Metroplex Wrestling-Grand Theft 3-7-15

Warning: this will have lots of gratuitous stories about my daughter you will not care about.

Pre-show match: Thomas Shire w/ Jamie Oller vs. “The Unholy” Gregory James

So I was in the concession line during the beginning of this match. (Gotta have her chips and water bottle) This was an interesting match. In a state full of flippy-floppy guys (which is not a knock on the style, as I love flippy floppy wrestling), Shire stands out as something different. Shire must have an amateur background or something. It’s like Jack Swagger or an old guy from the 70’s. But he can also go toe to toe with the high fliers. The match was well-paced and well-thought-out. The crowd gave them an “awesome match” chant. And how do you make a crowd hate you? End the awesome match with outside interference.

Winner by dq: Greg

The Trust Fund came out and got the beat-down started on Greg. The babyfaces of Mike Foxx, Steele Money & Matt Palmer came out to the rescue. Do I smell a 10-man tag match? Or perhaps… War Games? Just putting that out there. The show began with Mike Foxx (usually words I do not type as he is known as “The Main Event” for a reason). He wanted Murdoch, and he wanted him now.

First match: Scott Murdoch vs. Mike Foxx

Scott Murdoch. Mike Foxx. What more could you want? There was no collar-elbow tie up. They went right into the violence. This was overall a great night for violence. Into the match I realized how I wasn’t taking notes. I was getting caught up in the match. There was good psychology, and they kept the crowd involved. Mike went for his version of the Diamond Cutter/RKO, Murdoch moved away and speared Foxx into-um-Louisiana, I guess. After a recovery Foxx hit it out of nowhere.

Winner: Foxx

It was a good story.

Second match: The Lost Boys vs. Flying Jackasses

Before you read about this match, you must watch this video. I recognized it immediately. At the beginning of the match the Jackasses called for the music and they danced to the song from the Fresh Prince with the same exact choreography. I popped majorly for that. The Lost Boys tried to interfere and got pushed away for the Jackasses to get started again. The comedy was really fun for this match, and The Lost Boys played good straight men. Of course then they went to the real wrestling. The Jackasses brought out a Twilight book to tease the Lost Boys. Post-ref-bump, Frankie threw the Twilight book and then laid down and pretended the Lost Boys threw it at them.

Winner: Jackasses by dq

I hated the finish. And I hated it (please forgive me for saying this) when Eddy Guerrero did it too. It just makes the referee look like an idiot. After the match came Jamie Oller who tapped out to Livi La Vida Loca last show. He wanted to make it up to her. He had her Robin bear repaired and offered to hug her. She did and he wouldn’t let go. She was attacked by a mysterious woman we now know as Baby Dumplins. I’m not familiar with her so I’m intrigued where this could go.

Third match: Trust Fund (Viktor Tadlock & Joey Garcia) (c) w/Jamie Oller vs. Steele Money (Kenny Steele & Orion Taylor)

This match was divided into two halves. You had the finesse and beauty of Garcia & Taylor. Then you had the smash mouth hoss style of Tadlock & Steele. Both teams counter-balanced each other well. Again I noticed that I wasn’t taking good notes. I was watching the match. Taylor did a standing shooting star press. List of guys who can do that is not very long. Dare I say this guy has to be the potential to be the next ACH? During the big plancha spot, my daughter nudged me and said, “Look, they’re flying.” The finish was a Razor’s Edge (the move that Chris Dickinson did on Kimber Lee but Tadlock did it right) from Tadlock followed by a top rope move by Garcia.

Winner: Trust Fund

Fourth match: Kyle Hawk (c) vs. Randy Wayne w/ James Hawke in a “Chairly” Legal Match

So Hawk is one of the most exciting flippy floppy guys in Texas right now. He is the most natural babyface I’ve seen since Ricky Steamboat. The match began with James Hawke attacking Kyle Hawk from behind a few times with a chair. James Hawke celebrated with his back turned to Kyle and didn’t notice that Kyle had recovered enough to attack. Brutally. This was pretty intense. Wayne bled. Big time. We had the clashing chairs that Balls & Tanaka made famous. We had a suplex onto a bed of chairs. Then we had an “off-the-top-rope” suplex onto a bed chairs again. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they’re setting Wayne up for a face turn. If not, based on the crowd reaction, one would be possible, and he’d make a really nice challenger for Jerome in the future. And the finisher had to have about 5 steps to it, but it’s got to be one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.

Winner: Wayne 

It was a pretty emotional win for a heel beating a very popular babyface.

Fifth match: Athena vs. Delilah Doom

This was the match I brought my daughter for. We were excited to see Athena, who is one of my daughter’s favorites. And Athena is a lot more positive role model than a Katy Perry or whatever Disney starlet is going to be twerking on Alan Thicke’s kid like a wrecking ball next. And I love Delilah. She’s like someone morphed sunshine into human form. The ladies behind me loved Delilah. They said she was so adorable. It was a pretty good match. Delilah has really stepped up her game. I could see her wrestling on a national stage in 2-3 years. And how has somebody NOT put her and Solo Darling together in a tag team? The second half of the night my daughter was not very with it, but this match she was into. Also props to the ladies for getting a “Better than Divas” chant (though I think Athena would pull off a really close resemblance to Naomi if they wanted to bring her “cousin” in).

Winner: Athena

Very nice sportsmanship afterwards. In a world that prizes people (and I use that term loosely) like the Kardashians, it’s nice to have some positive role models for girls.

Sixth match: Moonshine Mantell vs. James “Jiggle-O” Johnson

I have seen Mantell before. He is a total hoss. The guy has a look to where he could sign with any major promotion if all the pieces come together. And Jiggle-O is a total chameleon. I’m not sure if there’s something he could NOT do in the ring. His job was to make Mantell look killer. There was a back-body drop that I’m pretty sure Johnson was up in the air long enough to read War and Peace. The story here was that Mantell wanted Matt Palmer, Johnson’s tag team partner. Palmer kept on not responding. Mantell put Johnson in the Lex Luger Torture Rack.

Winner: Mantell

After the match Palmer came in for the rescue. There was a pull apart. Several times. Poor security took their share of bumps. Matt Palmer was laid out for all intents and purposes. Out came the champ for the easy victory.

Main event:  Jerome Daniels (c) vs. Matt Palmer

So Jerome wanted the match started and the countout victory. Palmer made it in by the 10-count. Palmer just will not die. Jerome did everything he could to put Palmer away, and Palmer kicked out every time. After ref bump #1, Tadlock & Garcia came out with their finisher. Palmer kicked out. It was almost very Sami Zayn-like. Mantell came out during ref bump #2 (next ref bump I was going to look around for a TNA logo). We were out of referees so GM Kyle Valo counted himself.

Winner (?): Daniels

Valo superkicked Palmer in the face to end the show.

All in all… I dislike the Austin-McMahon thing with Valo-Palmer. We’ve seen it plenty of times since 1998, and it’s going to be nowhere as successful as it was with Austin & McMahon. (I think this is a “wrestling in general” problem more than just MPX.) Give me Jack Tunney once a quarter. Just my opinion.

Delilah and Taylor are really upping their game to a next level. Matt Palmer should be wrestling for a major company, and so should Athena. It was a really pleasant night of wrestling. I got to distract myself from what is a very crazy world and have a night with my little girl, which is exactly what we needed.

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