MPX Year End Awards-2012

First of all, I would like to say that I did not attend every show. I did my best to, but sickness, fatigue, my wife booking me on vacation in San Antonio when a wrestler I’ve been watching for 10 years is appearing at your local indy, life prevented me from being at every show. We as MPX had quite the year. We got to see Funaki, Brian Kendrick, the IWGP tag champion (Lance Hoyt) & Jerry Lynn. Legitimate names, guys who have made an impact on the wrestling industry. We had some Holy s*** moments and I can admit I even got worked a few times. I got to cut a promo and even make my managerial debut.

Wrestler of the Year-Frankie Fisher

There were so many strong contenders for this: Barrett Brown, Gregory James, Kristopher Haiden, Matt Palmer, Danny Saint, Carrion Arcane, Andy Dalton, Kanoa, Mike Foxx, Scott Murdoch, even Jerry Lynn. What I based this criteria on is who was champion the longest. The winner of that was Frankie Fisher. Plus, Frankie took a lot of working into improving his appearance and endurance. Frankie carried the company on his shoulder for a little bit. Plus, he had the ability to have many different types of matches.

Honorable mention: Kristopher Haiden

Manager of the Year-Nigel Rabid

I fought really hard not to name myself Manager of the Year, as I did lead $Payday$ to his first ever singles title and I AM undefeated as a manager. But I’m going to withdraw my name from consideration because I’m not that egotistical. There wasn’t a manager to take a wrestler to a singles championship, unless you want to count Claudia, and I consider her more of a wrestler and less of a manager. That pretty much leaves Nigel & Valo. Nigel brings such a British arrogance and is so good on the mic. He added a great dimension to the Asian Nation, and in their break-up, has maintained a strong dimension to Li Fang.

Honorable mention: Kyle Valo

Tag Team of the Year- Tad Wylde

I never really saw these two going together on paper. But they started wrestling together, and they did. Ben Wylde is so off the wall and crazy. And Tadlock was able to go with it. They had such an amazing chemistry. There was the great feud with the Asian Nation. And now there’s a great feud with Glamour Hammer. Plain and simple, they are the best in MPX.

Honorable mention: Asian Nation

Newcomer of the Year-Kanoa

There were so many great newcomers to MPX this year: Dax Daring, Jordan Jensen, Funaki, Brian Kendrick, Jerry Lynn, the lovely Jordynne Grace, Joe Angelo Garcia, Joshua City, JD Kros, Livi la Vida Loca. After a nice run with POWW up in Illinois, Kanoa joined us in the Dallas area. He made an immediate impact. Becoming a tandem with Mike Foxx, he became an immediate impact player. We had the great feud with Kirby & Murdoch. We had some fun with the Roller Derby Girls. We are better for having him.

Honorable mention: Joshua City

Most Improved Wrestler/Personality of the Year-Kristopher Haiden

I thought about Murdoch, but I’m afraid Murdoch might smash me for thinking he needed improvement. I saw a lot out of Claudia this year, and it helped change the way I saw intergender wrestling. Steven Kirby really stepped up his in-ring game as well. He hit “This is How I Roll” perfectly for the first time. Andy Dalton also trimmed up a little more and showed a lot more fire. But Haiden played the bully so well after his heel turn. He slimmed up a little bit and worked on his frame. He built himself to be a believable champ and the top heel in the company.

Honorable mention: Claudia

Storyline of the Year-the debut of Jerome Daniels

At this point in my life, I’m pretty hard to work. But they had a very long thread going on Facebook with Jerome talking trash about Frankie as champion. This is what I wrote in my original blog describing everything.

“I have never been part of a riot before. I’ve seen the worked riot from Ring of Honor’s early days. I’ve heard the old stories of wrestlers being involved in crowds rioting. But I’ve never seen one or been part of one. I think tonight was the closest I’ve ever been.

