NWA Texoma-What About Raven? 11-2-2012

They began the night by introducing Kyra Maya who had torn an ACL last week at MPX. She was required to be stripped of the title. She made this big stink about how she wanted to be champion. I didn’t like it. You have to defend your belt every 30 days. If you can’t, you relinquish it. You cut a promo saying, “Whoever holds this belt, you are interim champion. Enjoy it. Because once I’m back, your title reign is done.” Then Barbi Hayden walked out. She wanted the belt awarded to her. Barbi Hayden and Carson are something special. They have the looks and are really good in front of live crowds. The following made my head scratch. Because Barbi wanted the belt and wanted it given to her without earning it, the belt was given back to Kyra. But Barbi could wear it in the meantime. Is it a championship or a prop?

Rock Star Mafia vs. Michael Faith & Regrub

They originally announced Faith’s partner as being Kahagas. There was no Kahagas as he was busy winning the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Instead Faith’s partner was Regrub. I had seen Regrub inconspicuous in the crowd earlier sans make-up, so I wonder if something didn’t happen right and they needed him to step in last-minute. I liked the Rock Star Mafia. They were good with the crowd and kept them engaged. Their valet had a spray bottle. It is by no means new, but it always works. There was lots of good comedy at the beginning. I was really impressed by the tag aspect of it from RSM. They cut the ring in half and meshed very well. I really like Michael Faith. He reminds me of Umaga a lot. Michael Faith, who must be going through a slow heel turn, left Regrub in the ring. It was too much for Regrub.

Winner: Rock Star Mafia

Second match: Ricky Starks vs. Tim Storm

This was my first time to see Starks. I was really impressed with him. He cut a promo that had the crowd against him in no time. And of course Tim Storm is the perfect babyface for this company. He keeps the crowd going, and they love him. He makes every move count, and everybody in the crowd loves him. It flowed well and kept the crowd in it.

Winner: Storm

It was a really good debut for Starks, and I loved his work. The next match was Barbi Hayden against whoever the authority figures said she was going to wrestle. Barbi is excellent with that live crowd. Her opponent was announced as Andy Dalton.

Third match: Andy Dalton vs. Barbi Hayden

I’m all right with intergender matches as long as it makes sense. I gotta take a minute to say that Dalton has done a lot to step up his game. He’s studying a lot more and his tights are looking way looser. You can tell he’s been working a lot on his physique. One of Dalton’s biggest strengths is his personality. With the slender physique, I put him in the top 10 in Texas, maybe 5. The match itself went very well. Barbi wrestled really intelligently. So if she had to face whoever the powers that be threw at her, she was just going to lay down and Dalton could pin her. The powers that be informed her that if she was pinned she was done. One of the funniest parts of the night was parents of a baby not much more than a year giving Andy Dalton a milk bottle for Ms. Hayden. The crowd is a total MVP every show. Hayden low-blowed Dalton for an automatic disqualification.

Winner by dq: Dalton

During the intermission, the wrestlers were good about mingling. Tim Storm took time for everybody who asked. Kyra also signed some autographs. And Raven was also very kind, taking time to get his picture with all the fans, sign autographs for whoever wanted it. One of the 8×10’s had Tommy Dreamer wrapping a bloody Raven’s head in barbed wire. You knew that was the one I got.

After the intermission, everybody surrounded the ring and had a 10-bell salute for Brad Armstrong. And if I may for a minute, Armstrong was one of my favorites in the ring when I first started watching wrestling. He had one of the best dropkicks I’ve ever seen. Rest in peace, Brother.

Fourth match: “Blackheart” Seth Shai vs. Mike Foxx

I haven’t seen Seth Shai live for about 10 years, but I’ve followed enough to know he’s been relevant for a long time. He looks great, focused & experienced. He started out well, engaging the crowd. Foxx is Foxx. The guy can do anything in Texas and is universally respected. Shai has been around for a long time as well. You can tell those two had the experience with each other and fed off each other well. They had some really good drama with the submission holds, first with Shai’s Sharpshooter and then Foxx’s Boston Crab. After a ref bump, Michael Faith came out and did a major move on Foxx. After the referee recovered, Shai pinned Foxx for the win.

Winner: Foxx

Shai & Faith beatdown Foxx afterwards. Tim Storm came to his rescue. When Foxx came to, he was mad at Storm. My disbelief wasn’t too suspended, but it was still enough to where I appreciated it.

Main Event: Carson vs. Raven

Carson has been stepping up his game a lot. He has the size and the build. He could be a major star on a national stage. Raven didn’t do too much actual ring work. But last I checked, it was 2012, not 1997. Carson is the current NWA North American Champion (forgive me if I get the title of the belt wrong). This was originally for the title. So what Raven did was take Carson’s belt and gave it to a kid in the crowd. Carson threw a hissy fit and took it from the kid. Raven took the belt and gave it to another kid. Carson threw another fit. Raven gave it to another kid. When Carson went to take it, this kid took off. It was really funny to watch everybody’s reactions.

Just as soon as the match was getting started, the Rock Star Mafia interfered.

Real Main Event: Raven & Carson vs. Rock Star Mafia

From this point on, we knew what to expect. Carson did a lot of the bumping until he came around in momentum. Carson did his finisher. Raven did his DDT. 1-2-3.

Winner: Carson & Raven

All in all… A very fun, enjoyable night. I got to meet Raven and he was very good about taking time with whoever wanted it. The last time I went, I was there for a tournament so I got about 9 matches. Tonight there was really only 5. But if you bring in Raven, I can’t imagine you’d have too much left over for the rest of the night. Carson/Hayden are definitely going out of your way to see, as is Tim Storm. Tonight was my introduction to Ricky Starks, and I expect a lot from him in the future. A very fun night.

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