BLOW-Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling Event 3

We started immediately with the action. I really didn’t find a reason to care about any of the action.

Mia Yim vs. La Rosa Negro

My fandom of Ms. Yim is easily documented on this site. I think she is probably the best wrestler not with the Big 2. My inner Spanish major is losing it over Rosa Negro (Proper Spanish would be Negra.), but she has a nice enthusiasm and look. After a little research, she goes by Rosa Negra. Just an eff-up by the production team. Mia started it off in pure heel mode. She looked like an accomplished veteran having fun with the rookie. Rosa was able to give it back so she didn’t look like a chump. Watching Evil Mia Yim is a thing of beauty. She just has so much knowledge and does so many little things. It is a great showcase to make Rosa look great after overcoming it. This turned out to be a really good match. While Rosa didn’t win, I still felt like she gained something. I really feel there is some talent within her.

Amber O’Neal vs. Shelly Martinez

Amber O’Neal is a stunning, ageless beauty. Watch early SHIMMER. You will see this woman hasn’t aged a day and has possibly even gotten younger. And yes, I was in love with Shelly from the first time I saw her in WWECW. This was a bra and panties match. I could go on a long, sanctimonious rant about bra and panties matches, but that’s a topic for another time and place. Plus, O’Neal and Martinez agreed to do the match. I would like to concentrate on their work in this match. O’Neal is really good at wrestling in such a way to accentuate her opponents’ strengths to make them look good. I could have done without the announcers acting like they’d never seen women before in their bras or panties. Don’t a lot of wrestlers pretty much wrestle in their bras and panties? There isn’t too much of a difference between what Mia & Rosa wore the first match. Amber and Shelly also wrestled in a way that showed they knew what the crowd wanted. I’m sure Amber doesn’t do the rump-shaking or stink face in a SHIMMER/SHINE/CHIKARA crowd.

Amy Lee vs. Amazing Kong

On paper, I would have to consider this a dream match. You have two legendary behemoths of women’s wrestling going one on one. This match was everything you would expect. There were no side headlocks. There were no spinning toe holds. This was pure unadulterated violence. It wasn’t the fastest-paced match, but it was a nice brawl. It met my expectations.

Starman vs. Nikki Nitro

It really bugs me when I watch an all-women’s show and some man shows up to wrestle. That’s a really talented female wrestler who couldn’t get a payday. In their defense, this was supposed to be Silvie Silver, but it didn’t happen, so I’m sure they used whichever wrestler was in the back. Starman seems to be very over with this crowd. Nitro is kind of bad girl hot. We had a dance-off that turned into Nitro attacking Starman and the match starting. I think this match was perfectly placed. After the carnage of Lee-Kong, the comedy helped this match come down. I found myself liking the match. I just thought it was odd.

Becky Bayless vs. Miss Adiva

Bayless came out in a really smokin’ outfit, good crowd engagement. Miss Adiva is a perfect Barbie. I’m surprised one of the big two has not snatched her up. There was lots of hotness in this ring. Becky gave the crowd lots of reasons to hate her with her promo. I got a reason to want to see Adiva win. This was a short match. Not really sure what it did except for give Bayless heel heat. I would have liked this match to be given more time.

Missy Sampson vs. Katarina Leigh vs. Sumie Sakai vs. Sienna Duvall

Sampson is a wrestler who’s been around for a while and has lots of respect. Ms. Leigh I’ve liked ever since she was Katie Lea in the WWE. The name card was spelled “Samie,” and the announcers couldn’t decide if she was Japanese. The announcing was pretty good but this one they s*** the bed on. Sumie Sakai is a well-traveled, well-respected wrestler. If I’m a PWS fan or somebody not familiar with Sakai, I have absolutely no reason to care about her. Needless to say, I’m a huge Sumie fan. She makes everything better. Then Sienna came out and joined the match. I’d never seen her before so it was a nice introduction. It was a 4-way with lots of well-respected competitors. It should have been 25-30 minutes. We got 15 minutes. It was a rushed cluster. Plus, Missy won, which struck me as an odd choice.

All in all… What follows is not meant to be any slight against the workers. Most of them gave the fans the most of what they had. I liked seeing Rosa Negra for the first time. Anytime I see Mia Yim, Amber O’Neal, Amazing Kong or Sumie Sakai, that is a good thing. I liked Nitro, Duvall and Adiva for a first time. 

It was a 75-minute DVD, which I paid my $15 + shipping for, which comes to about $3.50 a match. Nor was this event worth the $21 if you include shipping. Is $3.50 a match really cost-effective?  If you look at the comparison of costs, WSU provides you about 60 total shows you can stream at SHIMMER will give you a good 2 1/2-3 hours of wrestling. AIW will give you 2 discs of really good action. Anarchy Championship Wrestling gives you entire tournaments. The same with Femmes Fatales up in Canada and and ICW-Fierce Females from Scotland. Can you justify spending $21 for this DVD with all the other choices available?

It’s one thing to get a wrestler’s name wrong as a ring announcer the first time you’ve ever done it (true story), but getting the wrestler’s name wrong twice in the name cards as they enter (sorry, I don’t know the technical term for that), I’m sorry, you should have people proofread the text, possibly the wrestlers themselves. This was an example of the prevailing unprofessionalism I saw. The announcer didn’t know if Sumie Sakai was Japanese or not? He also had to stop himself from laughing every time he used the word “BLOW.” 

It felt like a 13 year old was in charge of the show. You can tell that from the name of the company. And a bra and panties match? It’s 2013. If I wanted to see women in all stages of undress, I could google lots more explicit images (of even Shelly Martinez). It struck me as a night of “Divas” matches. When you expect SHIMMER and you get a night of Divas matches, it really doesn’t cut it.

I have never done this before. This is the first show I have ever seen that I would recommend you NOT buy. The only exception is if you are a rabid fan of one of these wrestlers. Even then, go watch one of their other matches with another company. Highspots offers lots of really great women’s wrestling DVD’s. This is not one of them.

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3 Responses to BLOW-Bombshell Ladies of Wrestling Event 3

  1. J. says:

    Any chance of that main event on youtube? Always wanted to see that one.

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