Metroplex Wrestling-Do or Die 1-24-2015

This story will be told through a lot of different perspectives. I will have the wrestling fan. I will have the wrestling reviewer. And for the first time, I will have the father. This was my daughter’s first wrestling event. So if all you’re wanting is a straight recap, this is not it. This is my reflection of the night as a whole, which will include details of her night as a wrestling connoisseur for the first time. For reference, she refers to all of wrestling as “SHIMMER,” which is probably the top women’s promotion in North America. More information can be found here.

Exclusive dark match: Asian Nation w/Matt Andrews vs. Rabid Empire (Kevin Cross & Steven Kirby) w/Nigel Rabid

So we had the Asian Nation come out first. It was Jiggle-O James Johnson & Li Fang who introduced their special guest former champion “Secret Asian Man” Matt Andrews. My daughter loved the Asian Nation. She got to hold up her “RANCID EMPIRE” sign, and any time action happened, she held it up. We started the night off with a plancha from Johnson. One of the coolest spots of the night was when Kevin Cross was dazed in a corner, Li & Johnson both did a double-kick to Cross’ head. Ouch. The Empire also wrestled a strong heel tag match. The highlight for me was when Nigel and Andrews got into it in the ring. Nigel did a suplex or something. He just had this really satisfied look on his face. Then Andrews did a low-blow. I wrote that this seemed like a main event as a pre-show match.

Winner: Rabid Empire

When I went to my first wrestling show in 1997, I’m pretty sure Howard Finkel didn’t single me out, ask my age and who my favorite wrestler was. (17 and Arn Anderson) Keith Roberts, ring announcer extraordinaire, knew it was my daughter’s first show and went over and asked her if she was excited, how old she was and who her favorite wrestler was. The only catch is that my daughter is incredibly shy and made Roman Reigns look like Ric Flair on the mic. After we sat down, I asked her who her favorite wrestler was and we decided on Sasha Banks on NXT. But thank you Keith for making my daughter’s first wrestling show better.

“The Unholy” Gregory James came out first and wanted Mace Malone NOW.

First match: Gregory James vs. Mace Malone

I wrote down that this match was a battle of the men with intense ring presence. For chapter one, in what should be a very long feud, they really brought it. I know I said this already, but I felt this watching this match too. It felt like a main event match. I wrote down, “Looks like they fought their main event tonight.” Where do they go from here? I always find myself asking that with Greg, and somehow he always proves me wrong. Every near-fall looked like, “Ok, this is the one.” Nobody could put the other away. Finally Mace did.

Winner: Mace

I think the people of MPX are in for a really big treat with this feud. Kyle Valo came out and introduced local MMA/wrestling promoter/reality star Thomas Bussey. I’m not really sure what everybody said but Bussey did a lot of push-ups.

Second match: Scott Murdoch w/Jamie Oller vs. Kenny Steele

This is the match where my daughter had to go to the bathroom. So I didn’t have the chance to take very good notes here. I liked Murdoch as a smug sell-out. I’ve seen him be a heel where he destroys you, well, because Murdoch smash. Here it was an entirely different situation. Kenny went out with a lot of fire. I wanna say this is probably the best I’ve ever seen Kenny. And I remember his in-ring debut. There was no surprise here. Murdoch put him through a very painful powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Murdoch

It seems the “Hoss” world is becoming more popular in the North American wrestling scene. If that happens, I see Murdoch becoming very successful (along with Tadlock and Randy Wayne).

Third match: Kyle Hawk (c) vs. Jason Silver vs. Andy Dalton

Of course my daughter waited for the most exciting match on the card to want to play with my phone (which would later reveal some adorable results but we’ll get to that). Andy Dalton  was greeted as everybody threw pink loofas at him. I think that’s how you know you’re over as a heel. I’m sure there are some old veterans who would have just dismissed this as a spot monket fest. It very well might have been. But one thing is for sure. This match was non-stop action. All I could write was “Wow.” My words could not do this justice. They received a well-deserved “This is awesome” chant from the crowd.

Winner: Hawk

I wrote that this was a nice decisive win to make Hawk look like a credible champion and maybe a possible contender for the big championship later on?

