MPX Presents Mr. MPX 5-16-2015

We had a very solid night with a lot of good stories told. This was a very full night of wrestling. We had an entire 8-man tournament, a title match, a surprise and a tag team ladies match. The action started very quickly.

Round 1 First match: Kristopher Haiden vs. Barrett Brown

I hadn’t seen Haiden in an MPX ring for a while. It was nice to see him back there. My daughter is quickly becoming a huge Barrett Brown fan. It’s fun to hear all her “whoa’s” when watching. Haiden knows what to do when you face Barrett. He acted as a frame for Barrett to do his flippy-floppy stuff. Barrett also made Haiden seem larger than life. In a very nice short match for these two, Barrett won.

Winner: Brown

Haiden made the win look believable.

Round 1 Second match: Jerome Daniels vs. Viktor Tadlock w/ Jamie Oller

My daughter wanted food in this match. By the time we were done sitting down, the match was over. Jerome had him in a hold and refused to let him go.

Winner: Jerome

Jerome has lost it over losing the title. Tadlock had to go to the hospital and even checked in on Facebook from the hospital. I haven’t seen that before. Now he is taking it out on those closest to him. Randy Wayne arrived with James Hawke. They announced Randy was there. He flipped everybody off to a large pop. Could it be that he has tapped into a Stone Cold vibe?

Round 1 Third match: Steven Kirby vs. Mike Foxx

I was really looking forward to this one on paper. If I remember correctly, Foxx was who Kirby was facing when Kirby tore his ACL. I was pretty happy with this match. Kirby kept the crowd in it. As somebody who has watched Kirby’s career from the beginning, he has always understood he is in front of the crowd and knew how to keep them engaged. We also had Kirby jawing with Randy Wayne. Our heckle section kept on chanting, “We want Randy.” It was a good, decisive win for Foxx.

Winner: Foxx

After the match, Randy Wayne attacked Kirby for the beatdown. Something tells me this will be a good feud. And there is no question who the crowd will be behind.

Round 1 Fourth match: Moonshine Mantell vs. “Unholy” Gregory James

Before this match, Mantell and Greg tried to do a promo or something. My location last night, the crowd making too much noise, who knows what it was, but I couldn’t hear everything. Mantell was apparently trying proselytize The Unholy, which was comical because he brews moonshine. I was really uncomfortable by it. The crowd was not uncomfortable. They took an enormous dump all over it. The match was good. Greg and Moonshine have different styles so there was something different. Moonshine comes from a different school than a lot of guys so he provides a different experience. He’s not going to flippy-floppy. He still knows how to work with the flippy-floppiers. But he’s a hoss, in this case, a bully. The possibilities of guys I’d like to see him fight are very big (no pun intended)-Scott Murdoch, Keith Lee, Tadlock, Alex Reigns, Eddie Kingston, Luke Gallows, Michael Elgin, Ray Rowe. Moonshine grabbed the referee in front of Greg during one of his high-impact moves. Greg could have pinned him but no ref available. Moonshine got his move in, woke the ref and got the 3-count.

Winner: Moonshine

Round 2 Fifth match: Jerome Daniels vs. Barrett Brown

My daughter was binge-watching Frozen videos on Youtube by this point. So she did not enjoy this match as much the last Barrett match but loved her Youtube videos. Welcome to 2015. Jerome is mad, angry, his world is crumbling around him. He lost the belt and now wants it back and will do anything to regain that. Barrett did a huge rana onto Jerome on the floor. You know the RKO outta nowhere? Jerome can apply the submission hold outta nowhere. The crowd had a little fun with this match. They have decided that Jerome looks like Will Smith. So they started doing the Fresh Prince theme song from memory. I was impressed. I wish people thought that I looked like Will Smith. The only celebrities people think I look like are usually Seth Rogen or Sami Zayn.

Winner: Jerome

Out came Kristopher Haiden saying he built this company (pretty much truth) and it was embarrassing he wasn’t even originally asked to be in the Mr. MPX tournament. He was angry and wanted anybody. He forgot the most important rule. DON’T SAY YOU WANT ANYBODY UNTIL YOU KNOW WHERE KEITH LEE IS!!!

Sixth match: Kristopher Haiden vs. Keith Lee

My first thought was Oops. So imagine Fantastic Four’s The Thing. Take off the rocks. That’s what Keith Lee looks like. Not only does he look like “The Thing,” he moves like a cruiserweight. There are a very small group of wrestlers that size who can move like he does. I invoke the name Uhaa Nation, which is not a name I use lightly. At first I was thinking Haiden is going to die. Keith is going to kill him. But… I was surprised. It was a much more competitive match than I thought we were going to have. Haiden got in some offense. But this was a vehicle for Keith.

