Mayhem at Midcities 4

It is hard to believe that Metroplex Wrestling has been in existence four years. They had one of the largest crowds I’ve ever seen them have tonight.

Dark Match: LLP vs. Jerome Daniels

This is LLP’s first match so he gets first-match immunity. I’m sure his family and friends are very proud of him, but he really needs to tell them not to cheer for him. I really liked how he ignored their cheers though. Overall I really liked what I saw from him. He looked pretty crisp and clean. He’s not too tall, but he has a nice look and some possible charisma. Jerome has wrestled so much he could carry a broom to a good first match.

Winner: Jerome

We were treated to a live performance by Tribal Evolution, a belly dancing troop. It was not really my cup of tea, as I pay to watch wrestling, not belly dancing. And the dance went on WAY too long. Kody and James Hawke came out to start the show. One of the fans made signs for all the fans that said, “WE ALL HATE YOU!!!!!!!” which you can see here. Kate was wearing what can best be described as an acid trip.

First match: Tad Wylde (c) vs. Team Flynamic vs. Double D’s & Glamour Hammer

There were so many layers in this match so forgive me for missing them. Kros was looking a little slimmer so it’s nice to see him looking more serious. Tadlock did a lot of the work during this match. He is really turning into one of the work horses of the company. Dax Daring was a “sell-a-maniac.” I don’t know why this guy isn’t main-eventing all over the state. Also much props to Nobe Bryant. He really is main-eventing all over this state, yet he is working in the first match on this card as part of a tag team to help Kenny. I call this giving back. They did the thing where they tagged in both members of Glamour Hammer. It would have been really cool had I not seen the Canadian Ninjas do it on SHIMMER 53. The champs were the first to go, which I thought was really nice. Ben Wylde went back in and gave Kenny a Kane-like chokeslam prompting the First Row (what I will christen our fans on the front row) to chant, “You killed Kenny.” Nobe and Kenny were quickly gone. Dax did an amazing splash that was more than halfway across the ring. We ended it with the Glamour Hammer finisher.

Winner and new champions: Glamour Hammer

Nigel Rabid came out to congratulate the new champs. Are these new members of the Rabid Empire? Both of these guys worked really hard to get where they are so I’m proud of both. Congratulations go out to them. We had a segment about Mike Foxx’s Performance Agreement/Contract with Steven Kirby and Kyle Davis. It went on way too long, and everybody knows the best wrestler in Texas is Athena. At least Steven Kirby had some nice laughs, and we got a Kyle Davis freakout, which is one of my favorite things.

Second match: Kristopher Haiden & Paige Turner w/Nigel Rabid vs. Danny Saint & Claudia w/ Puddin’

Puddin’ is a student of LuFisto’s Pegaboo‘s style of management. I’m liking Nigel having an empire. Paige Turner is such a good character with such good facials. I’ve also somehow never seen her wrestle before. I really liked Claudia’s crowd engagement. Plus, in honor of April 20 (4/20), Claudia did all her Rob Van Dam moves. Haiden played such a despicable heel and bully without ever crossing the line.

Winner: Haiden & Turner

The Money Man BC came out. His promo sounded kind of nervous but got better as time went on. His premise was good, and his motivation was there. Just none of the pieces came together immediately. He made an open challenge (which is usually where people get Murdoch). Out came Matt Palmer.

Third match: BC vs. Matt Palmer

This wasn’t much of a match so much as a story. Palmer got mad and wanted to use a chair. Jerome came out to stop him telling him he was better than that. Somehow Kate ended up on the apron. Palmer accidentally hit her with the chair. Palmer could only stare in shock. BC grabbed him for a roll-up and a pin.

Winner: BC

It was a huge angle. Everyone was convincing. This would have been the perfect time for an intermission. There was no announcer. I wonder if they knew there was an experienced announcer in the crowd, somebody who knew that Andy Dalton weighed 200 pounds from the Dirty South off the top of his head. And Scott Murdoch is from “Wherever in the World He Would Like to Be.” Well, Andy Dalton showed up and needed no ring announcer. He wanted Murdoch. Murdoch obliged.

Fourth match: Andy Dalton vs. Scott Murdoch in a bullrope match

Two weeks ago, I watched a beautiful technical match between Athena and Ayako Hamada. This was that match’s doppelganger. This was brutal, intense, emotional, bloody. This was two guys beating the s— out of each other. The bullrope was connected by a cowbell, drawing a “Needs more cowbell” chant. There were no words to give this match the justice it deserved. Andy Dalton’s bloody face told the whole story.

Winner: Murdoch

Murdoch went to the back. The fans cheered Dalton. I don’t know if we had a face turn, but Dalton deserved that ovation.

Fifth match: Frankie Fisher vs. Li Fang (c) w/ Nigel Rabid

This match had the unfortunate draw of being after a really heavy angle with Kate being carried out and a very emotional Dalton-Murdoch. I would have liked to see more humor used here. The storyline here was that if Frankie lost, his services would be under Nigel’s control. Li received streamers from the crowd. I’m not really sure why, but I will take it as a sign of respect and devotion. All I could think during this match was that this crowd needed an intermission. You had Frankie doing his thing, and Li doing his thing. Li won by using the ropes with Nigel holding him.

Winner: Li

So now Frankie is under the services of Nigel Rabid. Nigel is amassing quite the empire.

Sixth match: Carrion Arcane vs. Kyle Valo

I haven’t seen Kyle wrestle in forever. It was a nice, short match. Kyle had promised us a big surprise. I was thinking Naked Mideon, but no luck. It was a fireball. Those always make me nervous. It was a nice, short match. Revenge was complete.

Winner: Arcane

Main event: Barrett Brown (c) vs. Gregory James

The first match between these two was one of my match of the year candidates for last year. I’ve had a full night to think and mull over this match. I’m really quite close to calling it the best match MPX has ever had. As it began, I was near goosebumps. Do you know the last time an indy match I saw live gave me goosebumps? MPX has done the build-up right. The stare-down alone was worth it. I cannot describe how great this match was. The finish was great for a feud-starter. Greg grabbed Barrett’s mother’s camera (who works as ringside photographer) and used it on Barrett and then got the pin and won the title.

Winner and new champion: Greg

What an angle and what a match. Possibly the best match that I have seen MPX put up in 4 years of faithful attendance.

All in all… This ranks up there with the overall best show I have seen them have. Every match had a reason and a purpose. I’d put up Barrett’ and Greg’s match when it comes to build-up and emotion up against any match you might see at a Dragon Gate or PWG or Chikara show. Two matches I would classify as great and two title changes. Very well-done.

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One Response to Mayhem at Midcities 4

  1. Samuel Colunga says:

    It was a great night of wrestling, as usual. The streamers for Li came from people on Facebook saying they’d give him streamers if he won, it was sort of a joke from what I saw.

    What amazes me about MPX is the quality of the shows. I’ve seen a lot of indie wrestling in my years, and usually you’d see two green kids rolling around in the ring and botching every move. You don’t see that in MPX, you see good wrestling from a lot of guys and gals that are up and coming talent, and I bet in the future we’ll see them climb that ladder of wrestling success. I tip my hat to all involved with these shows.

    I did a small write up last night. Check it out if you get a minute.

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