Fourth match: Trust Fund (Viktor Tadlock & Joey Garcia) w/Jamie Oller vs. The Flying Jackasses (BC & Frankie Fisher)

This was another multi-layered, multi-dimensional match. Frankie & BC really surprised me on how well they work together as a team. Frankie was firing on all cylinders when it comes to comedy. I do say he is one of the best in Texas when it comes to comedy style. It also transitioned from comedy to heel beatdown really well. Tadlock would also fit very well in somebody’s Hoss division. What I liked about Garcia here is that he wrestles a completely different style as a heel than he will at other promotions as a face. Jamie Oller used a chairshot to steal one for the Trust Fund.

Winner: Trust Fund

After the intermission we introduced Jerome Daniels who said he was going to see if Mike Foxx showed up. Foxx’ music hit once. No appearance. Well, let’s try it one more time. No appearance. Well, since Mike Foxx wasn’t there, he was going to offer a title shot to anybody in the back. And the person who took him up on that was Zero the Antihero.

Fifth match: Jerome Daniels (c) w/Trust Fund vs. Zero the Antihero

So there isn’t a person who thought for a second Zero was winning this. Like most Zero matches. The crowd still loves every single thing about him though. We got to hold up our “If Zero loses, we riot” sign, which looks a lot cuter when my daughter holds it than me. The crowd started doing the Baron Corbin NXT thing by counting until the match was over. They stopped after about 22. Maybe they got bored or didn’t know what came next. Either or. This turned out to be a really competitive match. But Jerome walked away still champ.

Winner: Daniels

After the match, the Trust Fund beat down poor Zero in a 5-on-1 mugging. Out came the babyfaces for a rescue. They set up a 10-person elimination match later on that night.

Sixth match: “Outlaw” Randy Wayne w/James Hawke vs. Matt Palmer with Thomas Bussey as ringside enforcer

Well, Hawke had the crowd against him. The fellows next to me were convinced he had bought his shirt at Goodwill. He also received a “Bald Spot” chant. Since I’ve been gone a few months, best I can figure out GM Valo has a vendetta against Matt Palmer and it trying to screw him over (because I guess we haven’t seen heel authority figure go after high-level babyface since 1997 enough). Palmer got a streamer, which is a big deal for our crowd. Wayne would also make somebody’s Hoss division a nice fit. He’s just so country tough. Palmer injured his knee in the match, and Wayne turned into the shark that smelled blood. There was a ref bump, and Bussey, who had been seeming to favor Wayne went into the ring and with the staredown, Bussey attacked Hawke and Wayne. Bussey had Hawke in a triangle choke, Palmer put Wayne in his hold and the referee woke up just in time to see Wayne tap out.

Winner: Palmer

Main event: Kyle Hawk, Flying Jackasses, Livi La Vida Loca & Kenny Steele vs. Trust Fund in an Elimination Match

There were so many elements to this match. This is the stuff Teddy Long dreams of. A 10-person tag match? By this time, my daughter was bored with her phone and back into this match. So she kept on wanting to hold up the “RANCID EMPIRE” sign. But at least she was into it. The 5 faces each did huge dives onto the Trust Fund. The crowd went insane over this and rightfully so. Livi came off looking really strong. I got to show my little girl that somebody as small as Livi can stand toe to toe with somebody as big as Scott Murdoch. I forgot exactly who was left last but it was someone from the Trust Fund.

Winner: Trust Fund

We had a run-in from Mike Foxx after the match set up something in the future.

All in all… What a night. I learned that you should never give your daughter your phone while at a wrestling event. You might end up with this:


I know what you’re all thinking. Delilah Doom’s dream opponent. I also saw my role transition from wrestling fan to wrestling fan’s dad. I would hold the Velvet Sky action figure she brought, the M & M’s, the water bottle, makeshift necklace that didn’t work very well. It was still a very special night I will cherish forever.

So about the wrestling. We had several main-event caliber matches all throughout the night. Asian Nation-Rabid Empire, Mace-Greg and the actual main event could have been main events of any other show. Kyle Hawk. Joey Garcia. Remember those names. Kenny is taking more bookings and it is showing in his work. Also somebody with a “Hoss” division needs Scott Murdoch, or your division is not legitimate. Thank you all for work and giving us all something to bond over.

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