the next installment of Ruffs.

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