Metroplex Wrestling-Mayhem at Midcities 5 4-19-2014

I cannot believe that MPX has made it through 5 years. I have been with them nearly since the beginning, and they have been through so much. We opened up with Keith Roberts. He carries such an enthusiasm and a genuine happiness to be there. Kody Kox previewed the night saying that James Hawke would have a surprise for us.

First match: BC vs. LLP

BC does his own ring announcing which is really good. LLP is just so fluid and so good. Every move he did reminded me of Orion Taylor. I would say he’s becoming one of my favorites to watch. This was a short match, wish we could have had more.

Winner: BC

The crowd started cheering for BC. He needs to fix that. Kyle Valo (new GM) came out to greet the fans. In his own little heel way, he recapped the 5 years MPX has been through. Matt Palmer came out. Kyle told him he couldn’t compete tonight. Considering Palmer was posted everywhere on the posters, it would have been bait and switch, right? Palmer wanted him NOW. He actually cut a promo. It sounded intense, strong and powerful.

Second match: Matt Palmer vs. Kevin Cross w/Nigel Rabid

Cross is such an impressive sight to see. He’s got to be legit 6’7, 6’8. The two fought a really good match between a big man and a little man. Cross also knew that Palmer’s knee was injured so he worked on the knee. When the ref was distracted, Nigel went after the knee as well. There were a few really great-looking chokeslams. Matt Palmer did a dive onto Cross where he caught Palmer by the throat and chokeslammed him.

Winner: Cross

So Cross has now pinned a former champion. The ending surprised me, but we’re building Cross up to be a monster.

Third match: Barrett Brown vs. Gregory James

Have these two ever had a bad match with anybody? Put them together, and it’s lyrical brilliance. It was just absolute lyrical perfection. I’m not entirely sure Greg would agree with me. There was a kick that went wrong and we had a bloody lip. It was accidental, but it made for a good visual. I could sit and watch these two guys wrestle all day. Barrett did a killer move and put Greg down for the count.

Winner: Barrett

The crowd loved seeing Barrett back.

Fourth match: Kristopher Haiden w/Nigel Rabid vs. Jerome Daniels in a Submissions Match

I assume that this was a good match. The problem with Submissions matches is that unless you are sitting on the front row or poorly-angled, you miss a lot of the drama. The strategy and story was really good. You had a strategy of working on the leg. Even with the ref’s back turned, Nigel concentrated on that one part of the leg. So intense. Both guys really stepped it up.

Winner: Jerome

This was one of those matches where you felt things had changed afterwards. After the match, Jerome offered his hand to Haiden. They teased a face turn, and then Haiden spat at him.

Fifth match: JD Kros vs. “Outlaw” Randy Wayne w/ Jessi James & James Hawke

Kros came out enthusiastically like WCW’s The Gambler about to take on Kevin Sullivan on WCW Worldwide. Out came James Hawke to the biggest heat of the night. Hawke cannot get two words out of his mouth without a chorus of boos. He introduced “The Outlaw” Randy Wayne. I liked Wayne’s look. My summary of his look is “country tough.” I hated the “Goldberg” chants because his tights were similar but I didn’t see that much of a Goldberg look to it. I’m pretty sure Kros died. At least twice. Wayne squashed him.

Winner: Wayne

Jessi adds to the overall country look. But what does Hawke add? Couldn’t Wayne get some major heel heat without Hawke? I will give it time.

Sixth match: Frankie Fisher vs. Steven Kirby w/Nigel Rabid in a Three Stages of Hell match

The first match was a ladder match to get a chain to use on your opponents. This was the feud to end all feuds. As predicted, this was not the lyrical beauty of Greg-Barrett. This was about two guys beating the s*** out of each other. The in-the-crowd stuff was great. It was not too far from me. One of the great moments for me was the crowd chanting “Flaccid Empire” at Nigel Rabid. Nigel, in his witty British self, turned around at them and said, “I’m surprised you even know what that word means.” Wrestling fans never cease to surprise me. While both wrestlers were passed out on the floor, Nigel tried to get the chain. Livi La Vida Loca returned (formerly attacked by Steven Kirby) to neutralize the threat of Nigel. Frankie won the first fall by ascending the ladder. There was an amazing visual of Steven hanging off the opposite side of the ladder.

The second fall was First Blood. I remember this one was a lot shorter. There was still lots of plunder and violence for the sake of violence. I remember there being an amazing suicide dive from Frankie. After that something must have happened with a water bottle of doom or something. It made Frankie bleed first.

The third fall was a Tables match. The detail was that you had to put your opponent through a table. So then you had the drama of the tables. Kirby was trying to go through Frankie on the table, and Frankie moved thinking he had won because Kirby went through the table. But Frankie did not put Kirby through so the match was not over. They fought more and more and then Frankie found Kirby near the table and went off the top rope outside the ring and put him through it.

Winner: Fisher

I think this might be one of my favorite feuds in MPX history, if not the best. Very well-done.

Main event: Scott Murdoch (c) & Mace Malone (c) w/Carlos Esquivel vs. Asian Nation (c)

I wasn’t too thrilled with this match from the time it was announced. I knew how it was going to end when it was announced. I hated it ever since they did it with Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold in the then-WWF. There was no logical reason for Murdoch to want to get in there and wrestle. That being said, the work from the wrestlers themselves was really good. Mace came out first and it looked like Zero the Antihero and Carlos Esquivel were going to attack him and then Carlos attacked Zero. The heel turn was so well-done. The crowd was silent, like Brock Lesnar beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania silent. Mace is such a physical specimen. Sometimes I’m not sure Mace is entirely human. Asian Nation did a nice job with the match. Murdoch and Mace did the world’s stiffest tags to each other.

Winner and new tag champ: Mace & Murdoch

Predictably they won. So now we have tag champs who don’t get along. The next part wasn’t very predictable. Mace beat him down. Then Orion Taylor came out to stop Murdoch. Turns out he was part of Mace’s new faction. He joined the beatdown, and they put Murdoch out. THEN Mace cashed in his title shot.

Real Main Event: Scott Murdoch (c) vs. Mace

We were waiting for the 3-count. Murdoch still kicked out. But Mace’s beatdown continued. He made the pin.

Winner and new champion: Mace

It was an amazing visual watching Mace, Carlos & Orion celebrate after the match. I can’t help but think that this is the beginning of a new chapter.

All in all… I am very proud of MPX for making it 5 years. I have another blog that I’m working on for later this week. There were so many good, strong matches on this card. I’m also intrigued to see where we are going in the new Era of Mace.

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