Texas Outlaw Promotion-5-17-2014

Not really sure where to begin with this one. I drove with my mother a little out of the way to get a different promotion. This was held in a civic center that must have doubled as a place where they hold 4H competitions. There was no air circulation aside from a few large fans. Thankfully the heat was tame for late May. I still do not understand why wrestling companies in Texasare incapable of finding buildings with air conditioning. When the festivities began, the crowd was greeted by a professional-looking, enthusiastic ring announcer. We had a pre-show match.

Pre-show match: Sinister Mr. Goodbody (?) vs. The Rake (?)

Please forgive me if I get the spelling wrong. Their names weren’t written down anywhere. Mr. Goodbody wore a mask and a full-body covering. So hopefully I got his name wrong. The Rake was a hometown guy who looked like he was a face. He was enthusiastic and tried to get the crowd behind him. And then the match happened. This was a theme throughout the night. Half the crowd was into it. And the other half didn’t know there was a match going on. The wrestlers didn’t do a lot to engage the crowd during the match. He did get a huracanrana.

Winner: Goodbody

The champion came out with his manager. It was nice and crowd-engaging. Then Paul London came out. The champion was an embarrassment to Texas. Paul London was going to take that belt from him.

First match: Angel Blue vs. KC Warfield vs. Paige Turner

I actually taped this whole match which is available right here. This was advertised as a 4-way match with Delilah Doom. There was no Doom. No attempt was made before the show to say she wouldn’t be able to appear. Nor was there any acknowledgment that this 4-way they advertised was suddenly a 3-way. Now granted the crowd wasn’t going to riot for no Delilah Doom (other than me) but at best they just felt like insulting my intelligence. At worst it was bait and switch and Doom had no idea she was scheduled.  Now onto the match: I’m a huge AIW fan, and KC Warfield has been wrestling for their Girl’s Night Out since their early shows. We don’t get many Cleveland wrestlers down in the Dallas/Fort Worth area so I was really excited to see her. I’d put Angel in my top 5 female heels in wrestling (below Saraya Knight out of fear of Ms. Knight). She is just so good at making an entire crowd hate her. And Paige gets better every time I see her. This was my first time to see her as a face. I just love that she’s a character. Mother Ruff loved the fact that she was a librarian too. Paige eliminated KC, who was promptly eliminated by Angel.

Winner: Angel

Second match: Sebastian Envi vs. Big Sed

I’ve seen Envi before and am familiar with Sed. Sed has an good ring presence and entrance. He walks to the ring like he owns it. Envi walked out like he knew what to do with the live crowd. He is an amazing athlete. You had an interesting dynamic of the huge beast in Big Sed and the high-flying finesse wrestler in Envi. Not to mention, you had legendary Rick Manning as referee. Not gonna lie. He’s one of the few refs I mark out for. Sed had an amazing finisher.

Winner: Sed

Seph Annunaki attacked Sebastian Envi after the match. So not only does Envi who is not the champion lost to his opponent. And we expect him to beat Seph for anything?

Nobe Bryant (c) vs. Shea Wright

I am familiar with Nobe so I was happy to see him out there. This was my first time to see Wright. You could tell these two had issues with each other. There was a lot of fire between these two. Nobe is such a physical specimen. And he has some of the best chops in wrestling. Wright’s chest reflected this too. There lots of elements, and the crowd was into this one. There were brawls all over the ring and arena. Nobe had just won this belt so I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to lose. Sure enough he didn’t.

Winner: Nobe

Fourth match: Southern Outlaw Society (SOS) w/Venom (c) vs. Bad Boyz (Seph Annunaki & Lil’ Tony) w/their valet

Little known fact: I used to watch Seph very early on in his career and always found him to possess a lot of talent. I have known who Tony is for a long time but this is somehow my first match I’ve ever seen of his live. This was also the first match I’d ever seen from the SOS as well. There were two managers here. Venom and the Bad Boyz’ valet. I didn’t get her name but she was a well-dressed, stunning redhead. It was nice to see how much Seph has grown since I’d last seen him. I liked Tony’s work. He was agile for his size, did a lot of things right. And this SOS team is very over with their crowd.

Winner: SOS

Based on emotion and crowd reaction, I’d probably call this the match of the night. I would have liked to see the managers do more in the course of the match.

Main event: Justin Vincible (c) w/Marshall Law vs. Paul London

Where to begin here? I had no problem with Vincible’s work. He just needs help with the look. He’s tall, looks cut and could have a nice size. I hate the name, and the gear, or lack thereof. I’m not the POS who humiliates wrestlers for not having gear on social media. I just want people to not look like they’re wearing paintball gear. The same with his manager. Why does a manager wear a mask? His scepter-thing even broke during the course of the match. That being said, he engaged the crowd and got them in the match. I think the guys could be legitimate contributors, and they’re over with the crowd. They just look so indy. Paul London is always fun to watch. He went all the way through the crowd. He’s such a positive charismatic wrestler. With 150-200 fans in the crowd, he still gave it all. It was a fun match to watch. London held Vincible and let all the fans hit him. The work was pretty good, and I found myself enjoying it.

Winner: Vincible

I love that Paul London came in to put over Vincible. London put over the crowd and talked about how much he loved them and would come back.

All in all… I really like the work they all put into this. There are some things I really like here. Their ring announcer is very professional and enthusiastic. The crowd is attached to a few wrestlers, and they understand how to use them. They also flow very well.

There were some matches that didn’t click as well as they should. I don’t know if it was maybe they had an off-night. Or maybe the crowd just didn’t react the way they should. I would go back for another show in the future. And as long as you don’t expect Dragon Gate USA, you might find yourself enjoying the show too.

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