Winner: Keith

Round 2 Seventh match: Mike Foxx vs. Moonshine Mantell

By this point, Jerome was going in the finals. So we all knew Mike Foxx was going to win. The only question was how was he going to get there. And the unrelenting magic of the 5-year-old reared its ugly head again. She had to use the bathroom. So I did not have the chance to take detailed notes like I thought I should have. Foxx finished it off with what I call the Foxx-KO.

Winner: Foxx

I know I call it the Foxx-KO after Randy Orton’s RKO. But if I remember my Texas wrestling history, Foxx has used it longer than Orton. Hopefully somebody will correct me if I’m wrong. Moonshine went after a post-match beatdown. He went after Foxx with a chair. Bad. But Gregory James came out to the rescue. After their match, I wouldn’t mind seeing Greg and Moonshine feud. Who is next for Moonshine? Greg? Foxx?

Eighth match: Baby Dumplins & Barbi Hayden vs. Livi La Vida Loca & Athena

This is the match my daughter most wanted to see. We had streamers to throw at Barbi AND Athena because she watches way too much SHIMMER and couldn’t decide which one to throw it at. (Sorry, Livi) If I am correct, Baby Dumplins’ career is still in its infancy. She is still finding her identity. We’re still working on who her gimmick is. Personally I’d turn her into Amy Lee. She is way too friendly and bubbly to be the baby face she is. Livi has a lot of energy and can convey a lot of emotions. The match had its strengths. Athena and Barbi can do their SHIMMER strong style all day. Livi can tell her story well. Baby is a work in progress. I think she’ll get there. But the biggest problem: the crowd was not in this match. The match was well-put-together. There just wasn’t a crowd behind it.

Winner: Baby & Barbi

Finals Ninth match: Jerome Daniels vs. Mike Foxx

I wrote down after the beatdown, “Foxx is really injured. There’s no way he wins this… right?” That was the story of this match. Jerome was vicious. He was like a shark who smelled blood. He went after all of Foxx’s weakness from the Moonshine Mantell beatdown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. He took off Foxx’s boot and went after the injury. Jerome gave him everything and Foxx found a way to kick out. Foxx went for his Foxx-KO, and Jerome pushed it away, doing the thinking finger. He turned around and Foxx did it again. This is the ending, right? No, Jerome kicked out. Out came Tadlock fresh from his hospital stop. He’s angry at Jerome so he’s going to hit Jerome with the belt, right? Nope, he hit Mike Foxx to give Jerome the pin.

Winner: Jerome

Main event: Matt Palmer (c) vs. Carson

The main event was a guy named Carson taking on Palmer. I’m sure there’s an Ochocinco or Heisman Trophy joke somewhere in there. The crowd, hot, tired, fatigued at this point, had a little fun. They chanted “Barbi’s better” and “Cowardly Lion” at Carson (“The Texas Lion”). It went through a nice crescendo, from the jockeying for position into the offensive explosion. My daughter was still engrossed in her YouTube videos, but I found myself saying, “Whoa” a few times. The finisher was Carson doing a stunner with Palmer immediately jumping back up, super kicking him in the face for a 1-2-3 count.

Winner: Palmer

All in all: I’m not much of a fan of tournaments. But this one juggled a lot of complex storylines and even started some new storylines. I got 1o matches. So with tickets for me and my daughter, it was $1.50 a match. It’s a better deal than other companies in the area. The work was pretty good. Randy Wayne is getting an INSANE crowd reaction. The guy could ritualistically sacrifice kittens to the evil deity of your choice, and the crowd would chant, “One more kitty! One more kitty!” To repeat, I’m looking forward to Moonshine-Greg or Moonshine-Foxx and Wayne-Kirby. Palmer is a very believable champion. There were some things I had never seen before. The company is trying new things. Some will work. Some won’t.

The heat & humidity need to be addressed. They’ve needed to be addressed ever since we started going nearly 6 years ago. But things are changing in this area. There are going to be 7 promotions running a show in DFW before July 1st: VIP, BTW, TOP, VIP, NWA Smash Mouth, IHWE and of course MPX. And that’s not including Austin’s promotions, the Lucha promotion in Dallas, NWA Texoma in Sherman or ones I don’t even know about. Used to MPX WAS the only game in town. Now we’re coming into a time of competition. I’m going to pay my hard-earned money to sit in a sweltering gym with no air circulation in a Texas May? Is it time to find a new venue?

Of course I’ll be back next show. I’ll see Candice and Joey, the World’s Cutest Tag Team.

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