VIP Wrestling-Mundo vs. ACH: Good for Business 5-1-2015

Seems like I just did this a week ago. It’s because I did. Interesting and unpredictable. That’s a good description of this show. I had my wife and sister-in-law with me in addition to my favorite wrestling-watching buddy-my daughter. Both have been in love with Johnny Mundo for years.

First match: Barrett Brown vs. Curt Stallion vs. Bolt Brady

My apologies to these 3. They wrestled a very excellent match. And you can either take meticulous notes or watch the match. This was my first time to see Stallion. I believe he’s a West Texas guy. I’d be interested in seeing him again. And who wouldn’t want to see Barrett vs. Bolt? Brady did an insane suplex onto Barrett. The finish came from a Swanton bomb from Barrett for the 3-count.

Winner: Barrett

Second match: Graham Bell vs. Matt Palmer

Graham Bell was making his debut. He was one of the people cutting promos wanting ACH. He impressed them so much that they brought him in to give them an opportunity. My daughter wanted me to throw my streamers at Palmer. Palmer did what Palmer did. He went out, bumped & sold like crazy. I think this is a match worth trying to watch again. I’d also like to see Bell against somebody other than Palmer to figure out if he’s good or was just facing Palmer. I apologize there’s not more to write about this match. My daughter took my notebook to write down her own “notes” on the match, which are largely unintelligible.

Winner: Palmer

JT LaMotta retired for the second time that I’ve seen.

Third match: “The Gangster” Lou Sterrett vs. Raymond Rowe

This to me was the sleeper match of the night. Sterrett is becoming one of my new favorites. He is very versatile. You can see him dive, technically wrestle, whatever you would like to. He keeps the crowd engaged. And Rowe looks like he just stepped out of a MSNBC weekend prison documentary. When I’m watching Rowe he is so mesmerizing. He’s so focused and a word I don’t use very often-“believable.” After I’ve been a wrestling fan for 19, I don’t use that word very often any more. Sterrett has such a good reaction, getting “You suck” chants followed by “That’s Not Gangster” and “Still Not Gangster.” Rowe had his share of fun during the match, asking the fans, “Who sucks?” and then getting a huge reaction. During the match Shane Taylor came out to interfere. Rowe and Taylor had a stare-down. Rowe had it outside the ring. So Sterrett stayed in the ring and received the countout.

Winner by countout: Sterrett

After the match Guest GM Matt asked Rowe if he might want to bring his friend War Machine next show to get their opportunity for the tag titles. My apologies to the tag team who gets that draw in the card. Also he brought in Kristopher Haiden to get another shot. Haiden said he was here to “punch bitches in the face.” Apoc who was sitting close to me said, “So he’s going to be wrestling girls now?” Then once Haiden got out of hand, he was fired faster than Vince Russo.

Fourth match: Flying Assholes (Frankie Fisher & BC) vs. Unholy Complex (Gregory James & Jason Silver)

(Sorry, Mom.) We all throw toilet paper in the ring as we would streamers for the A-Holes. A young lady in the crowd saved a roll for my daughter, which was wonderful. My daughter is so beloved there. Since there was no Athena or Barbi Hayden, my daughter wanted to throw her pink streamers in for the A-holes. Frankie does the comedy so good. He and BC know how to differentiate themselves from the rest of the card. While everybody else is flippy-floppy-ing around, they are providing a break. I enjoy their matches but for different reasons than I enjoyed-say-the main event. The match did transition into a place where Greg and Silver got to do their thing. I thought we were going to have a break-up of those two but it didn’t happen. During the match the Bad Boys isolated BC leaving Frankie alone.

Winner: Unholy Complex

Fifth match: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Tim Storm w/Miss Tiffany

Round about this match my daughter began her meltdown because neither Athena nor Barbi Hayden were scheduled. I’m not kidding. There were actual tears. I like Taylor. He is a thick, imposing hoss. And Tim Storm is an ageless wonder. I swear the guy gets younger every time I see him. Out came Ray Rowe to interfere.

Winner: No contest

It was an awesome pull-apart between Taylor and Rowe. I think I will REALLY enjoy these two feuding. After the match Tim Storm put over this company and pointed out Apoc in the crowd (who I market out for getting to sit close to). They talked about the long history they have in Arlington and challenged him to a match next show. Yes, please.

Main event: ACH (c) vs. Johnny Mundo/Morrison

I can’t believe I wrote that. Funny story. My daughter’s meltdown culminated in my wife having to escort my daughter out to the lobby for some water and then came in just after Mundo’s entrance. The funny part is that entrances are her favorite. So she missed her favorite part of the wrestler she attended for. But it got better for her. Much better for her. I’ll get to that.

How do you describe a match between ACH and Johnny Mundo? You have two of the most naturally-gifted athletes, charismatic balls of energy in all of wrestling today. So I put down the notebook and enjoyed the dance. What were some of the highlights I remember?During the introduction, they introduced Mundo by his many names, and not to be undone, ACH announced several of his nicknames, including Fresh Prince and The Carlton Banks of Wrestling followed by him doing the Carlton. Yes, that happened. Both had such amazing chemistry. There was some aerial action that had Johnny laid out on the row in front of us. My wife and sister-in-law turned into teenage girls meeting Justin Bieber for the first time. My sister-in-law took a picture uttering the phrase, “You’re so hot.” (I told you it got better for her.) There was also a nerf basketball hoop ACH held over Morrison’s head & had a fan alley-oop the ball while he hit Morrison. After nearfalls galore, ACH walked away with the win.

Winner: ACH

After the match John Morrison extended his hand yelling out, “Sportsmanship.” Just like ACH would. Awesomeness. Out of nowhere came Andy Dalton attacking him. Dalton said he had a title shot. He was going to cash it in right now.

Main event #2: ACH (c) vs. Andy Dalton

This was a short match. Dalton went for the pin and ACH kicked out. Then he went for the win.

Winner: ACH

It was announced we were going to get a TLC match between Dalton and ACH next show. In the aftermath JT LaMotta announced he was going to take the vacant GM position. However Dalton’s rematch started… now.

Main event #3: ACH (c) vs. Andy Dalton

During the surprise Andy Dalton walked away with the pin AND the belt.

Winner and new champion: Dalton

All in all…What an excellent show. This has at least 3 matches that are must-sees: the opener, Rowe-Sterrett and Mundo-ACH. Stallion and Bell had decent showings. I’d be interested to see more of what they have. I kind of groaned a little at LaMotta being heel GM. Just like I groan for The Authority in WWE and Kyle Valo in MPX and anywhere else I see it. LaMotta’s an excellent heel, and I know the money is always made in the babyface’s pursuit. I’m just a little fatigued of this in wrestling in general. My daughter was not happy over no ladies matches, but this isn’t Pennsylvania or Ohio where you can throw a stone and hit 3 ladies wrestlers. Again, an excellent show that gives fans a very full card with wrestlers we don’t see everywhere else.

I am really looking forward to June 12th. Chris Sabin, War Machine, hopefully ACH-Dalton in a TLC match.

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