A Ruff Look at Shine I

Daffney began the night looking ridiculously hot. She reminded us the night was about the wrestling. It’s nice to hear that from a wrestling company.

Kimberly vs. Veda Scott

If you are familiar with my writing you know I think Scott has an incredible amount of personality. Scott began working on the mat, which is where I think she’s at her best. I found myself having a wow moment of Kimberly bridging out into a Sharpshooter. These two had really good chemistry as both were very mat-focused.

Tina San Antonio vs. Santana

This match became a lot more entertaining as my 3 year old decided to sit down and watch this with me. Every move to her is so real. After every move, she would react somehow and ask them if they were ok. At first I asked her who she wanted to go for and she said Santana. I informed her that we were a Tina San Antonio house. The match really continued the great in-ring wrestling.

Allysin Kay & Taylor Made vs.  Tracy Taylor & Su Yung

Since Su is featured on the Man Room wall, I asked my daughter if she saw Su. She then asked the dog if the dog saw Su. Both of these tag teams work well together and fit together with logic and chemistry. The crowd was relatively dead up to this match. I’m not sure if the crowd didn’t know what to do or what. But it seemed that both teams did a really good job at engaging the crowd in their match. Su has some amazing facials and is really good at eliciting a crowd response. This is my first time to see Tracy Taylor. She has really good dropkicks. I’m such a fan of Kay’s I could never boo her. I LOVED Taylor Made and Allysin Kay as a tag team.

Cherry Bomb vs. Christina Von Eerie

So Cherry Bomb is my favorite wrestler on the planet. So forgive me if I’m a little fanboy-ish here. We started off with some really good mat work. This was billed as a  first time meeting between the two, however you would not know it. They really brought a really good match. There were some really stiff chops. Von Eerie can do the high-flying. She can do the stiff kick style. And she can work on the mat. Both ladies brought a really excellent match.

Jayme Jameson vs. Reby Sky

This is my first time to see both of these. Jameson said that Sky looked like a chupacabra. Huh? You can tell the story they were trying to tell. I think Jameson kept her intensity and tried to make Sky look good in the match. She was an excellent heel. This match had some cringe-inducing moments. The crowd was into this match so you have to give credit to the wrestlers.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Leva Bates

Leva was wearing Spider Woman better than Jessica Drew. (And if you get that reference, you are great.) I was really amazed by Leva Bates’ ability to adapt her style for the Spider Woman costume. I always note when a wrestler can have an entirely different kind of match. Mercedes was the perfect contrast to Bates’ dorky cuteness. She was all business. Bates had that Shawn Michaels-like ability to sell like crazy for her opponent. Really good match.

Rain vs. Nikki Roxx

This DVD is worth seeing for nothing else other than Rain in her outfit. Roxx worked her size advantage. They fed off each other very well. You know these two have wrestled each other plenty times considering their tenures in WSU. The crowd was into this match so you have to give them some credit. Roxx had a red chest. Remind me to never be chopped by Rain. I don’t say this very often, but I believed Rain. They capitalized the drama and the near falls. As a fan, I was able to suspend my disbelief to where I didn’t know who was going to win it. Easily best match on the card up to that part.

Sara del Rey vs. Jazz

Watching these two kind of has a special match feel. I would like to never take a forearm from other of these two women. This match was brutal. I’m sure they had a tub of ice for these two women to lay in after this match because they inflicted some punishment. The only way they could have caused any more pain is by adding Hailey Hatred. There was some great drama with the two and the STF.

All in all… I was pretty happy with this DVD. Each match had something unique and special. Kimberly-Scott had really good mat wrestling. Kay-Made were a really good tag team. Bates was really good against Martinez. Rain and Roxx was  on the border of epic. And Jazz-Del Rey was great for the dream match-up. Very nice effort from this company.

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2 Responses to A Ruff Look at Shine I

  1. That review got me excited, especially for the Roxx vs.Rain match and one of my favorites Del Rey.

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