MPX-The New F’n Show 11-10-2012

This was by far MPX’s biggest night. The lines were huge and long to get in (for them). There were a lot of new faces.

Dark Match: BC & Livia La Vida Loca vs. Glamour Hammer

I kind of question the dark match in this circumstance. We were still coming in and there were plenty of people behind us. There was lots of funny comedy in this match. I like JD & Josh’s chemistry. The higher-ups have done a great job of working with Livia and maximizing her strengths.

Winner: Glamour Hammer

The actual night began with Kody Kox introducing his broadcast partner who turned out to be Kanoa. It was pretty good comedy as Kox would ask him about stuff and he gave him no response. There was a huge box in the entrance way. I was thinking DC Drake in honor of ECW original Jerry Lynn. (If you got the reference, you are awesome.) Kyle Valo came out to Mr. Sparkles chants. And the new GM started speaking. Out from the box emerged “Jiggle-O James Johnson” in his unbuttoned shirt glory. Johnson is an excellent choice to be GM as he is probably top in the company with his promos, with respect to Kyle Davis and Andy Dalton. As a bit of revenge, Jiggle-O asked for Li Fang. These two played off of each other really well. Fang’s opponent was announced as Scott Murdoch.

First match: Li Fang vs. Scott Murdoch

There was quite a bit of ugliness during this match. I’m about to break into Cranky Old White Man mode. There was a ticket-paying wrestler in the building who decided to heckle. I understand a ticket-paying fan’s right to yell whatever they want. But when a wrestler yells out insider terms, I have a problem with that. I’m not a worker myself, but I do feel it is a wrestler’s duty to protect the business.

Also, there was a little kid in the front row who made squinty eyes at Li. I had a major problem with that. I would hate to know what goes on in that kid’s home if that’s what he’s doing in public.

Forgive my Cranky Old White Man rant. I’d like to say that’s it for him today, but he’ll show up later on.

Now onto the match. I really liked the flow and back and forth. The focus here was for Li to sell his butt off for Murdoch. My wife turned to me and asked, “Is this guy stiff or really good at making it look like he is?” I replied to my wife that from what I know he is quite stiff. I just really had to gloat that my wife knew the terminology “stiff.” It was short but effective. There looked like there might have been a botch at the finish, but Li made it look like it made sense in the context.

Winner: Murdoch

Second match: Bree Ann vs. Claudia

I’ve had the chance to see Bree Ann before at NWA Texoma. It seemed tonight she had caked on the make-up a little too much. I know there’s tv cameras, but sometimes more is less. They fought a pretty decent big woman-little woman match. (Sorry for using that term, but there was a major size difference in the two.) Claudia bumped and sold. Bree Ann had good crowd engagement.

Winner: Claudia

Third match: Nobe Bryant & Brandon Collins vs. Tad Wylde

Something about this match did not click as well as I thought it could have. Brandon Collins looked a little more natural this time. Tadlock did a lot of the work. He took some Nobe Bryant chops which I think are the hardest in Texas (with respect to Khris Wolfe). To me, the jaw-dropping moment of the match was Collins doing a Springboard 450.

Winner: Tad Wylde

Tadlock had some welts on his chest afterwards. Mike Foxx came out afterwards with Kanoa. Mike Foxx was on fire. He cut the promo of the night… until he used the word “retarded.” I’m sensitive to that word for personal reasons. But there are several group homes that come time to time. If you want to describe us as mentally deficient, that’s totally fine. Use any other word but “retard.” Then Kyle Davis came out and began to kiss Foxx’s proverbial tail. Is he going to manage Foxx? Why? Foxx needs a manager like Jersey Shore needs more alcohol usage.

Mike Foxx vs. Frankie Fisher

Frankie wasn’t quite looking as good as he had been earlier in the year. They both had a decent match. I could see early PCW student Frankie Fisher going through torture at the hands of this veteran wrestler. Perhaps I missed it, but Kanoa ended up in the ring putting a beatdown on Frankie. Perhaps Frankie brought Kanoa into the ring. Why wasn’t there a dq?

Winner: Foxx

During intermission, Jerry Lynn was a total class act and gave any fan the time they wanted. He is so humble and grateful. I believe I was accused of “Mark Out Face” by several people. My response: He’s the New F’n Show.

Fifth match: Danny Saint w/Claudia vs. Joshua City w/ JD Kros

This was the best non-Jerry Lynn match of the night. Saint looked really strong here. He looked like a champ. Props to City for bumping and selling. Also, Kros has come a long way with crowd engagement. He was yelling at the racist kids and keeping the crowd in it. This was the first time I’ve seen Saint capable as being “the man.”

Winner: Saint

Saint has a sick new finisher. One thing MPX does best is build up guys to be contenders for belts. In a year I see Saint challenging for the big daddy championship.

Sixth match: Barrett Brown vs. Gregory James w/The Following

So Greg is a member of The Following. I’m not sure anybody wants this at all. But Greg is committed. He’s got on face paint. He was creeping out most of the crowd, my wife included. Greg has a lot of intangible qualities, one of which I’ve learned about recently: “Believability.” Believability is very rare: Saraya Knight, CM Punk, Eddie Kingston. I believed Greg in this role.

Now about the match itself, there wasn’t one. The Following never stopped their beatdown long enough to have a match.

Winner: no decision

Main event: Kristopher Haiden (c) vs. Andy Dalton vs. Steven Kirby vs. Jerry Lynn

Forgive me if I mark out a little for this match, but I’ve known Jerry Lynn’s work since he was JL in WCW. Dalton got a “Britney Spears” chant from the racist kids. So his heat was pretty strong. All 4 guys, including Lynn, looked like they were excited to be there. Surprise, surprise, this is a “Match of the Year” contender. And were it not for a few other Dalton matches, it would be hands-down match of the year. The Lynn-Kirby exchange was great. There was a 4-man powerbomb-suplex thing that got a “That was awesome” chant from the crowd and got applause from Mrs. Ruff. Last week, I saw an ECW original who gave an entertaining match, but didn’t do much in the ring. Jerry Lynn was not that wrestler. We had planchas, roll-ups, all kinds of in-ring goodness. We had a guy who had his last match ever in the area and did not want to leave anything behind. Everything fired on all cylinders and the crowd stayed into it. In a shocker, Jerry Lynn won the title.

Winner and new champion: Jerry Lynn

The look on Haiden’s face was GREAT. After the match, people in the crowd called for a speech. Jerry Lynn talked about his time in USWA and how Hotstuff Eddie Gilbert brought him to Global back in the early 90’s. It was really emotional & heart-felt. Even though he won the title, he was going to have to relinquish the belt.

Haiden, still reeling from his loss, came in and began attacking Lynn. And then Franco D’Angelo came out to his rescue and then Jerry Lynn cut a promo on Haiden and putting over Franco.

All in all… Cranky Old White Man was pretty cranky. There were some head-scratching things. Why couldn’t we have a confrontation between Barrett and Greg rather than making us think there was going to be an actual match? Why does Mike Foxx need a manager without breasts? (And I’m sure there’s a joke about Kyle somewhere in there.) A lot of things made me cranky that MPX had no control over so I hope I’ve been fair to them in how I complained about them.

But I enjoyed getting to see a guy I’d been watching for about 16 years. I LOVE the addition of Jiggle-O as the new GM. The Danny Saint build-up is going really well. Glamour Hammer is coming along nicely. And Franco looks like a human cyborg.

Now, as always, MPX raised a lot of questions. What will become of the championship with Jerry Lynn having relinquished it? When will Barrett get his hands on Greg? Who’s next for Saint? And what will happen next between Collins and Bryant?

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