For a few weeks, we’ve watched Jerome Daniels talk trash about Frankie Fisher and MPX on Facebook. He and WASP had a very ‘spirited’ discussion on WASP’s personal Facebook account. Other wrestlers got involved in what was a very intense and personal thread. I even posted this on my Facebook account last night: ‘I’m not hating or choosing sides, but does anybody know what’s up with the Jerome Daniels bs? If it’s a wrestler-only thing, I’m ok with that. But does anybody know the reason for his insanity?’ Tonight I got an answer.”

Honorable mention: the return of Jiggle-O James Johnson as GM

Most Inspirational Wrestler of the Year-Franco D’Angelo

I remember when Franco D’Angelo suffered a life-threatening car wreck. The entire Texas wrestling scene pulled for him. For the guy to breathe is a small miracle, much less walk, work on his physique or even think about getting in the ring. While it’s true that he hasn’t wrestled a match in MPX, the man carries a lot of wisdom and experience. I hope the boys take great care in listening to what he has to say.

Honorable mention: Joshua City

Match of the Year-“Headbanger” Gregory James vs. Andy Dalton, best of 3 falls

There were a lot of contenders for this category. The 4-way with Jerry Lynn, James Johnson-Jason Silver, the first Triple Threat between Lance Hoyt, Greg & Haiden (my wife’s choice), Asian Nation-Lost Boys, the 6-man with Dax Daring where the crowd chanted, “Dax is awesome” afterwards. But this match had the build-up and had some intense promos earlier in the match where Daddy Dalton was brought up and everything. There was blood and I found myself being caught up in not knowing who was going to win.

Honorable mention: Matt Palmer-Andy Dalton

Hero of the Year-Zero the Antihero

Zero has never won a singles match. He doesn’t need to. He’s the guy we all want to win but never does. He’s our Chicago Cubs. The fans love him because he connects with them by being a gamer. I remember one show where I stayed afterwards to talk to Zero and pass on my DVD’s. A fan came up to Zero and said their daughter didn’t see him tonight and wanted to. Zero dropped everything and went to go say hi to the fan.

Honorable mention: Tad Wylde

Villain of the Year-Andy Dalton

This is one of the hardest categories. MPX has a great selection of villains: Haiden, Kyle Valo, Kanoa/Foxx, Asian Nation. But here’s my reasoning for choosing Dalton. Dalton is a total a-hole in MPX. He has an air of arrogance and total DGAF-attitude. His actions say, “Go ahead and cheer for the other guy. I want you to. I’m still better than my opponent and will find a way to beat them.” He is everything a wrestling villain should be.

Honorable mention: Kanoa/Mike Foxx

Turn of the Year-Gregory James

This one ends up here just because it was slow. I don’t think I wanted to see the Gregory James heel turn. But it was so intricate and so good. I just really wish we could have seen him and Barrett more as a tag team as I felt that story had more to be told. I gotta admit when he joined The Following, I had my doubts. And then I saw him as a member. I totally believed him. He joined a very short list of wrestlers I call believable.

Honorable mention: Mike Foxx

Feud of the Year-Kanoa/Foxx vs. Kirby/Murdoch

I feel like $Payday$/Kenny Steele should be the winner, but I have disqualified this one, because I was a part of it. Kanoa & Mike Foxx were such great villains. And Kirby and Murdoch were such great counters to the villains. There were so many layers to this story and it played out so well.

Honorable mention:Jerome/Frankie

MVP: Anthony Martoccio

MPX has a lot of contenders. Carrion Arcane, the crowd, Kate Carroll (which after one night of being a ring announcer for Pro Wrestling Onslaught, I learned exactly how great she is), James Johnson. But Anthony works most nights, in long black slacks in a Texas building with no air-conditioning. And I believe there were some shows where he was the only referee. The more I watch pro wrestling, the more I learn why he is one of the best that Texas has to offer.

What categories did I miss? Who would you put in what category?

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  1. MoneyMan says:

    You missed the most missed wrestler of the year, The MoneyMan B to the C. Fear not tho, I’ll be back sooner then later!

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